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DaVinci Resolve Vs Hitfilm


Are you here looking for software to edit videos and films? Well, say no more. In this article, we will give you brief details about DaVinci Resolve and Hitfilm. But the main question that arises is which one to choose between DaVinci Resolve Vs Hitfilm. Let’s find it out.

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DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci-ResolveDaVinci Resolve Studio was created by the developer Blackmagic Design, it is not a new software. Moreover, this software has been in the market for a while. One of the reasons why this software is so widely used is because of its color correction tool. This software was originally made as a color correction tool, and later it evolved into a 360º movie editing tool for professional filmmakers.

This software is an amazing industry heavyweight software. Moreover, it is a totally free video editing program for less-experienced users. What is so cool about it is that it has enough features to keep beginner and amateur video creators occupied for at least a couple of years before moving on to a paid program. You might also be interested in Best DaVinci Resolve Training Courses.


Comparing HitfilmIn HitFilm, the FXhome software is regularly utilized by experienced YouTubers and autonomous film creators for inventive altering. This software is very much known for its visual effect composition tools. It has a free version called HitFilm Express. This version can help the beginners and amateurs to get creative with their videos. Moreover, its app supports add-ons and plugins, which makes it customizable for everyone.

DaVinci Resolve Vs Hitfilm

Hardware Requirements

DaVinci Resolve:

In this software, you will find it a little difficult to find any system requirements. Somehow, you manage to locate them in the PDF manual they’re somewhat problematic. The instruction will ask you to provide it with a monitor in order to see what you’re editing, but not how much RAM you’ll need.


This software is much better when we talk about its requirements, which seem far more modest. The latest computers that have been made in the recent 5 years can easily support the software. Moreover, like most video editing apps, Hitfilm will also benefit from a dedicated graphics card. It will use all the RAM you can provide it with. You can easily use this software with 4 GB RAM and integrated graphics if you need to.

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Upgrade Pricing and Add-Ons

DaVinci Resolve:

You can get this software easily for the free version or even the paid version which includes all the features and tools. The actual price for the paid version is $299. This price is pretty low if compared to other professional video editing software.


Talking about Hitfilm we can say it has a much better approach to the pricing. You cause it completely free, or you can HitFilm Pro. HitFilm Pro also cost $299. Another thing you can do is that you can add upgrades to HitFilm Express. This simply means that everything you need is included in HitFilm Express. All you need to do is pay a few dollars to add the features you’re missing and get back to work.

Resolution and File Support

DaVinci Resolve:

DaVinci Resolve supports editing 4K video. But the issue is that it might not support every frame rate unless you upgrade. Let’s suppose you are wanting to edit a 4K 120 FPS video with DaVinci Resolve then, you’ll be needing to pay for that. It also supports commonly used file types in its free versions. Moreover, this software also supports a positively enormous amount of different file types in its free version.


HitFilm supports editing 4K video. But the issue is that it might not support every frame rate unless you upgrade. It also supports commonly used file types in its free versions. Moreover, you may need to buy an add-on for certain file types in HitFilm Express.

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Final Thoughts

So these were a few f the main differences between both DaVinci Resolve Vs Hitfilm software. Now that you want to work on feature films. If yes, then we would recommend you start familiarizing yourself with the advanced features in DaVinci Resolve. But, if you want to work on making simple videos, then for sure go with HitFilm Express