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 5 Main Reasons why PSM Certification is so popular


In this world, there are a variety of industries that are working on the principles of Scrum one way or the other. Everyone is revolving around Scrum or is preferring those who know all about Scrum. That is why it has become really important to not only have a know how of Scrum but earning a PSM certification. Having this certification in your hands has become really important to all those who wish to have a bright career. As PSM Certification is so popular now.

But why is that so? Why has it become too important to earn this certification if you want to become successful? Or why does every organization that uses Scrum principles tends to prefer those who have PSM certification? These and many more questions wander around the minds of people like you and me. Well, this is mostly because the PSM 1 certification is becoming popular day-by-day. Ok we get it PSM is becoming popular but why? In order to know that, we have listed the top 5 reasons that serve the answer.

5 Main Reasons why PSM is becoming so popular:

It manages to take its place in almost every sector/industry:

One reason for PSM being so popular is that it has managed to get involved in a variety of industries or you can say almost all industries. In the software and internet services, there are 33% of the workers who have a know how of Scrum. Similarly, in the finance and insurance industry, the percentage is 16. Furthermore, the engineering and technology industry has 7%, transportation, and healthcare 4%. Similarly, energy and manufacturing have 2% of the participants to have scrum knowledge.

Gives you complete control over a project:

Being a Scrum Master, you get complete control over whatever the project you’re working on. This gives you or any other Scrum master to freedom to lead others your way to complete the project. Also whether you succeed or fail, the whole responsibility is on you. So you make sure that the project succeeds. In this way, not only the project is completed in time but the goodwill of the organization increases too.

Scrum leads to a higher return on investment:

With the help of Scrum, the time to market is decreased, which means that there are higher returns on every investment the company is making. Since a Scrum master is guiding the whole development process and is helping the company making profits. The services of the Scrum master becomes even more popular and high in demand.

Your services make the team and the organization more productive and result-oriented:

As a Certified Scrum Master, you have the skills that can not only help the development team to become more efficient and self-created but also the organization. You are deeply involved in time scaling and detailing the project requirements. Telling your team different ways and tactics to do their jobs well. Deciding the flexibility of the development plus guiding all the innovative ways to achieve the target. This all puts a great impact on your team, your organization, and ultimately your career as well.

Being a PSM certified trains you to deal with real-time situations:

When you decide to become a Scrum Master, the roadmap isn’t easy. You need a lot of training and spend more time preparing for the exam and covering all the knowledge areas. But when after all this work, you manage to pass the exam and become a PSM certified, this is the moment where all of your hard work is paid off. It is because of this certification, you become capable of handling real-time situations and other problems that you are most likely to face when managing a team.

If you’re not PSM certified, you won’t be able to do this job well. Thus having this certification is proof of your skills which every industry needs.


So these were some of the obvious reasons which we thought you should know regarding why the PSM 1 certification is so popular. Whatever the decision you make, just keep one thing in mind that this certification is recognized globally and every industry demands a PSM certified. Thus becoming a PSM certified is indeed quite helpful for you to advance your career.

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