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10 Best Inkscape Tutorial, Courses and Classes 2021 [Updated]

Best Inkspace Tutorials

To know how to use Inkscape for both artistic and technical illustration purposes, our team at takethiscourse.net presents to you a list of 10 best Inkscape tutorials, courses and classes for 2020-21. These courses relevant to Inkscape are going to help you gain a good understanding of how they can be widely used to make cartoons, games, logos, and much more. So let us get to it.

  1. Create original vector game art with Inkscape Tutorials
  2. Inkscape for beginners Class01
  3. Best Inkscape Tutorial for Beginners
  4. Create 2D video game art with Inkscape
  5. Learn Inkscape now – create vector graphics for free
  6. Inkscape Tutorial for Beginners – Free Course
  7. Inkscape Adventure, Master the Free Vector Graphics Software
  8. Craft your own 2D game backgrounds with Inkscape
  9. Discover All Tools in Inkscape! – Part 1
  10. Design modular game assets with Inkscape:Course

List of Best Inkscape Tutorial & Classes:

saveCreate original vector game art with Inkscape Tutorials

      • Istvan Szep via Udemy
      • 4,578+ already enrolled!
      • ★★★★☆ (427 Reviews)

Create original vector game art with Inkscape TutorialsDive into this amazingly instructed course and learn to create not only scalable but highly versatile game assets usable in 2D mobile games and much more. The instructor is going to help you understand how you can create 2D game art in Inkscape is a step-by-step guide. Through this Best Inkscape Tutorial course, you will learn to craft art for animations, platforms, characters, and many more things. Similarly, you will also learn techniques that will ensure your assets are scalable and versatile. Not just that, you will also make sure whether your assets are usable on any device and at any resolution or not.

Similarly, as you go further, you will get your hands on stunning graphics for use in any games and tips to help you improve your general game design skills. The learning content of the inkscape tutorials is quite suitable for all beginners who are just starting in this field. Thus you will be able to design vector 2D game assets that include animations, platforms, characters, backgrounds, buttons, and more.

Extraordinary introduction course to Inkscape. I followed the entire course. I am currently building my own characters for a game I am working on. This course makes 2D designs basic. The alone analysis I have is that the instructor utilizes alternate ways in the recordings (frequently) without clarifying what he is doing. There were a couple of times I needed to stop the recordings and sort it out for myself. At any rate, I found the course helpful, and am giving it 5 stars (Trevas Walker, ★★★★★)

saveBest Inkscape Tutorials for beginners Class01

      • Gaia Marfurt via Skillshare
      • 1,541+ already enrolled!
      • 28 Project included
      • ★★★★☆ (97 Reviews)

Inkscape for beginners Class01In this short but fun class, the instructor is going to teach you how you can draw anything you want using the free software known as Inscape. It is known to be a vector graphic design that is just similar to Adobe Illustrator. Different topics will be covered during this class where you will get to learn something new and interesting. The instructor believes that upon ending the Inkscape tutorials, you will be able to create geometric patterns on your own using Inkscape. The class is quite suitable for all the beginners who need to develop these skills from scratch. Thus those learners who are just starting to learn to use Inkscape should join the class for sure.

Different types of skills will be developed through this class which can be used further to broaden your skills and understanding. These skills are related to graphic design, Inkscape, vector art, surface design, vector graphics, flat design, design patterns, and much more. So do enroll in this fun-filled class.

saveBest Inkscape Tutorials for Beginners

      • Michael DiGregorio via Udemy
      • 3,155+ already enrolled!
      • ★★★★★ (420 Reviews)

Best Inkscape Tutorial for BeginnersWant to learn to use the Inkscape vector graphic editor from the comfort of your home? If yes, then we would recommend you to take this course now and start learning to use Inkscape either for fun or making profits out of it. In this Best Inkscape inkscape tutorials, you will learn all the tools and how they function independently and in conjunction with other tools, bars, and panels as well. With that, the instructor has also customized the Inkscape where you can get access to frequently used panels, guidelines, grids, and the canvas itself.

Similarly, the instructor is also going to talk about the color palette and then explain to you how you can examine each of the command bar icons. In other words, you will be walking through the entire interface tool by tool and bar by bar through this course. Hence you will be able to navigate the Inkscape editor all by yourself by the end of the course.

