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Become an SEO Expert: Complete Learning Path


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process that is used for improving the search engine ranking of a website. It helps a website boost its traffic as much as possible. This field offers both full-time and part-time jobs if you become an expert at it. To become an expert at this, you would probably need some guidance and the right learning content. And thus takethiscourse.net in this regard gives you the best learning path to become an SEO expert. This learning path is a combination of different beginner to advanced level courses and is suitable for anyone interested. In short, this learning path will teach you the strategies, tactics, website optimization, SEO audits, SEO technical, link building and so much more.

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Courses in Learning Path Total Enrollments Expected Effort  Providers
17 510,831+ 120 Hrs Coursera, Udemy, SkillShare, LinkedIn Learning

Foundation Courses!

1 - Google SEO FundamentalsGoogle SEO Fundamentals

University of California via Coursera | 120,842+ already enrolled |  ★★★★★ (2,966 Reviews)

This course will help you gain an understanding of search engine algorithms in detail. You will understand how they can affect organic search results and websites. The instructor will explain the key elements required for creating an effective SEO strategy. This includes explaining how to select keywords and perform keyword research and search behavior.

2 - Search Engine Optimization_ Tactics and Strategy for EntrepreneursSearch Engine Optimization: Tactics and Strategy for Entrepreneurs

Rand Fishkin via SkillShare | 72,758+ already enrolled | 01h 30m of effort required!

In this class, the instructor explains how to craft an SEO strategy that “moves the needle”. Here you will understand the granular fundamentals for content optimization. This class is suitable for all entrepreneurs whether they have a small business or whatsoever. With that, web designers, copywriters, and junior marketers can also learn a lot from this class.

3 - SEO Training MasterclassSEO Training Masterclass

Alex Genadinik via Udemy | 79,142+ already enrolled |  ★★★★★ (4,443 Reviews)

If you want to learn how to dominate Google search and other search platforms then this course is for you. You will be taught how to create a very engaging and result-oriented SEO strategy for your business. You will gain insights into how all the search engines actually work.

On-Page Courses!

4- Keyword Research and Website OptimizationKeyword Research and Website Optimization

Marjet Wullink via SkillShare | 11,019+ already enrolled | 51m of effort required!

This class explains in detail how you can customize your Google search results. The instructor will then talk about using different keywords in your website. Similarly, you will be taught how to analyze your keyword research and more.

5 - Learning Local SEOLearning Local SEO

Sherry Bonelli via LinkedIn Learning | 17,229+ already enrolled |  ★★★★★ (823 Reviews)

This beginner-level class talks about the difference between local SEO and general SEO. Here the instructor explains all the local SEO strategies that can have the most impact on local search results. You will understand how to target keywords and leverage Google My Business (GMB) for higher search ranking.

6 - SEO Audits - Learn How To Find & Fix The Most Common SEO Issues On A WebsiteSEO Audits – Learn How To Find & Fix The Most Common SEO Issues On A Website

Joshua George via SkillShare | 1,051+ already enrolled | 02 Hours of effort required!

This SEO audits course talks about what an SEO audit is and how Google works. Here you will discover the 4 parts that make up every SEO audit. Similarly, you will learn the most common technical SEO problems websites can face.

7 - Technical SEOTechnical SEO

Dana DiTomaso via LinkedIn Learning | 17,900+ already enrolled | ★★★★★ (500 Reviews)

This intermediate-level course will teach you to optimize your website for SEO by looking at how crawlers work. You will understand the strategies required for increasing site speed using schema architecture URLs, and image/video to your SEO advantage.

8 - How to use Google Analytics to set your SEO strategyHow to use Google Analytics to set your SEO strategy

Marjet Wullink via SkillShare | 2,967+ already enrolled | 44 Min of effort required!

This class is all about using Google Analytics as a tool to create a strategy and do Google Analytics analysis for making your own SEO strategy. Each lesson of this class is filled with data, experience, strategic choices, and examples.

9 - Professional SEO and Marketing ToolsProfessional SEO and Marketing Tools

Sam Dey via LinkedIn Learning | 33,346+ already enrolled | ★★★★★ (753 Reviews)

This intermediate-level class covers the must-haves for your SEO tool kit. This includes Google Webmaster Tools, Screaming Frog SEO Spider, Page Speed Insights, and more. You will learn to use these tools for making measurable improvements.

Off-Page Courses!

10 - The Complete Link Building CourseThe Complete Link Building Course – Backlink Building

Joshua George via Udemy | 3,659+ already enrolled |  ★★★★★ (434 Reviews)

This backlink building 2022 course explains what backlinks are and their importance. You will understand anchor text and why it is crucial in link building. Similarly, the instructor will explain how to build backlinks to your website for getting you ranked higher.

11 - SEO_ Link BuildingSEO: Link Building

Anson Alexander via LinkedIn Learning | 36,371+ already enrolled | ★★★★★ (1,001 Reviews)

An advanced level course that explains how search engines perceive links and affect page ranking. You will be taught how to use link analysis tools for assessing your site’s backlink profile.

Advanced Topics!

12 - Advanced Search Engine Optimization StrategiesOptimizing a Website for Google Search

University of California via Coursera | 78,409+ already enrolled | ★★★★★ (1,573 Reviews)

In this course, the instructor explains how to find and fix problems in detail. You will be taught how to heighten visibility and improve site architectures. Similarly, you will learn to develop engaging strategies for launching a global web marketing campaign.

13 - Advanced SEO StrategiesAdvanced SEO Strategies – Level Up Your SEO Knowledge

Joshua George via Udemy | 3,376+ already enrolled |  ★★★★★ (392 Reviews)

A very engaging and advanced-level course that explains advanced SEO strategies and tactics. Here you will learn to implement advanced Onpage SEO Analysis. Similarly, the instructor will explain how you can implement advanced internal linking and so much more in detail.

14 - Advanced Content and Social Tactics to Optimize SEOAdvanced Content and Social Tactics to Optimize SEO

University of California via Coursera | 59,726+ already enrolled | ★★★★★ (1,011 Reviews)

This class will help you discover the content marketing and social media ecosystems in detail. You will be taught how these interconnected channels drive search results to a website. Similarly, the instructor will explain how to use influence marketing for establishing a website’s authority.

15 - Advanced SEO Keyword ResearchAdvanced SEO Keyword Research – Creative Keyword Research

Alex Genadinik via Udemy | 1,382+ already enrolled |  ★★★★☆ (256 Reviews)

In this course, you will be taught how to identify highly-converting SEO keywords for your business. You will learn to increase traffic after identifying more keywords for which to rank. Similarly, the instructor will explain how to use keywords across search engines like Amazon, Google, YouTube, and Etsy.

Ecommerce SEO!

16 - Powerful Ecommerce Search Engine Optimization To Improve Your FREE Google TrafficPowerful Ecommerce Search Engine Optimization To Improve Your FREE Google Traffic

Jono Farrington via SkillShare | 1,703+ already enrolled | 07h 46m of effort required!

This class talks about the advantages and disadvantages of Shopify for SEO in detail. Here you will be taught all about rank tracking software. The class contains many other topics like subdomain considerations, theme considerations, theme speed, and more.

17 - Shopify SEO 2022 - The Ultimate E-commerce SEO Store GuideShopify SEO – The Ultimate E-commerce SEO Store Guide

Jono Farrington via Udemy | 2,966+ already enrolled |  ★★★★☆ (473 Reviews)

This course explains how to correctly set up a Shopify store for SEO. You will understand the basic and advanced SEO techniques in detail. With that, you will learn to improve Google rankings, traffic, and sales in detail.

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