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Meet Nishanth Sivarudrappa.

Our learner of the week!

This is what he said in a micro-interview with Take This Course:

Why did you decide to take this online course?
I have a background in Clinical data programming (SAS, R, and Data Visualization) and I wanted to learn project management to plan, manage, execute, and finish projects. So, I decided to take this project management foundation online course as my first step.

How would you sum up this course’s benefits?
This course really helped me strengthen my project management skills and understanding of the complete project life cycle, from defining project goals & objectives to building a complete project plan and managing project work & resources, without losing deadlines and finally closing the project successfully.

What else would you like to share with our audience?
I would highly recommend all technology and related professionals to take this foundation course to understand the project life cycle from a project manager’s perspective. That will definitely help them to grow in their professional life.

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