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Learn Project Management through a Free Online Course with Certification 


Introduction to Project Management:

Learning what Project Management is and what are the roles of a Project Manager demands time and effort plus a certain cost. But what if there is a way to learn Project Management with the help of a free course? In this regard, this free online course with certification is the best solution so far.


Project Management is known to be a practice where certain tasks are done by a team to achieve specific goals at a specified budget and time. And these steps initiating, planning, executing, controlling and closing are known to all those who are interested in this field. How it works, what efforts are required by a Project Manager to run a team and much more will be discussed in this free online course with certification.

What will you gain from this Free Online Course with certification?

When a learner finally completes this course, his mind will be packed with the following concepts:

  • What it takes for a team and leaders to give high performance in Project Management.
  • What type of tools and techniques are required to improve the performance of every member of a team?
  • What are the different stages in a project life cycle and how to one by one deal with it?
  • What are the different yet challenging practices that will help in the planning and controlling of the Project that will confirm successful results?
  • While a Project is in continuity, it has to be monitored day in day out to make sure that everything is under control. With this course, learners will understand how they can monitor the Project activities and then evaluate the progress of the Project as a whole.
  • Lastly, how one can properly report to the stakeholder and explain the Project status is also taught in this course. You can also find out best Primavera Online courses.

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Social Feedback from Users:

Positive feedback:

  • The course is very informative and interesting and has lots of useful tools explained in various examples. (JG, 5 stars).
  • The course has a superb overview of Project Management and how a Project Manager can start and then finish the project successfully is very well explained. (CW, 5 stars).
  • I would recommend this course to all the folks who are new to Project Management. (AP, 5 stars). You can also checkout Google Project Management certificate.
  • My experience with this free online course is amazing. I got to learn so much about how I can handle a team as a Project Manager. (SH, 5 stars).

Negative feedback:

  • The structure of the course is unorganized which makes to user lose interest in the course. (AK, 1 star).
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Fundamentals of Project Planning and Management:

This course will help learners understand how they can initiate, define and organize a Project from start to end. With that learners will also understand how they can evaluate, prioritize and manage the Project risks, how they can execute a Project and how they can monitor and control the progress of the Project using the earned value approach and more will be learned through this free course.

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Initiating and Planning Projects:

With this course, a variety of tips and techniques regarding how to plan a Project and bring it to completion will be discussed. What are the characteristics of a Project, how one can identify the primary Project constraints, how to control the stakeholder engagement, how to identify the common sources of conflicts and much more will be learned through this free online course?

So interested candidates are welcome to join this free online course with certification now and never stop learning as we at takethiscourse.net believe in.