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Making the Most of Online Learning: Strategies for Success and Motivation


To earn a degree, one had to physically attend classes at a campus. This was challenging for anyone with work or a complicated schedule. Now, there is a new mode of study, online classes. Have you attended one or thinking of attending college online? Well, it is not as easy as anyone would assume.

However, the tips and strategies we will include in this article will help you succeed in online classes. Whatever challenges you may go through as an online student, we will help you out.

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It Is Still a Class

Though they are different in many ways, online classes and traditional classes are the same in one way, they are all classes. So treat online classes as you would a traditional one by showing up.

Online classes still need a high level of commitment and discipline to excel. You need to be able to tell yourself that you need to go to class.

One way to do this is to remember that you are still paying for this course. And that by missing classes, your money goes down the drain. Do this and you are going to have a chance to succeed.

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Be Accountable For Yourself

You will find it hard to succeed at anything without a set of objectives. Works the same way for online classes. Set goals at the beginning of each course. Could be about what you want to achieve. How much work do you want to get done in each unit, and how.

There are usually no reminders, but you can set your own.

If you still find it difficult to be accountable, pair up with another student to remind you of your tasks. Alternatively, you can find a friend and have them become your accountability partner. They will keep you on your toes. This will go a long way toward your success as an online student.

Participate Actively

Participate actively and regularly in the course forum to better understand the study materials. This might include posting to the discussion board, responding to classmates’ posts, and writing all the assignments in the unit.

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Read also what the instructor and classmates are saying. And if you have a question, ask it.  You can also ensure that you check in often. The good thing about online classes is that you can log into class anytime from anywhere.

Also, do not wait until an assignment is almost due. Most times, you either fail to submit or fail to engage your classmates.

Create A Regular Study Space And Pace

Remember how we have said to avoid waiting until the last minute, this is how you do it. Create a regular pace. You know that you are covering one unit per week. Find out what is involved and start as early as you can. Post to the discussion board early, so that you could focus on other tasks early too. Do this consistently until it becomes second nature.

Additionally, have a habit of studying in a comfortable and organized space. You can pick anywhere really. Could be your kitchen table, in the living room, or in a coffee shop. Experiment and find one that boosts your productivity.

Just make sure whichever setting you chose has a fast internet connection, has all the books and materials required, and has headphones for listening to any videos.

Get Rid Of Distractions

Whichever setting you pick, make sure it is distraction-free. You won’t get much done if you are all over the place. It could be a loud television, a ringing phone, or even a cluttered space. Clear it all up and focus on your work even if it is for a few hours.

Not everyone is affected though, some even manage to focus in a loud and busy environment. However, whatever works for you, your phone will not. Soon you find yourself looking through Facebook after an alert.

So consider turning it off. Or get an app blocker that stops you from hearing notifications. Even the ‘Do Not Disturb’ feature might work.

Time Management

Probably the most important tip. You are in an online class, you are the master of your own time. You decide when and what to do. However, do not underestimate the time online classes need from you. Create schedules, and if needed have a timetable.

Have a timer or alarm clock and set ‘focus sessions’ which are time capsules that alternate between working and resting. Whichever way, find what fits your personality the best. Do not forget to factor in the rest of your life too. Some people are busier and others are not. Work with your schedule.

Figure Out How You Learn Best

Now that we have dealt with the study place, let’s look at how to study. There is not one method that works for everyone. For instance, if you are a morning person, wake up early and put in most of your work in the morning.

If you are the reverse and find it easier to work at night, schedule your work for nights. After that do whatever it is to get in the zone.

Also, some people are visual learners, so find videos and pictorials to help you study. And if you are more of a note-taker? Then make sure you have all the study materials to learn.

Make Use Of Your Network

You are not studying alone. So take advantage of that fact and make use of your peers and instructors. Make friends by participating in the discussion boards and responding to peers. Do not hesitate to reach out and ask for help. You will be surprised that most will be willing to help, after all, you are all studying, right?

Summing Up

Online classes are the best if you also have other engagements with your time, like work or family. Though they come with some unique challenges, the tips above will help you excel in your online degree.

And remember regular practice, will make it perfect.