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Best Product Owner Certification 2024


A product owner is the core position in the development project. They carry the responsibility of maintaining the stakeholders and target users on the same page. They are considered to be the front representative. They are required to have a bird-eye view of the needs of stakeholders and user groups. The significance of the fulfillment of the Scrum team is great. This emphasizes the importance of the role of the product owner. Hence, understanding the art of categorizing the urgency of needs is of extreme importance. Product owner certification has critical value in this regard. Begin your journey to mastery with Master Product Strategy for Free, offering comprehensive insights into effective product planning.

Product owner certification is a learning experience that a product owner goes through. This enhances the overall effectiveness of the product owner in collaborating with the Scrum team, managing the tasks, delivering the requirements, and monitoring the advancements. It also helps the product owner to attain career-boosting credentials. Stay ahead in your career by exploring our curated list of the Top Scrum Product Owner Certifications designed for professionals.

Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) by Scrum Alliance

  • Scrum Alliance Product Owner certification (CSPO®) is the in-demand certification in the industry. This certification offers membership in Scrum Alliance to facilitate you in growing your career in agile. Scrum Alliance, Inc. adheres to the policy to approve only certain individuals who have cleared its certification program and provide standout performances in offering scrum-ted services to clients, to claim the certification mark. Through CSPO, you will be able to make use of the certification mark in your promotional campaigns as well as on the product you produce. This will develop a sense of authenticity to your services marked as a certified Scrum Product Owner expert. CSPOs are ultimately provided the authority to decide on a certain product that the team will produce and whether it is worthy enough to reach the market considering the advantageous nature of the product.
  • This certification will:
      • Add edge-cutting skills to your arsenal.
      • Learn Framework, fundamentals, and values to make Scrum work.
      • Acquire hands-on experience in creating a product vision.
      • Learn to handle multiple stakeholders and user teams.
  • The fee of the certification ranges from 1000$ to 1200$ which includes the assessment expense and a guide.
  • CSPO® certification is for all those who acknowledge the significance of the business growth of the project from Certified Scrum Product Owner® (CSPO®) certification.

Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO) by Scrum.org

  • Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO) certification puts your knowledge regarding the Scrum Framework and your competency in providing services and development and dispatching of the product to a test. Acquiring PSPO certification reflects your abilities to create master products using Scrum and to integrate agile product management and planning into it. The PSPO exam lay great emphasis on assessing if a candidate possesses the core foundational knowledge of the responsibilities of the product owner adhering to the Scrum guide. PSPO incorporates questions related to:
  1. Comprehension and application of the Scrum framework: Empiricism, Scrum Team, Events
  2. Creating a team: A team that acts with decorum on its own
  3. Agile management: Forecasting & Release Planning, Product Vision, Product Value
  • The fee for the certification is 200$ for one attempt. The passing criteria are 85 %. The time limit of the exam will be 60 min. The total number of multiple-choice, multiple, and true/false questions will be 80.

Certified Product Owner by Product Manager HQ

  • Product HQ is among the top internationally acceptable online certification that set you forth in the journey to becoming a standout product owner. This certification challenges your skillset, knowledge, and competency to assess whether you can become an exceptional performer in the tech industry and carry out your roles efficiently.

PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)

  • Agile leaders of the future who aspires to acquire a set of compiled credentials required for a career-boosting journey can be accomplished by The Agile Certified Practitioner (ACP) certification by the Product Management Institute. PMI-ACP focuses on multiple knowledge areas in its certification which include:
  1. Well-known methodologies which incorporate Kanban and Lean
  2. Agile project management
  3. Modern dev environment
  4. Extreme programming and TDD
  5. A quick responsive approach to continuous change in customer market dynamics
  6. Data Science
  • PMI-ACP requires some prerequisites to be fulfilled. They include PMP certification, 30 PDUs, and agile project experience of greater than 8 months. Moreover, if your company is exercising the reinvention of development MO and carrying out the implementation of a DevOps or Lean Framework, you can be the utmost beneficiary of PMI-ACP.
  • The fee for those who possess the membership is 305$ for one attempt. For nonmembers, the fee is 347$. The time limit of the exam will be 180 min. The total number of multiple-choice questions 120.

Certified SAFe® Product Owner/Product Manager

  • SAFe® Product Manager/Product Owner certification includes a training course as well. This certification targets the roles of project manager and owner comprehending the SAFe® Framework. Certified professionals are able to analyze and pinpoint the in-demand market trends on the user end. Also, the required skills are developed for efficient collaboration with the operation teams. This certification covers the following key areas in its exams:
  1. Agile product development
  2. SAFe methodologies and fundamentals for product ownership
  3. Writing stories, epics, and features
  4. Development in terms of value-driven characteristics and its prioritization
  5. Assessment of customer needs
  • The fee for the exam including the course is 595$. The passing criteria are 73 %. The time limit of the exam will be 90 min. The total number of questions will be 45.
  • SAFe® Product Manager/Product Owner certification offers 15 PMI PDUs and 1-year access to the SAFe® Community Platform.