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What is CompTIA A+ Certification?


Taking decisions regarding certification in IT is a big one. It is imperative to identify your career goals and learning before opting for any certification. If you are eager to break into the technological industry, then CompTIA A+ certification is worth it.

The main purpose of education isn’t just to receive a certification that leads to a career, but to become a well-rounded person in so many aspects of life. Anonymous

This article covers the importance and significance of CompTIA A+ certification. We shall also be discussing some good reasons to go for this certification but before that let’s have a quick look at what are CompTIA and CompTIA A+ all about?

What is CompTIA?

CompTIA is the short form of “The Computing Technology Industry Association”. It is the chief provider of IT certification around the globe. CompTIA is devoted to help IT professionals by introducing training and certification exams for networking, security, mobility, and Linux development for more than 20 years.

CompTIA A+ Certification:

CompTIA A+ is the industry standard, an entry-level certification that proves the individual’s foundational knowledge to initiate his IT career. It is an ideal qualifying credential for the roles of IT operations and technical support. Those who look to have a first job in IT are aspired to move up the ladder and specialize in their respective field of interest like cloud computing, software development, or cybersecurity. But they have a take a start somewhere and the first stage to begin that career is simply by landing an entry-level position. Here CompTIA A+ becomes much valuable and significant. Unlike other certifications, CompTIA A+ covers a comprehensive range of knowledge which is essential for technicians to have today. Professionals with CompTIA A+ certification are known to be problem solvers. They are dynamically supporting modern technologies from security to cloud to data management etc. You might also be interested in Best CompTIA A+ Training Courses.

Reasons to opt for CompTIA A+ Certification:

1. CompTIA is crucial for IT Career:

Being CompTIA A+ certified implies that you are aware of the fundamentals of computer hardware and software. You will study troubleshooting numerous devices (from computers to smartphones). Thus CompTIA A+ is the best start for any sort of career in the field of IT.

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2. With CompTIA A+, you get to choose a path of your choice:

CompTIA A+ does not limit your choices as it is not focused on vendor-specific hardware and software. This certification also allows you to pay attention to your technology-based knowledge and vocabulary. The path to in-demand areas such as cybersecurity, computer networking in any vendor environment is all open with CompTIA A+. Another advantage of CompTIA A+ is that it is accredited by ISO/ANSI which indicates that it is trusted by employers all around the world.

3. CompTIA A+ enables you to work from any remote location:

Many jobs in IT today do not require their employees to work by sitting at the office. With CompTIA A+ you can get an easy approach to many careers that allow you to perform tasks from any location, be it your home.

4. CompTIA helps you to achieve your income goals:

IT jobs are getting paid best in today’s world. CompTIA A+ is undoubtedly a respected and influential credential that is trusted by employers and can get you hired for your job at a good package. Additional education and certification, focus, experience, and your hard work and efforts will make you thrive better in your career and achieve your desired income goals.

5. CompTIA A+ is a choice of IT industry Experts:

CompTIA A+ is built and uninterruptedly updated by IT experts in various industries. When you complete your CompTIA A+ certification, your knowledge is at pace with the expectations of actual employers, and they are sure that you have all the expertise to get the job done.

6. CompTIA A+ makes you a part of the Global Community:

CompTIA A+ certification holders have a strong community in many social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Reddit where you can find peers to interact with, take advice and good tips which will be helpful for you in growing your career.

7. Job opportunities with CompTIA A+:

IT pros who have earned this certification can have jobs like IT support specialist, IT field service technician, help desk tier support, and desktop support analyst.

8. Financial earning with CompTIA A+ certification:

CompTIA A+ opens many job opportunities for its holders along with some good salary packages. To give you a brief idea mentioned below are a few CompTIA A+ jobs with their average salaries. Delve into the world of cybersecurity analysis with our Comprehensive Cybersecurity Analyst Courses.

  • Support specialist: $54,500
  • Field service technician: $46,000
  • Desktop support analyst: $60,000
  • Help desk tier 2 support: $45,000

9. Domains and topics in CompTIA A+ exam:

It is a certification based on performance and it supports the ability to connect required data to the users to perform their tasks irrespective of the devices being used.

The CompTIA A+ exam covers the following domains:

  • Hardware: Identifying hardware components, devices along with their use
  • Networking: Explaining various types of connections and networks
  • Mobile Devices: Install and configure laptops and other mobile devices
  • Network and Hardware Troubleshooting
  • Security
  • Windows Operating System
  • Other OS Technologies: Understand Mac OS, Linux, and mobile OS
  • Software Troubleshooting: Troubleshoot PC and mobile device issues
  • Operational Procedures

10. Learning resources for CompTIA A+:

For exam preparation, CompTIA A+ also offers a huge range of learning resources which includes books, eLearning, exam prep software, and labs. All these resources are developed in-house by CompTIA keeping in view the expectations of learners.

Concluding Remarks:

In the end, all we can say is that CompTIA A+ certification is the leading industry standard for launching IT careers in today’s digitally connected world. Many global companies demand computer technicians and professionals to possess this valued credential.