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Understanding Intrapersonal Communication


What is Intrapersonal Communication?

It can be best described as communication with ourselves. It is a communicator’s use of language or thought that is inside his mind. How it works can be described in the form of a model that would contain a sender, a receiver, and a feedback loop. It is always triggered through an internal or maybe an external stimulus. Thus intrapersonal communication can be called an area of study that is central to the study of all communication.

Interpersonal Vs Intrapersonal Communication:

Following is the point by point difference between Intrapersonal and Interpersonal communication.



As intra means “within” so intrapersonal communication is a type of communication with oneself. On the other hand, inter means “between” so the interpersonal communication always takes place between two or more people.
This type of communication always stays active because the human brain tends to talk to oneself, think, analyze and interpret different things. On the contrary, interpersonal communication occurs on a personal and professional level and is supported by verbal and non-verbal media.
In this communication, only one person’s internal senses are involved. Whereas, in interpersonal communication, media is required to transfer messages and thoughts to another party and not keeping it to oneself.
It is continuous due to human nature. While interpersonal communication is regular due to social needs.
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Intrapersonal Communication Examples:

It is a mode of communicating with oneself. This means that there are quite several examples of this type of communication in our daily lives.

For example:

  • Talking to yourself in a routine is an example of intrapersonal communication. If you are scared you try to talk yourself out of this situation by saying something pleasant to yourself.
  • Similarly, making a to-do-list is also an example of this communication. When you start making a list, a lot of things come to your mind regarding what you have to do and you start talking to yourself.
  • While making a plan, you talk to yourself about that particular plan. You start to think about it in your mind which is exactly the example of intrapersonal communication.
  • Imagination is an example of intrapersonal communication. Whatever the thoughts come to your mind are your imaginations.

Other examples include directed thought, undirected thought, reading, intuition, meditation and many more.
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Intrapersonal Communication Courses Online:

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This course focuses on helping a learner understand how they can communicate with one another to establish relationships in a culturally and linguistically different community. The course aims to highlight the need to understand the different cultural values to communicate properly. With all this, the course also explains some effective communication skills that will help to build a comfortable relation with colleagues and others. Thus we can say this course is perfect for all those who need to be able to communicate properly with one another whether they are at the workplace or with friends or family.

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Thus we can say that this communication is a very unnoticeable yet important part of every person’s life. What we think, what we want to do, how we meditate, get frustrated, angry, tired, sleepy, happy, and much more are all a part of our intrapersonal communication. Whatever we feel and think is an example of this type of communication and remains that way as long as we are not sharing it with others. So we would say it is very important that people understand what intrapersonal communication is.