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Applied AI with Deep Learning

This is an amazing course that is a part of the IBM advanced data science certificate that is being created by IBM and powered by Coursera.
IBM Online Course Highlights
  • weeks long
  • 4-6 hours per week
  • Learn for FREE, Upgradable
  • Self-Paced
  • Taught by: Romeo Kienzler, Tom Hanlon, Ilja Rasin, Niketan Pansare, Max Pumperla
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Online Course Details:

This is a very technical course and requires some experience in programming languages like Python. There will be a number of things that is going to be taught in this course like what is machine learning, apache spark, long short-term memory, deep learning and much more. The course will introduce the learners with the most popular deep learning frameworks like TensorFlow, deep learning 4J, Apache system ML, Keras and other terms like that. The course has been instructed by different instructors and each of them are highly experienced and have tried to be very professional, clear and precise in delivering. With the help pf this course, we will also learn about Anomaly detection, image recognition, time series forecasting and natural language processing with the help of models using Keras on different real-life examples. A learner will be taught how he can use artificial brains with the help of Kubernetes, GPUs and Apache spark. By taking this course, a learner will be able to learn a bunch of skills regarding how artificial intelligence is applied with deep learning.

What you’ll learn:

  • C++, the games industry-standard language.
  • How to use the Unreal Engine 4 Editor.
  • Git as version control and backup system.
  • Object-Oriented Programming and how to put it into practice.
  • Sound effects and audio to add depth to your games.
  • Game design principles.
  • Programming patterns and best practices.
  • Unreal’s Terrain Editor to create epic landscapes.
  • Artificial Intelligence behavior programming for enemies.
  • Strong and transferable problem-solving skills.
  • Modern game development technologies and techniques.
  • A fundamental understanding of computers.
  • Write code that is clean and to understand.
  • Unreal Gameplay Framework to make games easily.
  • Advanced vehicle physics.
  • Blackboard and Behaviour Tree for customizable AI.
  • Animation Blueprint for custom character animation.
  • C++ template programming to reduce repetition.
  • Vector maths for gameplay and physics calculations.

Who should take this course?

As this is a technical course so it would be really wise if a person has prior experience in coding. He must have the know-how of programming languages and it would be really helpful for that particular person if he has the knowhow of using Python. By taking this course by those who have prior knowledge of python or any other programming language, it would get a little easy for that particular person to understand the concepts more clearly. With that, if a learner also has some understanding of Math, it can also turn out to be a plus point for him. So we can say that this is a type of course that can only be taken out the most of it if a person has some prior knowledge of how to do coding or is familiar with different programming languages. Also, skilled professionals who have experience in Artificial Intelligence are also the ones who can take this course as this course can really help such people to improve their skills and also learn a bunch of new in the way that can help them to perform better in their workplace. Hence we can say that this course is very suitable for professionals and those who have some prior knowledge of programming.

Social proof:

Now let us discuss some of the reviews that our users have given after completing the course. We have read all the feedback from our users and presented it in a precise form for our other users to read so that they can get a clue about what this course is and how it has helped other users in improving their skills.

5-star rating:

It was a great experience learning from Coursera, I enjoyed the course a lot.

I really enjoyed learning from this course. The course has a lot of information in it that can help learners to develop proper skills. I enjoyed every single piece of information that the course had in it.

The course helped me in learning all the deep learning principles very clearly.

This is a very interesting course that has a bunch of information about deep learning. It had a number of deep learning principles in it that I was having trouble understanding before. This course gave me exactly what I was looking for.

I was able to start my career in this field after completing these specialization courses.

When I took this course, I was unsure of whether it could help me the way I want but then I started learning from it and developed a good sense of python programming, machine learning, deep learning. Then after completing this course, I took two more courses from the specialization series and combine all the skills that I learned from these courses, I was able to start a career in this field. These course gave me confidence that I can choose this field as a career. Thanks to these courses.

With the help of this course, I was able to improve my work skills and this got me promoted.

I have a job that I love but there wasn’t anything new or different that I was doing there. So I decided to refresh my skills by taking this course and I am so glad I did it because I was surely able to refresh all my skills regarding artificial intelligence and machine learning etc. The course helped me to perform better at my workplace and it got me a promotion. So I would say that the course was totally worth buying.

Very well organized course and had best method for understanding things.

I found the contents of this course to be very organized and well structured. The course had different modules and each module is independent from one another. The methodology of the course is very admirable. I was able to understand majority of the concepts after giving full attention. So I would say that people can learn a lot from the course if they pay enough attention to it.

