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How Much to Pay for a Dissertation and Why Help Worth It


A candidate’s dissertation is a type of scientific qualification work, the essence of which is to find a solution to an actual problem in some field. Research for obtaining the degree of “Candidate of Science” may also include technological, economic, technical, and other developments necessary for solving important tasks.

Specialists of professional writing services with work experience will help you write a dissertation for any higher education institution. The author begins work on the order only after concluding an official cooperation agreement with the client, preparing a work plan and making an advance payment for the stipulated scope of work. The company provides quality assurance and support for the defence procedure of each dissertation.

6 Tips on Choosing the Dissertation Writing Company

If you decide to use the help of specialists, let’s figure out what distinguishes a reputable company with a good reputation from one-day firms that do not value customers.

  1. Guarantee of confidentiality. All information provided by customers is not transferred to third parties and is stored within the company. The service treats customers’ personal information responsibly, so the fact that you ordered a scientific paper will remain a secret.
  2. Official contract for the provision of services. The conclusion of an official cooperation agreement not only creates trust in the company but also simplifies the interaction between the two parties. The company only conducts work based on the terms of the contract, which specifies the responsibilities of the parties, the execution timeline according to the client’s preferences, the service cost, and other necessary data for implementing the agreement.
  3. Staged payment of the service. When you order the dissertation, it is not recommended to make a full payment for the service in advance – this raises doubts about the integrity of the performer. The price of performing research work in a professional company can be in installments, or an advance payment and then payment after receiving the work.
  4. Quality Guarantee. Many dissertations help companies do not provide any guarantees. They are not responsible for the quality of the writing and design of the work after the file is submitted. If you have chosen a professional writing service, you will receive a guarantee for all works up to the procedure of their submission or protection. You can order an extension of the warranty obligations if you plan to defend your thesis in several years.
  5. Free editing. The company values its reputation in front of clients, so the authors make adjustments to the already finished text free at the first request of the client.
  6. Money-back guarantee. If the text of the research paper or article did not satisfy the client’s requests, the company undertakes to compensate for the damage caused by returning the money spent on paying for the service. The service also offers its customers the following opportunity: you can count on a refund if you don’t like the result.

What is the Rates for Dissertation Writing

Writing a dissertation involves a long study of sources, lengthy scientific research, testing, experiments, and other not-easy tasks. Open the page of the website and explore the information about this service. That is why you get a significant amount of time for preparation: at least 1 year. That seems like a long time. But, if we take into account the fact that many scientists combine work and scientific activities, it is very difficult for them to find time for everything at once. Some people understand that they do not have time to do everything, so they decide to order the writing of a turnkey dissertation from professionals. A custom dissertation is a great way to save your time and energy.

The cost of a turnkey dissertation depends on its topic and scope. You can order work with phased delivery within the specified time. The price you pay for dissertation editing services can vary greatly depending on who you hire, but you can expect to pay at least $0.02 per word. Given that the average word length of a PhD thesis is 80,000 words, professional editing costs around $1,650 or more.

Some dissertation editors charge a flat fee for dissertation editing, while others set a price based on the number of pages or words. The company accompanies the client in the protection of scientific work. The author guarantees the result and will write the dissertation until the graduate school approves it — the author will make all revisions to the custom project free of charge.

Place an order for a dissertation – cooperation will be efficient and confidential.

Guess How Much to Pay for a Dissertation

Let’s see what the cost of writing a custom dissertation depends on. The cost of such an order from specialists depends on several main factors.

  • The topic of the work. If the research is devoted to solving a problem on a complex technical topic, such a service will cost more than work on a humanitarian subject. Thus, the technical work contains many calculations, auxiliary graphic documentation (drawings, diagrams, graphs, charts), appendices and other information needed to reveal the topic. Because of this, this service will be more expensive.
  • Specialists can order both regular and urgent dissertation execution in any direction. Urgent writing or design will be more expensive since the author will work overtime.
  • The authors will help to write research from scratch and “turnkey”. It is also possible to order separate sections of the work that cause difficulties. Most often, this is an introduction, a conclusion, a practical section, and the design of a bibliography.

Place an order for a dissertation – cooperation will be efficient and confidential.