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"The truth will free you". This is the profound and inspiring dictum that inspired the wealthy benefactor and railroad-entrepreneur Johns Hopkins to found the world-class institution that bears his name to this day. A handsome red-brick Baltimore based institution, with an iconic clock tower and an attractive vast woodland campus spread over 140 acres, Johns Hopkins University is rated as America's 17th and, curiously, the world's 13th most prestigious college. America's premier research university has over 24,000 students spread across nine top-class schools offering free online courses and MOOCs. So far, a very impressive 27 of its most illustrious researchers and students have been awarded Nobel Prizes.

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Ever since 1876, Johns Hopkins University has remained passionately devoted to exploring the limits of human knowledge in science, arts, and the humanities, through both research and teaching, an original idea that once seemed shocking and audacious.

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