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Become an Inventory Analyst: Complete Learning Path


Becoming an inventory analyst requires a deep understanding of areas like supply chain, marketing, economics, etc. With that, there are many other skills that one needs to possess. This learning path shares with you some of the very best courses that can help start your journey to becoming an inventory analyst. Whether you are a complete beginner or an intermediate-level individual, this path has a course for everyone.

Courses in Learning Path Total Enrollments Expected Effort  Providers
10 440,582+ 137 Hrs Coursera, Udemy, LinkedIn Learning, edX

1 - Inventory Management A-Z_ Supply Chain & Business OperationsInventory Management A-Z: Supply Chain & Business Operations

Laurence Gartside via Udemy | 6,859+ already enrolled |  ★★★★★ (1,900 Ratings)

In this course, the instructor will explain how you can become an inventory guru by mastering this essential area of supply chain management. Here you will gain an overview of inventory management for your manufacturing or service business. The instructor will explain all about the economic order quantity and so much more.

2 - Effective Inventory ManagementEffective Inventory Management

University of California via Coursera | 06 Hours of effort required! | Study Level: Intermediate

This class will help you understand how to manage inventory in an uncertain environment. You will be taught how to analyze historical data for determining inventory levels in steady and uncertain demand situations and that too using Excel. You will also learn to quantify the inventory needs for single-period items using the newsvendor model.

3 - A3 Problem Solving for Continuous ImprovementA3 Problem Solving for Continuous Improvement

Sam Yankelevitch via LinkedIn Learning | 92,180+ already enrolled |  ★★★★★ (996 Ratings)

This beginner-level course explains how to adopt the A3 process to approach different problems and improve results. You will learn how to clarify the role of each stakeholder and identify and quantify the problem. Similarly, the instructor will explain how to create an action plan that everybody agrees on.

4 - Inventory AnalyticsInventory Analytics

Rutgers University via Coursera | 11,578+ already enrolled |  ★★★★★ (183 Ratings)

This “Inventory Analytics” course is all about explaining the importance of inventory in different industries. You will understand how inventory drives a company’s financial performance. Similarly, you will be taught how to classify and manage inventory and so much more in detail.

5 - Supply Chains for Manufacturing_ Inventory AnalyticsSupply Chains for Manufacturing: Inventory Analytics

MIT via edX | 26,586+ already enrolled | 108 Hours of effort required!

In this course, you will learn all about the effective supply chain strategies for companies that operate globally. The course focuses on how you can plan and integrate supply chain components into a coordinated system. You will learn what integrated planning and collaboration are in detail.

6 - Excel Supply Chain Analysis_ Solving Inventory ProblemsExcel Supply Chain Analysis: Solving Inventory Problems

Curt Frye via LinkedIn Learning | 67,135+ already enrolled | ★★★★★ (1,069 Ratings)

This is an intermediate-level course that explains how you can calculate total costs and total relevant costs for a product. Here you will be taught how to incorporate the effects of lead time into the analysis. The instructor will explain how you can determine how much extra the minimum orders cost. In addition, you will be taught how to calculate the economic order quantity for inventory policies.

7 - Supply Chain Management KPIs_ Metrics Inventory PerformanceSupply Chain Management KPIs: Metrics Inventory Performance

Laurence Gartside via Udemy | 857+ already enrolled |  ★★★★★ (151 Ratings)

This course is all about explaining the essential supply chain and inventory management KPIs. Here the instructor will talk about the key areas of supply chain performance. You will be taught the specific formulas and calculation methods for each KPI. Next, you will understand the fundamentals of supply chain performance and improvement.

8 - Operations Management_ Inventory ManagementOperations Management: Inventory Management

Sorin Dumitrascu via Udemy | 9,638+ already enrolled |  ★★★★★ (276 Ratings)

In this course, the instructor will help you identify the key characteristic and challenges of inventory management in service organizations. The instructor will explain how to match inventory valuation methods with their description. Similarly, you will understand how to calculate the economic order quantity and the reorder point in a given inventory management scenario. Next, you will be taught how to identify the key characteristics of ABC analysis.

9 - SAP ERP Essential TrainingSAP ERP Essential Training

Justin Valley via LinkedIn Learning | 195,078+ already enrolled |  ★★★★★ (5,580 Ratings)

A beginner-level course that covers the key concepts within SAP ERP. The course shares valuable tips to help you use this enterprise software most effectively. Similarly, the instructor explains the difference between master data and transactional data in SAP. Next, you will dive deep into the SAP modules. Furthermore, the instructor shows how end users can navigate inside SAP and run and export reports from SAP.

10 - Learning SAP MM (Materials Management)Learning SAP MM (Materials Management)

Justin Valley via LinkedIn Learning | 30,671+ already enrolled |  ★★★★★ (889 Ratings)

This intermediate-level course talks about how to get up and running with SAP MM. The instructor offers a high-level look at the material management process in SAP MM and explains how it integrates with other SAP modules. Similarly, you will be taught how to create material master records in a step-by-step guide. After that, the instructor explains the physical inventory process and so much more in detail.

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