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Improve Your Speaking Voice to Teach Online or Podcast

Improve Your Speaking Voice to Teach Online or Podcast

Transform your voice technique to become a dynamic and engaging online instructor or podcast presenter

  • Created by Roma Waterman
  • 2,100 + students enrolled
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What You will Learn?

  • Implement correct posture, breathing and projection techniques to improve quality and confidence;
  • Apply simple tools to calm your nerves and be at peak performance always;
  • Understand the factors that can affect your voice (that you may be doing everday)
  • Implement practical solutions for factors than can affect your voice;
  • Perform a five minute basic warm up to prepare your voice for recording.
  • Improve your accent (if you have one) so that it’s working for you and not against you;

Online Course Description:

Updated October 2016

20+ 5 star ratings!

“A lot of question answered within the first few lectures. This is amazing”. Peter


“Only had to watch the promo and a few previews and I was sold on this course. And after taking it, I now know why. Roma goes over not only how to speak clearly, but how to speak engagingly as well. She explains how to speak so that your voice is easy to listen to…The course itself is short, well structured, easy to follow, and oh so easy to listen to. Thanks Roma!” Thomas


“Very useful course – well presented with loads of useful info. I think Roma just about covers the voice from every angle.”


“I’m not an instructor but am starting a podcast. I’d found myself a bit hesitant, partially because of a lack of confidence in my voice. The exercises in Roma’s course have been very useful in not only improving my vocal quality, but giving me more confidence to actually launch my next project. Definitely recommended.”


Are you producing online courses or podcasting but feel like your voice needs a little help?

Maybe you are having trouble with practical things like projection, vocal fatigue, or changes in vocal tone. Let me teach you some practical things you can learn quickly that will help you stand out as an instructor or podcast presenter.

My name is Roma Waterman, I have been a professional vocal coach, singer/songwriter, author and speaker for over 20 years. One of the biggest comments I receive is “How can I improve my voice to be a great online instructor or for podcasting?” This is why I created this course!

Let me give you tips you can implement to improve your voice straight away. This is an easy, no fuss, get to the point program that will get you doing what you really want to do….teach, and teach well!

I have created 19 easy to listen to lectures to help you learn fast – so you can get on with the business of producing a winning course. There are PDF Printouts and notes, and simple quizzes to test your knowledge.

As a top vocal instructor I know the in’s and out’s of what it takes to create a prime voice that sells. You don’t need to be a singer or actor to learn these essential tips that many performers use.

What you need is a little bit of time training your voice to perform well to set you up for a lifetime of communicating brilliantly.

This course will help you recognise what makes an amazing online instructor stand out among the rest!

Who is the target audience?
  • New instructors wanting to learn the best practices to present well;
  • Instructors who are having minimal success and are looking for new ways to improve their delivery.
  • You would not need to take this course if your podcasts or courses are doing well and you feel you have no trouble with presentation and delivery.

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