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5 Most Effective Techniques for Teacher Training


No matter how many years would pass, education will always tend to grow and change rapidly. Thanks to the extraordinary development in technology, cognitive psychology, and global learning, there are many ways for teachers to bring new knowledge into the classroom. It is very important for teachers to stay updated and make some effort to try to find new ways of teaching and give students the best teaching standards. And that is why we have listed the 5 most effective teacher training techniques. By trying to implement any of these learning techniques, teachers would be able to bring reforms to the educational system. And can change the way students are being taught.

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Effective Techniques for Teacher Training

Learning Through Gamification:

Learning Through Gamification

To make learning more fun and interesting, gamification has become even more popular in learning even difficult concepts. The truth here is that kids of all ages love to play games and enacting stories is one of the key ways to learn. If teachers are able to understand what gamification is and how they can make different game-based activities, then this would help to boost student’s learning even more. By introducing language-learning games with an educational platform, and different quizzes, the teachers can engage students even more towards learning.

Using Technology:

Using TechnologyThanks to technology, teaching has become more fun for students. No matter where they are, now students and teachers can interact with one another behind the screen, and that too in a fun way. If a teacher has good know-how of how to use technology and is able to interact with students in a more creative way then students would show more interest in studies. Making different quizzes and asking students to solve them in a given time frame would motivate them to pay interest in it. But all this can only happen if a teacher knows how to use technology to its best.

Project-Based Learning:

project based leraning

Project-based learning is another new trend that is making its way into classrooms. Through project-based learning, students get to work together with one another and are given tasks to achieve shared goals. Though project-based learning is being used in the classrooms for decades now, yet the last few years have seen it increasingly linked to solving different real-life and sustainability issues. Teachers must develop a good understanding of how project-based learning can make students become more efficient and show interest in studies.

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Through Videos:

video learning

YouTube contains a number of extracts from real classrooms with teachers where they are working in a different context. There are videos available in different contexts or different conditions that teachers can take a look at and develop an idea as to how students can be handled. These videos from YouTube even shows you different situation where a student tends to make an error and how a teacher in this situation is handling it. Similarly, you can also gain an understanding of how to make students develop more interest in taking your lecture. Or even how to make them do brainstorming. Different tips, ideas, and techniques are shared on YouTube, which is very helpful for a teacher. And the best thing about this teacher training technique is that all the videos from YouTube are for free and you can access them whenever you want and wherever you are. So, consider this technique as a way to learn something new as a teacher.

Attending Workshops with your Peers:


Another teacher training technique that can help teachers to become better is by attending workshops with their peers. By attending such kinds of workshops, you can learn from another teacher, share your teaching experience with them, and listening to theirs as well. Similarly, in the workshop, the trainer can ask all the teachers to act as students, and then they are given a task and a time to complete. By acting as a student, teachers can then easily understand what a student is expecting from a teacher and what a teacher must do when they are teaching students. Attending workshops with different teachers is the best way for any teacher to find their flaws and make efforts to become better. Our comprehensive trainer education classes are perfect for those looking to elevate their instructional skills to the next level.

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Final Thoughts:

Thus these were the 5 most effective techniques for teacher training. We believe that a teacher plays the most important part in developing a student’s personality and that is why it is very important that a teacher is honest with his occupation and does everything in his hands to provide a better education standard to the students.