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6 Arguments For Studying UX Design in 2024


Who is UX DesignerA good design is a trait of a good business.

User Experience design, popularly known as UX design, has become one of the high-demand jobs because of its increased demand. 

Adobe’s survey showed that 87 percent of employers prioritized hiring UX designers, and 73 percent of these employers plan to double the number of their UX designers in the next five years. 

The average UX designer earns 116,000 dollars a year on average in 2022 as a result of the growing demand for their services.

So, without wasting time, let’s get the ball rolling as we delve into the argument behind why you should choose UX design in 2024. 

Importance Of Usability Testing on Your Design

Usability Testing

Usability testing is a prerequisite test that’s to be run on every product before its introduction. It is to ensure the correctness of usage. Testing the product stands to benefit the user and the designer. 

The user gets a forehand’s knowledge even before he starts using the product and makes it more efficient when they are using it. The designer has tons of benefits: you will see them in a split second. 

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So, let’s kick start as we see his benefits. 

Early Detection Of Problem

When real people use the product first, other than the actual user, you can dictate any issues and make corrections, and it will enable you to launch error-free products and designs. 

Saves Time

Carrying out a usability test on your design before deploying it reduces wasted time and energy.

Imagine you finished coding and designing and got negative feedback from your users. Of course, you have to redesign and come up with something different, but that’s a  lot of time wasted already that a simple usability test would have just avoided. 

So, this test helps you know what to build that will be acceptable for a user experience.

Saves Cost

The cost of carrying out a test is far cheaper than creating a new design. 

Test usability saves you the cost of wasting resources on a design that will not suit your users.

Also, it is simpler to design the outfit and redesign already-designed products.

Better User Interface

Like I said before, in creating a design, designers have the users in mind,  so they have to carry out testing to deliver a better user experience to the user by studying their behavior.

Let the user be satisfied with the usage, and the design should be fully informative.

6 Arguments For the Studying of UX Design in 2022

UX design tips

Impressive Salary

The estimated total pay of a UX designer is around $116,880 in the United States, with an average salary of $95,785 per year. The average salary for an entry-level job is $68,515.

The pay may amaze you, but there’s more to it since your current salary will also depend on where you are in the hiring process and your experience level. In addition to that, every year sees an upward review of this salary.

High Growth Rate

The demand for UX designers is on the increase. Even small businesses and startups need the services of UX designers.

A 2015 report reveals that UX design has moved from the 45th position to the 14th position in in-demand skills with a growth rate of 18 percent through 2025. As a result, more jobs are available than in previous years.

Comprehensive learning guides and resources

Learning has never become difficult because of the availability of resources and guides to help you scale through the process.

Several platforms like Youtube and some websites offer guides to assist a newbie, and the best part is that most of them are free of charge.

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In addition to the points above, you can get certified without attending a degree-awarding institution. Online learning platforms give certificates to enrollees with a small number of subscriptions. These certificates are fully recognized and accepted everywhere you wish to work after learning. 

Creativity and logic

One of the most intriguing parts of the job is its creativity. You will probably be the best fit here if you are the type that loves to create. 

In designing, there’s no dull moment because, at every point in time, you are either researching your design, analyzing it, or implementing it. 

You will employ your logical side to develop workable answers for users’ needs throughout your UX design career

But being practical isn’t enough; the solutions also need to be creative, not just in appearance but in terms of usability and functionality.

Working Remotely

The use of mobile and smart devices has increased over the years. The pandemic forced most organizations to adopt the virtual work system, and most organizations saw the essence; in fact, they adopted the system as part of their policy after the pandemic.

In most companies, remote working is a cost reduction because you may not need an office building and other office facilities before business activities can begin. 

As a UX designer, you only need your laptop, a stable internet connection, drawing materials, and maybe a bottle of drink to cool down your hustle and fix you on track. 

Adding Value to life

UX designers also contribute to affecting people’s lives positively. In our world today, there are different products online to lure buyers into making the wrong decision. Some of these products are so similar and sometimes misleading.

However, UX designers always keep the user in mind when creating anything, whether a website or an app.

Just as their name implies, User Experience, they bear the user in mind and ensure they are not misled by any design when it comes to making choices. 

Last Words

There’s no doubt as to whether UX design will stay for 5 years or more, its continued existence is guaranteed. 

Also, nobody will want to hear these reasons and still live in doubt as to whether it is profitable to venture into the skill.  

If you venture into it now, not only will it benefit you presently, but in the coming years, you might even become an expert and earn more income. 

So, let’s get the words written on marble into action. You will be amazed at how easy the step is, and most certainly, you will be glad you did it.