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Failing the PMP exam in a row? Here’s what you need to do


Failing a PMP exam twice or thrice is not an uncommon thing because to be honest, the exam is quite difficult and it requires a lot of time, effort and experience and the mindset to be able to solve the difficult questions within the given time-frame. Most of the people tend to fail this exam multiple times because they are never fully prepared for it. And because of continuously failing the exam, many students get disappointed and they quit. So today we are going to discuss some common yet unspoken ways that can help students and other professionals to pass the exam.

Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently. Henry Ford

  • So what if you have failed, don’t quit

The first thing you need to do is to pull yourself together. So what if you have failed the exam twice or thrice. It is highly likely that you are going to fail many times before passing the exam. So stop blaming yourself and keep trying and just put one thing in your mind is that you are never going to quit. Keeping this in mind can boost your morale at the very least.

  • Prepare a plan to help you study in an organized manner

The next step after getting normal is to focus on your studies again. Make a plan for yourself and try to follow it. Look out for the gaps and try to bridge them. Analyze yourself in which topics you are weak and in which topics you have a strong grip.

  • Take help from different Online Courses and Sample Quizzes

The next thing you need to do is to study from an Online Course. TakeThisCourse.net has best PMP Prep Courses and one should definitely take one of these Online Courses to prepare for the exam. Also there are a number of free sample quizzes available that we can take for study purpose. Solving these sample quizzes and taking a short course can really clear our mind.PMP Certification Dumps

  • Evaluate yourself with the help of a Complete Practice Exam

After giving your full attention to learning material, now comes the time where you need to evaluate yourself as to how much you have learned? Without evaluating yourself, you will never know whether you are fully prepared to take the exam or you need to study more. There are 3 complete PMP Certification Practice Exams available each having 200 questions. Each practice exam provides a simulation of real exam and one has to answer 200 questions within 4 hours’ time. So a PMP practice test is what you need and you can get it here.

  • Take the test

After taking the practice test, if you manage to score more than 90%, this means that you are now prepared to take the exam and if not then you stick to the practice tests.

  • Repeat these steps upon failing

If you have passed the exam then congratulations and if failed the exam again even after following the steps then don’t lose hope and just go back to step 1.

We can conclude our discussion by saying that the above mentioned steps if followed properly can really help us pass the PMP exam. What we need to do is keep trying and have some patience and eventually we will succeed.


  1. Hey, thanks ffor sharing this. I have failed the exam twice and i was really disappointed. But reading this has given me some confidence and i’ll try to follow these steps this time.

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