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Internet Security: A Hands-on Approach Course Review

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In this course, the instructor will talk about classic network attacks and help you gain an in-depth understanding of their technical details. Here you will get to study how the internet and the TCP/IP protocols work. This course aims to help you understand the security problems in the design and implementation of TCP/IP protocols. You will get to master the fundamental attack and defense skills in network security in detail. Moreover, the instructor will explain how to implement firewalls, VPNs, sniffers, spoofing, and many other network security tools using C and Python. Therefore, enroll in this course today and gain hands-on experience through SEED labs developed by the instructor.

TTC Course Analysis:

Following are the results of comprehensive analysis of “Internet Security: A Hands-on Approach” online course by our team of experts.

TTC Rating
72 Reviews

TakeThisCourse Sentiment Analysis Results:

In order to facilitate our learners with real user experience, we performed sentiment analysis and text mining techniques that generates following results:

  • TTC analyzed a total of 72 reviews for this online course.
  • The analysis indicates that around 87% reviews were positive while around 13% of reviews had negative sentiment.
  • Wenliang Du online course received a total score of 4.4 out of 5, based on user opinions related to 4 effectiveness factors including content, engagement, quality practice and career benefit.

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TTC Course Effectiveness:

Online Course Effectiveness Score (Learn More)
Content Engagement Practice Career Benefit
4.2 / 5.0
36 Reviews
4.8 / 5.0
44 Reviews
5.0 / 5.0
12 Reviews
5.0 / 5.0
5 Reviews

Based on learner reviews we believe:

  • This course offers systemized content on each layer of the TCP/IP protocols.
  • The instructor delivered all the lectures in a great manner and engagingly discussed the vulnerabilities and implementation.
  • The course offers engaging lab exercises and case studies to help you understand all the technicalities easily.
  • Overall, this course can help learners easily understand all the high-level concepts and technical details.

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Pros & Cons:


  • Engaging case studies and lab exercises.
  • Updated content.
  • Comprehensively covers all topics of internet security.
  • Offers 11 SEED labs.


  • Speaker has a difficult accent.

What Learners Are Saying About this Course:

This section contains feedback that has been given by online learners about this course. Note that we have divided these reviews based on our main points mentioned below;


  • It was a very great course that had very interesting lectures. The instructor was able to explain all the topics in detail and they were quite easy to understand. The entire course was very interesting to follow. (Yohei O, ★★★★★)
  • I learned a lot from this course and now looking forward to enrolling in similar courses. All thanks to this course, I have developed enough interest in this field. (Cartmell M, ★★★★★)
  • An excellent course that offers thorough explanations and dives deep into the inner working of networks/the internet and their vulnerabilities. (Matt M, ★★★★★)
  • I am halfway through the course but decided to write a review. The content is really great and the instructor has taught all the topics in a great manner. Before this course, I took multiple computer network classes but none of them were as good and interesting as this one. Professor Du is great and has presented the material in a great manner. The course offers a lot of practical advice and live demos that helped me understand all about internet protocols. (Initial G, ★★★★★)
  • The content created by professor Du is awesome and after completing this course, I have realized how much I was able to learn from this course. Thanks to professor Du for this amazing course. (Gustavo C, ★★★★★)
  • The structure of this course is great as it breaks down the topics into manageable forms. (Nick W, ★★★★★)


  • I am really glad to have found this extremely engaging course. I really appreciate professor Du’s efforts in covering all the topics of internet security comprehensively. His way of teaching is very unique and he has the ability to explain even complex topics in an easy manner. (VC, ★★★★★)
  • The course offers a very clear and helpful explanation of the internet concepts which are also backed up by demonstrations. (Eric L, ★★★★★)
  • Dr Welliang is a great instructor and he really knows his stuff. I am looking forward to enrolling in more of his courses. (Roel B, ★★★★★)

Quality Practice:

  • This is a great course and I really liked the way the instructor explained everything using code examples and drawings. This course gives you a solid foundation of the subject. (Thomas V, ★★★★★)
  • The hands-on lectures offered by the instructor are quite informative and helpful in understanding the entire topic. (Shilpa A, ★★★★★)
  • Dr Wenliang’s courses are the best as they are a perfect mix of theory and practice. This course has great case studies and a lot of lab exercises to offer. So, I would say if you really want to understand security then this course is the best option. (AI O, ★★★★★)
  • This course is a unique and fulfilling experience to experiment with cyberattacks and understand all about the OSI network model in a virtual hands-on environment. With that, I really appreciate the professor’s responsiveness in responding to all of the questions asked. (Roni Z, ★★★★★)

Learner’s Career Benefits:

  • I have been out of IT for over 7 years now but taking this course has brought back a lot of concepts. This course acted as a good refresher on the basics of the internet. (Peter M, ★★★★★)
  • This is not just an ordinary course teaching you to use the tools instead it teaches you the basics to write your own. In other words, the course has content that teaches you to expose the network theory. The SEED labs are extremely helpful and give you an opportunity to test what you have learned so far. (Davide F, ★★★★★)

Learner’s Suggestions/Recommendations:

  • The only suggestion here is that the lab setup was a little confusing along with different versions. So a short video on explaining the basics of how to set up these labs would have been nice.
  • The course should have added at least one simple example using VM for every single issue. Otherwise the rest of the content was good and super helpful.

Is this Course worth taking?

We believe, this course clearly emphasizes hands-on learning and explains how the attack works in theory. With that, it also teaches you to actually conduct the attack in a contain virtual machine environment. The case studies, SEED labs, exercises, and other content is enough for any learner to understand the basics of internet security. Therefore, we can say this course is totally worth one’s time, effort, and money and should be taken by all those interested in internet security.

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