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What are the challenges faced by a PSM certified to Work Part-time and Totally Remote?


Sure being a Scrum Master is a difficult job. You have to take care of a variety of tasks daily. Not just that, you need to run a whole team and make them do their jobs effectively. You need to continuously motivate them, communicate with them, helping them out if they have a problem, and whatnot. Even if you’re dealing with them face-to-face, it can become really challenging sometimes to take care of everything. If working face-to-face can be this exhausting sometimes then imagine how many different challenges PSM certified to work part-time and totally remote has to face?

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Challenges faced by a PSM certified to Work Part-time and Totally Remote:

The following are some of the challenges and the solution to each of the challenges faced while working remotely as a Scrum master.

Challenge #1:

Carefully identifying which of the team members is not working effectively.
When you’re working with your team face-to-face, it is very easy to identify which one is not doing his job well. Then later, you can take the necessary measures to solve the problem. But when you’re working remotely, neither it is easy to find out who is working ineffectively nor to give them the right piece of advice.


If you manage to identify that person who is not performing well, then the most feasible solution here is to have a separate meeting with that person. Try to communicate with that person and listen to what he has to say. And then find a common solution from which both can benefit.

Challenge #2:

Not being able to access all of the employee’s work/documents at the same time:
When working as a team, everyone is given different tasks. This means that whatever a team member is working on, only he has access to it. For instance, if you as a scrum master suddenly need to get access to one of your team members to work then how can you do that? It can be quite easy if everyone’s working in the same place.

But working remotely, it is not possible without asking them to send you their work. This not only wastes a lot of time but it is highly likely that the person whom you’re going to ask to send his work might not be available as of that time.


The solution to this problem is to keep all of the documents in one place. And how are you going to do that? Well, you can easily do that by using a cloud-based solution. Using a cloud-based solution, you can get access to all of your team members in an instant. In this way, everyone can collaborate with just one click.

Challenge #3:

Being able to gather all of your team members for a meeting at one time:
If you have a team of 2 to 3 members, then it is not that difficult to make them attend a meeting at one specific time. But if you have a big team, then it is highly unlikely that everyone will be present at your meeting.


Well, it’s not like you can take another meeting for absentees and explain everything all over again. So the best solution to this problem here is to record your meeting from start to end. In this way, if there is a team member who couldn’t make it to the meeting, he can learn all about the meeting from the recording.

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Concluding Remarks:

Thus now you can easily understand some of the hurdles that a Scrum master face while working remotely. A PSM certified to work part-time and totally remote has different challenges to face. Though there might be other challenges as well, it’s not like these challenges can’t be overcome. Everything has a solution and all that is required of you is to keep your morale high and find a solution to all your problems. It is because, in the end, it is you (Scrum Master) who will be hold accountable for your team and your performance. So try to be as efficient and meticulous as you can, stay home, stay safe, and never stop learning.