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Preparing for Associate Cloud Engineer Course Review

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This course by Google Cloud aims to help you structure your preparation for the Associate Cloud Engineer exam. Here you will get to learn all about the Google Cloud domains that are a part of the actual exam. Similarly, you will explore the scope of tasks that are involved in setting up a cloud solution environment. Next, you will explore the scope of tasks involved in deploying and implementing Cymbal Superstore’s recommended cloud solutions. In short, taking this course will help you prepare for the exam in a way you can never do otherwise.

TTC Course Analysis:

Following are the results of comprehensive analysis of “Preparing for Associate Cloud Engineer” online course by our team of experts.

TTC Rating
396 Reviews

TakeThisCourse Sentiment Analysis Results:

In order to facilitate our learners with real user experience, we performed sentiment analysis and text mining techniques that generates following results:

  • TTC analyzed a total of 396 reviews for this online course.
  • The analysis indicates that around 84% reviews were positive while around 16% of reviews had negative sentiment.
  • Google Cloud’s online course received a total score of 4.2 out of 5, based on user opinions related to 4 effectiveness factors including content, engagement, quality practice and career benefit.

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TTC Course Effectiveness:

Online Course Effectiveness Score (Learn More)
Content Engagement Practice Career Benefit
183 Reviews
213 Reviews
94 Reviews
87 Reviews

Based on learner reviews we believe;

  • The content of this course is good, well-structured, and very practical.
  • The course is very engaging and has a lot of informative material to share.
  • The engaging quizzes and labs can help learners develop certain skills.
  • This course can help you prepare for the exam that can further your career.

Preparing for Associate Cloud Engineer Course Effectiveness Review

Pros & Cons:


  • Excellent and practical labs.
  • Engaging quizzes.
  • Detailed lectures on the GCP ACE exam.


  • Poor representation of exam requirements.
  • Requires some updates.

What Learners Are Saying About this Course:

This section contains feedback that has been given by learners based on the four main points mentioned below;


  • This course highlights everything that is required to prepare for the exam. It is kind of a study plan against the topics that are to be evaluated on the exam. I believe the content is great and worth your time. (Gue G, ★★★★★)
  • I can say overall the course is great and the diagnostic questions were really helpful in getting an idea about the type of questions that will be in the actual exam. The course content did highlight all the important areas and giving the advice to create a study schedule was great. (Christofer A, ★★★★★)
  • Taking this course has been a good learning experience for me. I was able to learn and apply so much in practice and that was a great experience for me. I sincerely thank the instructor for this course. (Abishek B, ★★★★★)


  • This was a very informative course that offers easy-to-learn material. The teaching methodology was great and the hands-on lab experience allowed me to feel like I’m really doing something worthy of my time. (Aman, ★★★★★)
  • The course offers sufficient guidance about how to prepare for the exam. The instructor as shared many good points, learning resources, and other guiding material. This is a great course to learn all about Google Cloud. (Milos M, ★★★★★)
  • Taking this course has been a great experience for me. This course allowed me to come across different interesting elements of GCE. The instructor is a life savior. (Shreeraksha, ★★★★★)

Quality Practice:

  • This course is well-designed and structured which made it easier for students like me to prepare for the exam. The corrections on each quiz allowed me to find my mistakes and prevent them from doing again. (Angel C, ★★★★★)
  • I can say the course offers brilliant study material, labs, and videos that can help you prepare and pass the exam. The course also had some extra study material to offer that plays a vital part in passing the exam. I believe taking this course twice can help anyone grasp all the material and implement the technologies described in real life. (Amouh L, ★★★★★)
  • This was without any doubt an impeccable course instructed by an admirable instructor. It offered awesome labs that were the reason why I liked this course so much. (Gaye S, ★★★★★)

Learner’s Career Benefit:

  • Overall this is an excellent course that helped me learn a lot about GCP. It also helped me pick up some Linux command line skills in the process. I added the certificate of completion to my resume along with the skills I learned from this course. Luckily this course helped me land a Tier 3 Cloud Support role at a Global software company. I would highly recommend this course to all those looking to take their career up a notch. (Junior S, ★★★★★)
  • Whether you are an entry-level individual or a mid-career, this course can help you develop skills that can for sure help you land the job you desire. Clearly, this course has a lot to offer. (Mahesh G, ★★★★★)
  • This course allowed me to gain sufficient hands-on knowledge and I recommend it to all those interested in Google Cloud. (Shadab S, ★★★★★)

Learner’s Suggestions/Recommendations:

  • The course is no doubt good I wouldn’t deny this fact but it would have been even better if there were simple and short labs and that too in larger numbers. For me, the labs were very time-consuming and hard to solve plus they were few in number.
  • This course is not suitable for beginners like me. So I suggest that the instructor could just be more engaging and explain all the concepts in the form of smaller segments then it can be of some use to complete beginners because we also have to prepare for the exam right?
  • The course material is no doubt good and this course is exactly what I was looking for. But the only problem is that there were very few quizzes and tests which I believe are not enough to get used to the exam format.

Is this Course worth taking?

We believe, this course offers a great guideline to prepare for the ACE and contains important resources to train yourself. The content is great, the instructor is great, covers all the domains, and offers engaging quizzes so overall this course is a great source to prepare for the exam.

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