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Overview of Agile Leadership Styles


Agile leadership is known to be the ability to create the right strategy for self-organization. It is such an environment where all the agile teams tend to collaborate successfully with one another. With that, they also dare to learn from one another and get quick feedback from users and then focus on improving according to it. This is an agile leadership, the whole team/s are focused on providing quality results and continuous learning. Click here for more about leadership courses and classes.

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Common Agile leadership styles:

There are seven primary leadership styles, the names, and details of which are given below:

Autocratic style:

This is an agile leadership style where the leader thinks he is the smartest of all and whatever he says has to be followed by the whole team no matter what. In this leadership style, the leader makes all the decisions with very little input from the team members.

Authoritative style:

This one is more like a “follow me” style where the leader is quite confident and skilled and maps out the way for the whole team. He sets all the expectations and engage and energizes the whole team along the way. In other words, these types of leaders are the ones who lift the fog for people and make them see what they are capable of.

Pacesetting style:

Agile leadership style where the leader sets the pace as in racing. These types of pacesetters set the bar high right from the start and then push their team members to work hard and fast to reach the finish line. Though this type of style is effective in getting things done on time and few people consider this as good leadership skills, yet this style can hurt the team members at times.

Democratic style:

The leaders who follow the democratic style are the ones to ask what their team thinks. Precisely, these leaders share everything with their team members and ask for their opinion regarding things that affect their work responsibilities. Not just that, these leaders also seek their team’s opinion even before approving a final decision. This style can help you gain the trust and confidence of your team members in just a matter of time as they start to feel comfortable working in such an environment.

Coaching style:

Coaching as the name depicts is a style where the leader gives his team such training to unlock the team’s potential. Those who use this style open their hearts and doors for people and make them believe that they can do anything if they have the will. This style boasts the team’s morale and urges them to work even harder.

Affiliative style:

Of all the Agile leadership styles that you have learned about so far, this one is something in which a leader gets personal with his people. Leaders who follow this leadership style tend to get up close with their team and pay special attention to the emotional needs of the team members. In this way, a door to connect with the team is opened by the leader where the whole team trusts you without any hesitation.

Laissez-Faire style:

This Agile Leadership style is opposite to the autocratic style. In this style, the leader lets people swim with the current. In other words, the leader trusts people to know what to do and doesn’t interfere or give his opinion relevant to the work they’re doing. Although this style can give the team a chance to prove themselves to the leader, yet, in extreme cases, an uninvolved leader may end up looking like a fool where he doesn’t even know what his team is up to.

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So these were the 7 common agile leadership styles that all leaders or Everyone who did Scrum Master Certification must follow. What you need to do is read them all carefully, understand what these are, and then decide which style you are going to adopt.