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3 Best Thought Provoking Training Courses & Classes


It is very important for every human being to develop emotional intelligence and understand the different emotions that we have inside us. And for this purpose, our team at takethiscourse.net has compiled a list of the 3 best Thought Provoking courses and classes which you can consider. So let us take a look at the names and short descriptions of these courses.

Best Thought Provoking Training Courses


A Mindful Path to Emotional Intelligence

      • Soufiane El Alaoui via Udemy
      • 359+ already enrolled!
      • ★★★★★ (80 Ratings)

A Mindful path to emotional intelligenceA very thought provoking and self-reflective course to develop your emotional intelligence. Starting the course, you will get to discover the benefits that are associated with developing your emotional intelligence as well as the risks that stem from neglecting it. Then you will understand the emotional triggers with cognitive-behavioral therapy models. Similarly, you will understand how to expand your self-awareness to identify your negative thought patterns and also foster your self-control. You can also check out Best Assertiveness Training Courses.

I have found this training and the perspective that it outlines to be very interesting and engaging. The course has explained a variety of principles that I have experienced first-hand developed in cognitive behavioral therapy. Indeed the course is a gem and I am really grateful to the instructor for this course (Alexandra, ★★★★★).

This Thought Provoking training course is a condensed gem and so many topics about emotional intelligence have been explained here in a flawless manner. I am still surprised as to how much it expanded my outlook on important areas of my life. So a big thanks to the instructor for this course (Lisa, ★★★★★).


Ethical Decision-Making Models

      • Illumeo Learning via Udemy
      • 30+ already enrolled!
      • ★★★★☆ (11 Ratings)

Ethical Decision Making ModelsThis course encloses thought-provoking discussion around ethical decision-making and building models and tools in detail. First, you will get a chance to identify the core human values through which you can make any ethical decisions. Then the instructor is going to define the types of ethical decisions that are applicable to the decisions you need to make. Similarly, you will get a chance to familiarize yourself with all the commonly accepted ethical decision-making models and much more. You can also find out ivy league personal development courses at takethiscourse.

The Thought Provoking training course contains concise and crisp information and gives insight into a variety of dilemmas and models of the ethical decision-making process. I can say that this course is a good value for money and worth my time and effort (Ankur, ★★★★★).


How to Write Flash Fiction

      • Kieren Westwood via Udemy
      • 52+ already enrolled!
      • ★★★★★ (14 Ratings)

How to write Flash fictionAre you interested in learning how to write an entertaining and very thought-provoking flash fiction story of 1000 words or fewer maybe? In this course, you will get to understand how to write flash fiction writing in the most effective manner. The instructor will explain in detail how to impact a reader. Then he will talk about structuring a very short story. Going further, you will get a chance to improve your writing skills. You will be taught how to narrow down your story idea. Then, the instructor will talk about how you can find your characters and bring them to life. Similarly, you will also learn to write a snappy start that can grab a reader’s attention.

If you are that person who is interested in learning to write flash fiction, then you need to enroll in this course. The way he has delivered all the learning content was very engaging. All the topics have been explained in a friendly, informative, and inspirational manner. This course is not like the rest of the courses that are only filled with endless boring content. Instead, the course is very engaging and would help you become a creative flash writer (John Sisson, ★★★★★).
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Final Thoughts:

If you are interested in understanding what emotional intelligence is or learn to write flash fictional stories then these Thought Provoking courses are the ones to look at. So, enroll in one of these courses today and never stop learning.