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Why Google Cloud is better than AWS?


If you are planning to use cloud services then there are three best providers that you should undoubtedly look into. One is the Microsoft Azure, the other one is Google Cloud and lastly Amazon Web Services. These three cloud services are the best to use. Though we have talked about three best providers but today we are here to make a comparison between Google Cloud and AWS. As most people or organizations prefer these two and both are considered as household names in the tech space.

Google Cloud and AWS are world-leading companies and meticulous in their pursuit of excellence and innovation. Both of these companies has boasted a wealth of tech industry expertise which are near impossible to compete with. The technological foundations that thye offer have developed industry-leading cloud computing platforms. In the year 2020, Gartner again named AWS and Google Cloud as the leaders in their Infrastructure As a Service (IAAS) Magic Quadrant.

Comparison between the Google Cloud and AWS

When it comes to comparing both the platforms, it is no simple task to do that. As we have just mentioned earlier that both play an important part in the technology world and offer sprawling and ever-expanding cloud services. Both offer 100s of products from which to choose from. What makes things ever more complicated is that the providers use different naming conventions from their comparative products. And that is why if you wish to avoid getting lost in the details then a very good understanding of the products is required.

Key Difference

To understand clearly what both the platforms have to offer and to what extent they are different from one another, we present to you some key differences between them.

Google Cloud Amazon Web Services
Google Cloud is considered as a suite of Google’s public cloud computing resources and services. On the other hand, Amazon Web Services is a secure cloud service that has been developed and is managed by Amazon.
Google Cloud offers Google Cloud Storage to all its users. Contrary, AWS offers Amazon simple storage services to all its customers.
Data transmission in Google cloud services is entirely in a encrypted format. Whereas, Amazon Web Services offer data transmission in a general format.
The volume size that Google Cloud offers range from 1 GB to 64 TB. If we talk about the volume size that Amazon Web Services offers, we’d find out that it ranges from 500 GB to 16 TB.
Similarly, Google Cloud provides great backup services to the users. On the other hand, AWS offers cloud-based disaster recovery services to its users.

Benefits of selecting Google Cloud Services

Google CloudHere we are going to mention some of the benefits that can be gained by selecting Google Cloud Services.

  • Google Cloud Services offers higher productivity that leads to great innovation.
  • It gives employees the freedom to work from anywhere. No matter what your location is, you can work easily.
  • Similarly, Google Cloud Services offers future-proof infrastructure.
  • Next, it provides a serverless environment to all its customers. It allows you to connect the cloud services with a large focus which is mainly on the microservices architecture. You might also be interested in Best Google Cloud Certifications.
  • Furthermore, another benefit of choosing Google Cloud Services is that it offers powerful data analytics.
  • Another benefit of selecting Google Cloud Services is that it is very cost-effective due to the long-term discounts that it offers.
  • With Google Cloud Services, you get to enjoy a variety of big data and machine learning products.
  • Lastly, it offers instance and payment configuration as well.

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Benefits of selecting Amazon Web Services

amazon-AWSJust like Google Cloud Services, below are some of the benefits that can be enjoyed while using Amazon Web Services.

  • It offers very easy deployment process for an application.
  • When you have such DeVops teams who can manage and configure the infrastructure, then it is best to opt for Amazon Web Services.
  • AWS is the best choice when you have very little time to spend on the deployment of a new version of your mobile app or web.
  • Similarly, AWS can be considered as an ideal option when your project demands high computing power.
  • Another benefit of using AWS is that it helps to improve the productivity of the application development team.
  • Moreover, it offers to its users a wide range of automated functionalities. It includes configuration, scaling, setup, and many other things. You can also check out AWS Certification Dumps and Practice Tests.
  • AWS is known well to be a cost-effective service as it allows you to pay only for what you are using. It doesn’t bind its users to any up-front or long term commitments.
  • With AWS, you get to use the already recognized programming models, operating systems, architectures, databases, and more.
  • Similarly, AWS allows cloud access with limitless capacity.

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Features of Google Cloud Services

Below are some of the very important features of Google Cloud.

  • It tends to include more languages and OS at regular intervals of time.
  • It offers a better UI which helps to improve the overall user experience.
  • Offers an on-demand self-service.
  • Similarly, it offers a broad network access and resource pooling.

Features of AWS

Here, we are going to talk about the features of Amazon Web Services.

  • With AWS, the total ownership cost gets very low as compared to any private server.
  • It offers centralized management and billing system.
  • Similarly, AWS offers hybrid capabilities.
  • Next, it allows you to deploy your application in different regions around the world within a few clicks.

Final Thoughts

So this was the entire comparison that we have done for our readers about the Google Cloud Services and Amazon Web Services. But know one thing that both are equally competitive and effective platforms which means that either one can be chosen.