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The Complete Cyber Security Course : Hackers Exposed!

The Complete Cyber Security Course Hackers Exposed!

As we know that our world revolves around internet, nothing in this world is done without internet. millions of users have become addicted of using internet, sharing their data on social media, making online transactions, online shopping, booking, reservations in short everything is done using internet these days. But as much as there are thousands of benefits of the internet, there are also potential threats to our internet life. Yes, there are thousands of hackers out there who are always up for hacking user’s data, misusing their personal data, finding out their credit/debit card numbers, hack their social media accounts and misuse so many private stuff. All these threats are totally real and one must have to be very meticulous about their data. So for this purpose we have this amazing cyber security course where learners can learn how they can prevent their data from getting hacked, how to defeat online threats, what is malware? How to stay away from it, hacking infrastructure, phishing and much more has been explained in this course. Or in short we can say that considering the threat of cyber-attacks, a person has to be able to prevent these type of attacks and protect his data and taking this course might put an end to this.

We have given a detailed review of this course below for our readers but just wanted to highlight some points:

  • Declared Best Seller at udemy.com
  • Created by Nathan House
  • 110,248 + students enrolled
  • 19,586 Review available
  • 12 hours on-demand video
  • 1 article
  • 1 downloadable resource
  • Access on Mobile and TV
  • Assignments
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Lifetime Access
  • 30 days Money back guarantee

The most attractive feature is 30 days Money Back Guarantee means there is no risk. If you didn’t like this  Cyber Security online course, you can refund your money back within the next 30 days.

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Who should take this course?

This course is very suitable for all those people who have keen interest in this field. Those who have slightest knowledge of cyber security are welcome to join this course. Even if you are a beginner and have no prior knowledge of this field, still you are eligible to take the course as the learning material of the course is very thorough and easy to understand. Hence the beginners must no push themselves away from the course but are specifically referred to take this course. And as for those who are professionals in exposing hackers, if they take this course it may help them to learn new skills and also refresh their existing concepts. Hence we can say that the course is very suitable for all those who have interest in this field.

Social proof:

Let us now discuss some of the reviews of those students who have taken this course. We will start from 5 star rating and will discuss most of the reviews that they have given. These reviews are totally honest and given by the users themselves. The purpose of these reviews is to help others to decide whether this course is suitable for them or not. It also gives them an overview of the course.

5 star rating:

Excellent introduction into cyber security, this is one of the most professional courses you can get in order to get started with cyber security.

If you have this wish for learning everything there is to know about cyber security and how you can prevent hackers from messing up with your data then this course is the perfect choice for you. The course has been made by an experienced professional and he has tried to explain everything there is to know about cyber security as possible.

One of the best courses on Udemy. Nathan did an absolute great job covering all the basics and also explaining the principles in each subject. 

I would say that this is a perfect course that can totally help you learning all the basics about cyber security and that how you can deal with hacking problems and prevent it.

I am halfway of completing volume 1 and so far I am really satisfied.

I have been able to complete half of the course so far, but I must say that I am really satisfied by the content of this course. Everything in the course is up to mark and really helpful.

Nathan is such an awesome instructor and I hope one day I will become a cyber security expert like him.

After completing the course I can say it with full confidence that this instructor Nathan has done an impeccable job in making this course and I really hope that one day I’d become just like him. The way he answers to all the queries is admirable and there isn’t any single point that he leaves un-cleared.

This is definitely a good course for review on these topics and for getting back into an area I used to be more familiar with.

If you have experience in this field but haven’t been in this game for a long time then I think that this course might help you with that. The course has everything in it that can help you revise all of your concepts properly.

Best course for newbies who wish to start a career in this field.

I am a total beginner to this field and taking this course has been a very good experience for me. Being a newbie I thought I wouldn’t be able to understand much of the terms but it totally went opposite as I thought it would be. So I can say that the course turned out to be really helpful for me. Even if you don´t know anything about cybersecurity this is the best course you´ll ever see.

Great introduction to cyber security, well explained with lots of supporting documentation. I am thoroughly impressed and look forward to the next course.

The explanation given in the course is totally relevant and thorough and the supporting documents were also very helpful. After completing this course, I am totally looking forward to another part.

This is a fantastic course can’t wait to start volume 2 that I have already purchased.

