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The 28th ICDE world conference on Online Learning


To all the learners out there globally, Dublin Ireland is inviting you all to attend the 28th ICDE world conference on online learning. The conference will take place at the world renowned national convention center. This convention center is known to be Europe’s no 1 conference center that is in Dublin city which is known best to be the city of Saints and Scholars. Ireland is considered to be Europe’s fastest growing and exciting countries, so here you will experience the rich and vibrant culture of Ireland. The conference is being organized by a team of National institute for Digital learning at Dublin City University. They aim to present a truly Irish experience and also a very informational and engaging conference program. By inviting delegates, speakers, researchers and practitioners from all over the world, they tend to give their audience a best environment to talk about the progress and issues of online learning.

We here at takethiscourse.net really appreciates the efforts of the team behind this event. We are really glad that this conference is happening and it will enable learners to get more knowledge on How Online Learning works?. Our aim here is also to promote online learning and help in changing this society for a better future.

What will be in the conference?

The mission of this conference is to continue with our journey of transforming lives and our societies. So let us now discuss a few points that will give us a clear picture of what this conference is about and what it will present.

  • This ICDE conference has a truly global focus by welcoming delegates from over 50 different countries and almost 30 external partners.
  • There will also be a number of exciting speakers that are going to share their thoughts and experiences regarding online learning. They will be discussing the past, present and future of online learning that what impact it had back then and what good is it bringing in the present and will it be feasible to continue with online learning in the near future. This and many other points will be discussed by our speakers.
  • Not just that, a number of researchers and practitioners from all over the world are also invited that are going to present a total of 600 papers regarding the state of the art research and practice and addressing the key issues in the conference.
  • How to best utilize the massive online learning platform that can contribute towards betterment of our society.

Still have some queries that need to be answered? Click here to learn more about this conference.

Theme of the Online Learning Conference:

The sole theme of the conference is to deliver how open, online and digital learning is contributing toward the transformation of our society and our lives. This will be discussed in the form of big questions and in the wider context of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Who is this conference for?

Dublin looks forward to welcoming different

  • Teachers and educators from higher education.
  • Researchers and doctoral students.
  • Institutional leaders.
  • Politicians and policy makers who play a vital part in managing change.

When is this conference going to happen?

This is not just a one or two days conference but this amazing conference will be from 3rd-November, 2019 till the 7th-November, 2019.

So now you know what the conference is about, where and when it will happen, who can join it and who will be there and what will be discussed. So mark your calendars and feel free to attend this conference.

On the behalf of our team at takethiscourse.net, we encourage all our national/international users to take a look at this conference and make up their mind to attend it by registering here.