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BIM Clash Detection with Autodesk Revit, Navisworks, Dynamo

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  • Enrique Galicia via Udemy
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  • Skill Level: Mixed
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This course it’s designed to teach you with deeper detail how the create clash detections, report them and send them back using several tools from the Autodesk Suite.

BIM it’s on a deep expansion for the AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) Industry so each time more and more projects are developed over this methodology changing the quality standards for construction and design.

Clash detection it’s the fastest and clearest way to find a return of investment with a BIM Implementation, because it would help to prevent problems in communication and coordination. It really doesn´t matter at what stage of the project you implemented with a BIM Modeling solution it will always find spots where information is uncoordinated, and preventing those problems would improve efficiency in time and cost.

If you do Clash Detection on Design Phases clarity would help you deploy projects fasters, while on Construction Phases Certainty would transform the project results.

The Course is splitted in nine section, each one with different inputs and outputs so you can choose which processes adapts best with your necessities.

The course has one single exercise to be follow up and several activities to practice the learned lessons. The materials include the scripts saw on the course plus the Custom Nodes created specifically for it. Are you tired of taking courses that go to fast with a lot of content? Don’t worry go at your own pace, jump between sections for certain topics, the access is for lifetime.

Also, we have a direct response for any topic listed, so we can improve the content.

Be the first to know of future courses regarding BIM, take advantage of all the opportunities that may appear and use it to improve your work performance and get better job positions.

What you’ll learn

  • Coordinate Revit Models and use Clash Detection in Revit to Review some Clashes
  • Coordinate Several Types of files on a single model on Navisworks and review the Clash Detection
  • Use Dynamo to read the XML file or the Excel File and create Spheres on Clash point for further revision.
  • Use Dynamo to create filters, views and annotation to elements with a clash detection story
  • Use Dynamo for Clash Detection on the go, or by Manual Selection.


  • A Computer to accomplish the recommended exercises
  • Need to install a trial of Autodesk Revit 2018 , Navisworks Manage 2018 and Dynamo 1.3 on the Computer
  • Need to know how to manage Construction Models in Revit, on a basic level

Course content

  • Introduction to clash detection
  • BIM Flies and Coordinate Points
  • BIM Standard Detection Process with Revit
  • Detection and Report Revit
  • Dynamo Basics
  • Extraction and Display in Revit with Dynamo
  • Review of Remaining Clashes

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