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8 Effective Ideas for Increasing Employee Engagement in the Online-Training


Companies often invest in both online and Offline trainings, so that the company and the employees grow together. The objective is clear to grow the business or maintain systems most of the times. But the important part is on the employees and that is the realization, what will they be getting out of the training. The Company must be able to implant this belief in the employees that there self-development is embedded in learning. Therefore they must invest their time, energy and effort in these online training programs, if they want to achieve higher goals in life and grow in the company. Let’s analyze the 8 effective ideas for increasing employee engagement in the online training and how can they be implemented for successful returns.

Learning by Doing

This is a more sort of on-job training that you learn new ideas or skills by undertaking mandatory assignment that are part of your job description or job plan. If you want your employees to do it at their own, get them easy access to such resources at your premises. Let them use the projector or multimedia in their spare time. If you wish to procure more of such latest equipment, you can do so and save also by using best online discount codes as an option. Otherwise your procurement department can share the approved vendors list for getting the required equipment.

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1. Real Value

Entrust in them that it has real value embedded in it for their growth. Give them a snapshot or a pre-briefing with regards to the outline of the course and the common objectives that will be attained. For this it is always a good idea to send or do in session pre-questionnaire about their expectations and the outcomes they want. Do let them know in a humble manner about the investment that the Company is making on them as they are valuable asset for the company. Ask them to participate in online training simulations, to get a grasp of their lacking with regards to skills or knowledge. Communicate to them how the online training will help them bridge these gaps and improve their overall productivity. Until they find real value it will be difficult in getting the realistic employee engagement in the Online-Training.

2. Exciting Learning Experience

Learning ExperienceMany of your Employees will be motivated to learn if they find it exciting, as many people want to do new things or discover new vistas. So if you give them a picture that not only learning but it involves activities like online games, puzzles and quizzes which will increase their intellect. And these learning games are directly connected with their course will work as a booster. In fact these could be the starting point or Ice Breakers as a jump-start they need through gamification. Adding badges, points, leaderboards, and levels to this online training program will ensure greater engagement.  A great idea for increasing employee engagement in the online-training.

3. Personalize your Online Training Program

Employees will indulge if they find something new in the training. If they are being asked to go for something they already know is like re-inventing a wheel. On the basis of a training needs analysis, a valuable tool get the insight of their requirements and then design your online course accordingly, if you can so that they know that it has been developed on their feedback or their gaps analysis.

Personalization gives employees exactly what they need to find relevancy in your online training program. Make a Central Access sharing where the employees who want to access online training activities and resources that cater to their individual goals and performance issues can easily refer here. Let them learn behind the scenes personally by relating to such videos, tutorials, demos, real world activities or documents.

4. Promotion and Advancement opportunities

Advancement OpportunityEmployees who see a clear trajectory upward in your company are more likely to stick with you. Nobody leaves a job until they get bored or perceive they are not being paid rightly.

Link the Online training with the Promotion and Advancement opportunities they can get if they achieve the required set of objectives within a periodic close. This will clarify the exact need to get trained and deliver.

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5. Feedback Outlet

Make it a corporate culture that if they (employees) learn and train others, will be subject to more rewards and appreciation. And that their constructive feedback on the online program will be embedded in the future online training programs. This will increase the trainees’ motivation as they will feel their concerns are being not only listened but applied as well.

6. Time and Space to Learn

You are probably training your employees so that they learn and gain more. All do not have equal intelligence quotient, so if it’s a flexible learning program or if you can design it in such a way will have greater impact. This will give a clear gesture of equal employment opportunity and would mean they can learn within a flexible time frame. This will not burden them and they will learn it at their pace.

If the training requires them to learn from home, it may be a good idea with a few employees but not all. They might feel their personal space is being taken. So if it is for a few assignments, its ok otherwise give them, time at office to train.

7. Bonding through Social Media

Its human nature to belong to some group. You can use this to your advantage and get them connected through Social media for the trainings, Webinars, online discussions. Let them exchange information and share experiences. This will prove to be more fruitful and engaging. Great idea for increasing employee engagement in the online-training programs and gain fruitful results.

8. Self-Assessments

E-Learning sessions are mostly mandatory but there are online Optional Self Assessments available also. The Self Assessments help individual employee to identify areas for self-improvement and personal strengths. These optional self-assessments give employees the power to monitor their own performance. They can evaluate their own skills and knowledge and take up the required online training based on the results retrieved. This gives them more flexibility to gauge and gear themselves for the respective challenge. Self-assessments makes employees take control of their online training. This is another good idea for increasing employee engagement in the online-training and all the benefits it can bring.

Let your Training and Development Department, as part of the Company policy make a framework for such trainings undertaken. Get such programs registered in the personal files and referred for future promotion case.

The Full Summary

As they say; never stop learning as life never stops teaching, so remember it is in one’s interest to learn and gain. As an employer it is your duty to see that what was learnt has been really learnt and applied. Otherwise the whole exercise could be a waste of time and resources.

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