I have not utilized a drawing program previously. It sounded good to me, to begin with finding out about the instruments in the program. I am happy that I took this Best Inkscape Tutorial & course. Obviously, the mode of video courses is extraordinary in that you can stop, reinforce, replay depending on the situation. Michael works really hard and has a charming talking voice too. I will be taking his next level course (Brian Kapp,  ★★★★★)

saveCreate 2D video game art with Inkscape

      • István Szép via Skillshare
      • 732+ already enrolled!
      • 3 Project included
      • ★★★★★ (29 Reviews)

Create 2D video game art with InkscapeAre you that person who has a great interest in game art and want to create your own custom graphics? These Best inkscape tutorials are what you need in such a case. The course is filled with such learning content that will help you learn Inkscape that is a free design program. With the help of Inkscape tutorials, you will be able to create all the game art you need for creating a 2D mobile game. Inkscape being a vector graphics program, your game assets will be scalable and highly versatile. This means that you only need to create them once and then you can use them on any device and any resolution as well.

What you will learn in this class is how to create hearts and stars. Next, you will learn to create platforms, buttons, and characters. Similarly, as you go further, you will learn to create beautiful animations and backgrounds as well. Furthermore, how you can make monster trucks is also a part of this Best Inkscape tutorials. So join this course, and create quality game graphics that can sell on online marketplaces and earn profits. Not just that, you can also learn to make 2D game graphics suitable for Yoyo games game maker, gamesalad, Unity 2D, or any other program.

Free Online Courses with Certificates

saveLearn Inkscape Tutorials now – create vector graphics for free

      • Istvan Szep via Udemy
      • 5,662+ already enrolled!
      • ★★★★☆ (634 Reviews)

Learn Inkscape now - create vector graphics for freeA complete course that is teaching everything you should know to work efficiently using the free and open-source graphic design program named Inkscape. As you all know that Inkscape tutorials is a free program and that is why there are a variety of short tutorials available but all these are not as comprehensive as the details available in this course. The course has detailed information on how to use Inkscape and create vector graphics. With that, the instructor has also shared his tips and tricks that he was able to develop himself. The inscape online tutorials have 30 lectures that are of various lengths and ending each lecture will fill your mind with something new about Inkscape.

Starting the Inkscape tutorials, you will go through the basic tools and then understand how Inkscape actually works. Then the instructor aims to go a little further and start explaining more complex tools that will lead to creating more elaborate designs. Similarly, you will learn the most helpful tips from the instructor that will make for clever and outstanding illustrations. Going into the final lessons, you will be learning to create a Christmas card together in which you will be using all the tools and knowledge gained from the course.

Istvan is a Fantastic Teacher. The course was above and beyond. I was truly delighted by the course and I anticipate making more outlines in Inkscape 🙂 It’s awesome software, and I truly appreciate making little Drawings. A++ (Jason Megson, ★★★★★).

This person clarifies incredibly Inkscape. Inkscape was a product that I could have never learned without anyone else. As I’m a mess doing imaginative things. However, now I have the software and configuration skills to begin making my own things. He clarifies unmistakably the utilization and use of the most significant Inkscape devices, so it is an extraordinary first Inkscape course. (Alexis Cuero Losada, ★★★★★).

saveInkscape Tutorial for Beginners – Free Course

  • via LinkedIn Learning

Inkscape Tutorial for Beginners – Free CourseA free Inkscape tutorialS for you to learn how to make great vector graphics using Inkscape. In this tutorial, you will be learning from an instructor who has professional experience of over 20 years. He will be covering everything from installing the software to outputting the files for print and the web. All you have to do is follow keenly whatever the instructor explains to you and trust us, you will enjoy learning from this free tutorial.

When you start the Best inkscape online tutorials, you will first learn to download and install the right version of the landscape. After that, you will be creating new documents. Similarly, you will learn to import AI and EPS files in Inkscape. After that, you will learn to work with input devices like tablets and more. Going further, you will learn to draw basic shapes and do scaling and rotating objects. Moreover, you will also learn to add fills and strokes and then using Inkscape extensions in detail. Finally, in the end, you will learn to add and edit the text and then printing and exporting the Inkscape artwork.

saveInkscape Adventure, Master the Free Vector Graphics Software

      • Vicky Watson via Udemy
      • 624+ already enrolled!
      • ★★★★★ (104 Reviews)

Inkscape Adventure, Master the Free Vector Graphics SoftwareThese Inkscape tutorials is going to give you the best of both worlds that is, thorough step-by-step instructions on Inkscape’s tools and features and also hands-on, practical assignments for you to work on. In short, you will be able to learn Inkscape with thorough and detailed instructions and perfect your skills with the help of different fun projects. The progressive assignments are going to help you master all the concepts taught throughout the video lessons. You will be able to master the basic tools andconcepts that are essential to vector graphics. With that, you will also become familiar with all the features and tools of the Inkscape.

