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Best Certified Nurse Assistant Training


Choosing a career in nursing comes with many benefits besides being one of the most fulfilling professions. You get to assist patients on a daily basis by providing care to them which often brings great satisfaction. Nurses can choose the field of nursing that best suits them and have unlimited opportunities for career advancement. A career in nursing also pays well and employment prospects for nurses continue to expand. In this article, we look at Certified Nurse Assistant Training requirements as well as some of the best schools offering this training.

Certified Nurse Assistant Training

If you have thought of becoming a Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA), it is important to know what to expect since a career as a Certified Nurse Assistant enables you to join the field of healthcare. To become a Certified Nurse Assistant, you need to get nursing assistant training from accredited medical facilities as well as community colleges. Programs normally last for a period of 4 to 12 weeks. A college degree is not a requirement to join these programs but you will need a GED credential or a high school diploma. Students will receive 75 hours of classroom training including practical skills needed on the job before taking the CNA examination. The following are some of the best schools offering Certified Nurse Assistant Training.

1. St Paul’s Institute of Nursing for Certified Nursing Training

Saint Paul's School of NursingSt. Paul’s Institute of Nursing provides a comprehensive nursing education that will teach you the skills necessary to succeed in various fields of nursing. This accredited nursing school is ideal for anyone interested in launching their career as a Certified Nursing Assistant. Earning this nursing certification will open up many doors for opportunities as you will equipped with in-demand skills and knowledge required in the nursing profession.

2. Denver College of Nursing for Certified Nursing Training

Denver College of NursingPursuing a Certified Nursing Training program at Denver College of Nursing enables you to join a highly marketable profession and is also a pre-requisite for obtaining an associate or bachelor degree in any nursing program. Students are trained to provide personal care to their patients in hospitals, private homes, hospices and long-term care facilities. You will be trained to become an excellent healthcare provider through innovative and comprehensive education.

3. FORTIS Colleges & Institutes of Nursing

Fortis Certified Nurse Assistant Training
You can train to become a Certified Nurse Assistant at FORTIS where you will acquire skills and knowledge in several nursing assisting procedures as well as laboratory techniques. You will also learn the fundamental of patient care which includes the study and practices of special care, vital signs, body systems, body mechanics, human needs and communication. At Fortis, you will have access to expert instructors who will basically train you on the application of psychosocial skills and physical care techniques. The training is offered both in the classroom and in a healthcare setting where you get the opportunity to gain valuable hands-on experience in the profession.

All-State CareerNursing is a noble profession since nurses give selflessly as they care for the health of others. They have a duty to empathize with their patients and even understand the emotional side of their illness. This means that nurses must always put the interests of the patients above everything else.