The course was really informational and I was able to learn a bunch of new concepts from it. I really can’t wait to start volume 2, which I have just purchased

4 star rating:

This was a great intro. I’m looking forward to the rest of the classes and putting these skills to use.

The course is really engaging, I am only 20 lectures in and I am amazed at the information links and perspective of this course. I just can’t way to apply all these concepts in solving real world problems.

Very direct, resourceful and insightful teaching approach that closed some of my knowledge gaps. Looking forward for another volume soon.

I had many confusion in most of the concepts or you can say knowledge gaps but then after completing the course I was able to fill in most of the gaps. Thanks to this course I was able to understand cyber security in a much proper manner. Now I’m planning to tale another volume soon.

This is quite eye-opening. I did enjoy going through. There’s a lot to read on, making you feel like there’s plenty of theory.

The course helped me understand about cyber security completely. This is one of the best courses I ever learned on Udemy. Worth the money, and Nathan is very responsive to emails which is a great plus.

Highly Recommended course to enhance your knowledge in Cyber Security.

I think that this is a very informative and worth taking course that can be recommended to all those people out there who have interest in this field.

The course is really amazing as the tutor starts from the very basics and then advance course level as you go along the course. I suggest that you enroll in this course.

The tutor of this course has done an amazing job and the way he starts from the very basics is just too helpful. I would totally say that if anyone is interested in this field he must take this course.

3 star rating:

A really helpful and cool course it is.

So far it is all really cool. I’m still in the beginning – but the more tools, website recommendations, and hands-on activities in the course will always be a plus for me

Good course, but a lot of stuff needs to be updated. A lot of the online resources shown are no longer in existence.

There are many things in the course that need to be updated otherwise I was able to understand a few things from it.

2 and 1 star rating:

Not a good course. Nothing in it can be practically applied.

I found this course to be uninteresting and nothing can be applied practically I think.


Let us now discuss some of the alternatives that can be taken against this course. These alternatives can help a student to choose according to his need. We are going to give a brief introduction about the alternatives that can give learners an idea about what the courses are.

Introduction to cyber security:

This course is a perfect opportunity for all the students and working professionals to gain knowledge and understanding of cyber-security. As we all know that there is always a risk of data being exposed to hacker and there has got to be a way that can prevent hackers from hacking our data. So this course serves the purpose. It gives you all the information and skills that are required to protect your digital life and prevent hackers from misusing your data. The course will explain basic cyber terminologies, what is malware, what are its types, what is cryptography and much more like that has been explained in this course. The course has an amazing rating and has a lot of quizzes and questions to solve. This course will make you expert in terms like cybersecurity, cryptography, information security and cyber-security regulation. The course is designed in a very organized way and has all the necessary terms explained in it in a very elaborative form. This course can turn out to be very helpful for all those who have interest in this field. So if you really want to protect your digital life from hackers then click on the below mentioned link to learn how.


Cyber security in manufacturing:

As we all know that internet has become the most important tool for buying and selling of products. Almost every organization relies on internet. Digital marketing and design involves creating a digital thread of products and also process data and information. This nature of digital marketing and design makes it an important target for hackers to hack useful data. To prevent these type of problems it is necessary for digital marketers to develop a strong infrastructure for their DM&D domain so that no hacker could hack into their website. They should be able to learn all such terms that can help them protecting their operational technologies, systems and all the resources. This course has all the guidance on securing digital manufacturing operations and will give basic concepts of security that can be used very efficiently by a user to protect important components. It also has a section that will give you basic tips on how you should respond to security breaches when they happen. Thus the course is very useful and also helps in boosting your career.



We can conclude our topic by saying that everyone is aware of hackers and that what harm they can do to our data. In order to stay safe and prevent hackers from misusing our data, a person must have enough knowledge to tackle these potential threats and keep them safe. So this course serves the purpose, if you take this course you will be able to understand what hackers are capable of doing and how to stop them. What is malware and how you can protect your computer from it. How different viruses can enter your computer and destroy your computer’s performance and much more is available in the course. The main purpose of this course is to help a person prevent all kinds of internet nastiness to stay away from us and keep our data safe. The rating of this course is very appealing that is 4.5 and more than 1 lac students have been enrolled in this course and have learned a lot from the course. So if you really want to prevent your data from getting hacked then click on the take this course button now and get lifetime access to the course.

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