Similarly, you will gain all the skills and confidence required to create original vector graphics. And learn everything so clearly that after completing the course, tools like pen and node would be no longer mysterious or frustrating for you to use. These  Best inkscape tutorials ends with a major project which is the creation of a colorful layout for a fictional board game. The project is approached one element at a time so that students can create their own copy of the design side by side.

This Best Inkscape Tutorial & course is great. The mentor broadly describes each segment of the software. What I truly like is that towards the end of every instructional exercise, you have a task to finish. The task is fundamentally going over what was discusses in the class. The given tasks get you to use and grasp what was learned in the lectures. This will be a long course. However, I won’t rush through it until I complete every exercise by finishing the assignments (Anthony Dacey, ★★★★★).

saveCraft your own 2D game backgrounds with Inkscape

      • Istvan Szep via Udemy
      • 436+ already enrolled!
      • ★★★★★ (11 Reviews)

Craft your own 2D game backgrounds with Inkscape:Want to improve your design skills and create high-quality 2D background assets from scratch? This course has everything you need to be able to create your own 2D game backgrounds using Inkscape. Throughout these best inkscape tutorials, you will learn the theory of creating engaging 2D game background designs. With that, you will learn to use Inkscape for vector game art. After that, you will be taught how you can create 4 different parallax ready game backgrounds. These include a simple but hot desert background and a galactic background for a vertical space shooter. Similarly, the third one is a big city background with skyscrapers. And the last one is the magical forest background.

Throughout these Best Inkscape Tutorials, you will learn different concepts that will help you become independent in making game backgrounds. With that, you will be given all the guidelines so that you can create your very own game assets in vector using Inkscape. You will first start with learning to make simple backgrounds. After that, you will to make complex game backgrounds.

This Best Inkscape Tutorial & course was surprising. I would energetically suggest this course for any individual who is keen on figuring out how to draw the basic backgrounds. Someone who truly knows a great deal and is passionate about drawing should take this course. Expressing gratitude towards the instructor (John Smith, ★★★★★)

saveDiscover All Tools in Inkscape! – Part 1

      • Daniel Evans via Skillshare
      • 418+ already enrolled!
      • ★★★★☆ (17 Reviews

Discover All Tools in Inkscape! - Part 1An informational course for you to discover how you can design your own professional logo without even have to spend a single penny using Inkscape. The instructor of this course is going to reveal every single step of logo design created as a published, award-winning logo design. From concept to sketch, to final product you will be learning everything in thorough detail. The instructor aims to leave no details untouched and wishes to make you independent enough to start making professional logos in no time. With that, the instructor in his lectures is also going share some of the result-oriented tricks to make the best logo designs that will for sure astound your clients.

Different topics are covered in these Inkscape tutorials and there are a total of 15 lessons in which everything is covered. After getting an introduction and overview of the class, you will learn about the tools you will be using throughout the class. Next, you will understand the difference between vector and raster. Similarly, the instructor will also talk about the 3D tool, calligraphy tool, and ellipse tool. Similarly, how to use an eraser, eyedropper, fill tool, gradient tool, measurement tool, and much more will be taught as well.

I am similar to a total novice with Inkscape. I found this instructional course exceptionally useful. I gained a lot through it. If I get back to view something, this significant degree of the organization will permit me to effortlessly discover the topic. I will be able to easily look into it without sitting idly. Daniel adheres direct and doesn’t roam everywhere the way numerous Skillshare instructors do. I genuinely appreciate it (Anna Kasper, ★★★★★).

saveDesign modular game assets with Inkscape

      • István Szép via Skillshare
      • 471+ already enrolled!
      • 4 Project included
      • ★★★★☆ (10 Reviews)

Design modular game assets with InkscapeAre you eager enough to learn to create your own game assets most efficiently? Learn to make that happen in this class. By applying the principles of modular design you can make that happen in just a matter of time. Modular design which is a method to build up your game assets from pre-designed modules is going to help you make your game asset creation even faster. Throughout these best online tutorials, you will learn the principles of modular designs in-game art. Then you will be taught to create a fleet of spaceships from simple geometrical forms.

After that, you will learn to create cartoon character heads that are suitable for any mobile game. Similarly, you will also learn to design a modular goblin army with fantasy weapons. With all this, you also get to learn many tricks that can help you make your work more efficient. So, enroll in the Inkscape online tutorials today to learn some cool ways to design modular game assets using Inkscape.

Completely exceeded my assumptions. I was here to become familiar with a touch more about drawing with Inkscape, and I figured out how to make an entire multitude of trolls. Huge says thanks to Istvan! (Michel SCHEFFLER, ★★★★★)
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After reading the descriptions of all these 10 Best Inkscape Tutorial classes and courses you can easily decide which one is suitable for you. So decide now, stay home, stay safe, and never stop learning.