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Top reasons why you should get PMP Certification


Takethiscourse.net often talks about what PMP certification is and what impact it can put on one’s career. What is the roadmap to becoming a PMP certified, how to prepare for the PMP exam and more? Since those who are following us must know what PMP is and much more about it. So today we will take our topic in a slightly different direction. It will be for sure about PMP but the discussion will be different than what we have talked about PMP so far. That is, some of the very top reasons why you should get PMP certified.

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Now, why did we choose this topic? This is because there are many people out there who are unaware of the value of becoming PMP certified. We believe that if people come to know the importance of PMP and how much value it can add to one’s career then they wouldn’t choose any other career except for this.

So let us take a look at some of the top reasons why you should get PMP certification:

Salary increase:

The very first reason is quite obvious. Everybody wants to make money and if you get to know a career path that can help you make a lot of money then why not choose that career right? Becoming a PMP certified brings in a drastic increase in salary. According to the PMI survey, it was found out that PMP certified project managers tend to earn 23% more than their competitors on average. This has been happening in 37 countries. So this means that a PMP certified will be making 23% more of what non-PMP certified makes.

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A Globally Recognized Certification:

This is another reason why you should get this certification, that is, PMP certification is recognized globally. It means that if you are PMP certified and you want to work anywhere in project management in any part of the world, your certification will be acknowledged. So if you want to move to another country or switch to another company or what so ever, you can easily do that because your certification is recognized anywhere in the world.

Leads to more Job Opportunities:

A lot of employers tend to hire only those who are PMP certified. As a matter of fact, it was found out at indeed.com that 10% of the PMP related job postings have a requirement that those who apply must have a PMP certification. This shows that if you are not PMP certified, then you would be losing 10% of the job opportunities out there.

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Leads to better Job Performance:

People say that earning a PMP certification means that your concepts regarding PMP are very clear and you are prepared to work as a project manager more effectively. Well, this is true to a great extent. Because this certification shows that you have knowledge and experience in handling challenging projects. Contrary to this, project managers who lack credibility tend to perform less efficiently than their certified peers.

It applies to any Industry:

PMP certification is not just specifically related to one industry, instead, it is applied in the majority of industries like IT, telecom, business processing, commerce, finance, research, e-commerce and more. This means that it applies to any industry. So if you want to change to another industry you can do that without facing any rejections or challenges.

It is secure during Economic Downturns:

We live in an uncertain world, anything can happen at any moment and industry or business that is going great one day may face downfall due to economic downturns. While no one is resistant to a layoff or downturns, 80% of the executives around the world are of a view that having a PMP certification is proof of core competency. This makes the certification holder quite valuable even during the recession.

No business can run without a project manager and even if a company wants to downsize a project, they would still need a project manager to do that. Thus the job of a PMP certified is safe at all times.

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We are quite sure that becoming a PMP certified has a lot of perks. Therefore, if you want to become a PMP certified and need to prepare for the exam then we also have excellent learning material for that. So visit the website today and find the best learning material to prepare for the certification exam and never stop learning.