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4 Best + Free Central University of Kerala Courses Online 2021 [Updated]


Check This Wide Range of The Central University of Kerala Courses Online for anyone to take & start learning from it. To make these Central university of Kerala Courses online more accessible to our learners, our team at takethiscourse.net has done their research and present to you 4 best & free online courses from the Central University of Kerala. So let us take a look at what these courses have for us.

  1. Developing Life Skills
  2. Shakespeare across Cultures
  3. Film studies
  4. Biomass Characterization

List of best Central University of Kerala Courses Online:

saveDeveloping Life Skills

      • Prof. (Dr.) M.N. Mohamedunni Alias MusthafaCentral University of Kerala and CEC via Swayam
      • 2,321+ already enrolled!
      • Duration: 12 Weeks
      • Category: Teacher Education
      • Level: Undergraduate

developing life skill This Free online Central university of Kerala course aims to help learners get familiarized with all the basic aspects of life skills. With that, it aims to teach all the conceptual treatment, theoretical perspectives, and practical strategies of life skills education as well. Upon starting this course, you will gain a systematic understanding of the theoretical basis of life skill education. After that, the next topic will be the application of life skill to the present day complicated contemporary living system and professionalization of life skill education. You can utilize this type of central university of Kerala courses well to develop all the necessary skills required to lead a balanced life.

The Central University of Kerala course is divided into different modules and covering each module will broaden your understanding regarding life skills development. First, you will get a thorough introduction to what life skills are and what is life skills education. Then, you will understand its need, significance, and definition. Next, you will talk in detail about the evolution and development of life skill education and the course goes on like this. At the end of each module, there are assignments for you to solve and revise whatever you have learned so far. Thus after completing the course, you are expected to master in developing life skills and then applying it to various spheres of life.

saveCentral University of Kerala Courses-Shakespeare across Cultures

      • Dr. Joseph Koyippally JosephCentral University of Kerala and UGC via Swayam
      • 927+ already enrolled!
      • Duration: 15 Weeks
      • Category: Humanities and Social Sciences
      • Level: Postgraduate

Shakespeare across CultureThere is no doubt over the fact that Shakespeare is the most translated, staged, studied, and filmed author in the world of literature. Everyone loves Shakespeare and is adapted, localized, and domesticated on the stage and page in many languages worldwide. This is one of the Central University of Kerala Courses that is going to help you analyze how Shakespeare influences and is influenced by the language and cultures of the world to this extent. This 15-week course is going to take you on an interesting journey of knowing everything about Shakespeare. Starting the course, you will get an introduction to Shakespeare and its Universality. After that, you will understand the cultural imperialism Global Shakespeare, Colonialism, and Shakespeare.

Similarly, when you move on to the next week, the instructor will explain to you Shakespeare Imperialism of the English Language and how Shakespeare became an Icon and Industry itself. Next, you will learn about Shakespeare being used as children’s literature and then be on stage, page, and screen. How and when Shakespeare’s literature was started to be adapted and rewritten and much more will be learned in this course that is from Central University of Kerala Courses Online List. So if you are a Shakespeare fan and want to know everything about it then this course is what you need to enroll in.


saveCentral University of Kerala Courses-Film studies

      • Dr. Vellikkeel RaghavanCentral University of Kerala Courses and UGC via Swayam
      • 2,157+ already enrolled!
      • Duration: 15 Weeks
      • Category: Humanities and Social Sciences
      • Level: Postgraduate

Film StudiesEveryone loves to watch films and spend some quality time with friends and family. But did you ever realize how it all started and developed to this extent? In the list of Central University of Kerala Courses Film making is the course from you will get an introduction to the fundamental concepts in film studies and the major structural features of cinema, master filmmakers, and key film theories. After understanding all this, you will understand the historical development of film as a distinct cultural product where you get to focus on all its technical or ideological turning points. Similarly what is the relation of cinema with other genres like literature, music, theatre, photography, etc will also be understood. The main emphasis of this course is to provide you with enough conceptual foundations so that you can easily approach this medium theoretically.

As far as the practical component is concerned, whoever takes this Central University of Kerala course will be given inputs on writing professional film reviews and critical academic articles on cinema. Similarly, the learning material of the course is delivered through four major components. These components are structural features of fil, major movements in cinema, theoretical essays on cinema, and lastly classic filmmakers and their selected films.

saveCentral University of Kerala Courses-Biomass Characterization

      • Dr. K. ArunkumarCentral University of Kerala and UGC via Swayam
      • 563+ already enrolled!
      • Duration: 15 Weeks
      • Category: Biological Sciences & Bioengineering
      • Level: Postgraduate

Biomasss characterizationAmong the Central university of Kerala courses, Biomass Characterization is a very interesting course covering a very engaging and challenging topic and is suitable for all the postgraduates who are studying different programs like biochemistry, biology, environmental science, agriculture, physics, and more. The course encloses in it the skills and knowledge that can be used for converting various biomass feedstock into different energy forms. We can’t deny that there is an immense prospect in the biomass feedstocks that can address the growing energy demands. However, it is not that easy to make it happen in real life. It is because the biomass recalcitrant is not easy to break into simple sugars and varied physio-chemical attributes of biomass.

That is why in this course, you will learn different concepts, tools, and techniques that will give you guidelines to convert the different biomass into various energy forms so as to start the biomass-based energy production start-up. Different interesting topics will be covered in the course which include biomass resources, types of biomass, and recalcitrant. Similarly, you will learn about biomass sample preparation and the methods of pre-treatments and characterization. After that, you will be analyzing the biochemical and ultimate properties of biomass. And then the methods of biomass energy conversion process.

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As you can see that all these 4 Central University of Kerala Online Courses are completely independent of one another and have something unique to teach. These courses are instructed by world-class professors and they have made sure that the learning content of the course is engaging from start till the end so that learners can actually learn something useful from it. So whatever the course you want to enroll in, do it today so that you don’t waste any more time. Thus enroll in a course now and don’t forget to stay home, stay safe in this pandemic, and never stop learning.