I learned a lot about neural networks and the infrastructure they run on. I enjoyed the course very much.

I enjoyed learning from the course and especially the part where they taught neural networks and the infrastructure they run on. The whole course was indeed amazing.

The course covers a broad range of tools to deploy deep learning algorithms.

The course has very insightful information in it and helps you understand all the tools that are required to deploy deep learning algorithm.

Great course with several hands-on assignments. Highly recommend.

This is a great course that has a number of hands-on assignments in it that can really help to understand the concepts in a more clear way. This course can help you boost your skills in a very clear way so I would really recommend this course to all those people out there who are interested in Artificial Intelligence.

4 star rating:

Very good data science specialization covering many interesting advanced technologies!

This course has turned out to be really interesting as it has very useful information regarding data science and is also covering many interesting and fast growing technologies.

This is best course in order to know how machine learning application is scaled on different machines.

If you are having a problem in understanding how machine learning application is scaled on different machines and many other skills like that then this course is the best choice. I was able to learn so much from it.

Very helpful and interesting course. Enjoyed the width of problems that were solved.

The course was very helpful and interesting to learn from. Each problem explained in the course was equally interesting and informational.

The IBM cloud seemed irresistible.

The course was really amazing. IBM cloud certainly seemed irresistible. Certain sections of the course are too fast. For such sections it will be better if the notebook links are provided in the video/description itself. Otherwise the course is a keeper.

I have learned so much from this course. Keep it up!!

I was able to learn so much about deep learning only because of this course. The instructors have done an amazing job in making this course. There hard work has clearly paid off.

This course is packed with info on different deep learning techniques. 

The course contains a number of interesting concepts in it that a learner must manage to understand. It has a number of different deep learning techniques that most instructors fail to provide.

Concise introduction of much needed big data machine learning solutions.

The course has balanced information in it, neither too big nor too short but a balanced one. It has a concise introduction of big data machine learning solutions.

One of the great course from IBM Watson. Really one should take this one if interested in Deep Learning.

If you have interest in understanding deep learning and how it is related to applied artificial intelligence then you should take this course and also others from the specialization.

3 star rating:

Some videos are missing, but anyway is a great course.

The course is good but I think some of the videos were missing regarding some topics. This was a little disturbing but apart from that the course was good.

2 and 1 star rating:

There was no clarity lectures.

The lectures had no such clarity in them neither a sense of closure.


With every course, there are alternatives that can be taken against the course. Surely this course has alternatives too so we are going to discuss some of the alternatives that we have with this course and will discuss some main features of these alternatives so that it can help a user to decide what he wants.

Python and Django full stack web developer Bootcamp:

This interesting course can help people to learn about how to build websites using different tools like Python, Django, HTML, HTTP, CSS3 and much more. Unfortunately there are many people who so love to learn web development but don’t have enough means to get a proper learning material for it. Neither they are capable of enrolling themselves to a proper short course. So they try cheap ways that can give them sufficient learning material and make them capable enough to develop an average website. But this isn’t enough for someone who is so passionate about web development that he wishes to start a career in this field. So for this purpose we have this amazing course that helps learners to learn about how they can develop websites using different tools like HTML, Django, Python and many more. The course lets you in on different lecture videos, coding projects, exercises, slides, assignments and quizzes and much more and help you become a fine web developer. So if you think this course is what you need then click on the below link to get a lifetime access to the contents of this course.


Databases and SQL for data science:

This is a very interesting course that aims to teach a very important and communicative programming language named SQL. This course can help a learner to learn all there is about SQL and how it can be used to communicate with data and also extract data from databases. With the help of this course, a learner can learn a bunch of skills like how to create and access a database instance on cloud, how to filter, sort and access multiple tables, how we can write basic SQL statements easily, how to access databases from Jupyter with the help of Python and many more as we keep going. In the end of the course, a learner will have a full grasp over cloud databases, python programming, SQL, Ipython and relational database management. The rating of this course is 4.7 and thousands of students have taken this course. So if you think that this course is the right choice for you then click on the below link to get it now.



We can conclude our discussion by saying that in order to learn about machine learning, deep learning, apache spark and many other skills that are related to Artificial intelligence a learner must take this course and all the others that are a part of this specialty. Taking this and other courses can fully prepare a person to become a professional in this field. The rating of this course 4.4 and thousands of students have enrolled in this course. So if you think that this course has that you need to get on track then don’t waste your time anymore and click on the take this course button now.

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