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All you need to know about Mexico X platform


Mexico X to be precise is a cooperation agreement made by the Mexican Government where all of their prestigious educational institutes will be offering the best massive online open courses available to learners through edX. This contract was signed by the Ministry of Education of Mexico (SEP) with EdX through Television Educativa which is a prominent part of the Ministry of Education of Mexico. The mission here is to contribute towards strengthening and developing teaching. With MexicoX, you can browse a variety of free online courses that cover a variety of subject areas. The Mexicox courses are free for sure, but if you want to receive a verified certificate in the end, then a small fee is required.

Frequently asked questions:

Here we have gathered some general frequently asked questions that users might have in mind.

Q# 1: what kind of certificates and accreditation is offered by Mexico X?

Ans: A free certificate of participation is granted by the institution that depicts its conjunction with Mexico X. With that, the institute can also offer accreditation of knowledge depending on their terms and conditions of service but it requires a recovery fee.

Q# 2: I am facing difficulties in using the platform, what should I do?

Ans: Well, it is totally fine to face some problems using the platform, and that is why there are some tutorials that can help you navigate through the platform.



Enroll in a course

Navigate within a course

Navigate within course 2


Q# 3: I live in such a place where YouTube is banned, so what should I do?

Ans: Sadly, if you live in a place where YouTube doesn’t work then you are not able to stream the videos. But fortunately, there are some segments that can be downloaded but it depends on the course you take. Some might have this option some don’t.

Q# 4: What language is these course in and are they free of cost?

Ans: These courses are available in Spanish and yes all the MexicoX courses are entirely free. But you need to pay a small fee for getting a verified certificate.

Q# 5: Can the reading material be downloaded?

Ans: Unless it is indicated in a specific course, no material is allowed to be downloaded as it violates the copyright laws. Still, if you want to get your hands on the reading material then you better buy it.

Q# 6: Can I be enrolled in more than one course at a time? What are the timings of the class?

Ans: Yes, you can freely enroll in more than one course and there is no set time to take a class as the classes and modules are available 24 hours. But do keep one thing in mind that the exams and assignments have an expiration date.

Q# 7: Who can I reach out to if there are questions regarding the course content?

Ans: For this purpose, there are discussion forums where the staff can answer all your queries. And same goes for professors where you can ask any question or clear any concept in the discussion forum.

Q# 8: Is there a specific category of learners to take the MexicoX courses?

Ans: No, the MexicoX courses are available for anyone interested. All that is required of you is a working computer and a stable internet connection.

Q# 9: Will I be receiving a printed form of the certificate?

Ans: Mexico X doesn’t send any hard copy of the certificate but you can have a print out of the PDF file.

Q# 10: Is my personal information safe with Mexico X?

Ans: Mexico X is a well-established platform so you should know that your private information is safe but it can be consulted by the technical staff of MexicoX when needed.

Q# 11: Is there any option to delete my account?

Ans: You don’t really have to delete your account as Mexico X makes disappear all unused accounts that have no completed course associated with it on its own.

Q# 12: What to do if I have more questions to ask than the ones mentioned here?

Ans: If you have more questions in mind then feel free to get in touch by clicking here.