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The Global Freshman Academy Program is a powerful initiative of edX and Arizona State University (ASU) that is created by ASU and taught by a team of highly competent professors. GFA is meant for high school students and incoming freshmen wishing to jump-start the first year of college but its equally a great choice for adult learners who want to return to school.Global Freshman Academy

GFA offers introductory courses that are designed for learners looking to pursue lifelong learning opportunities as well as educators who are looking for helpful resources for their students. The average cost of a GFA class is $600. To successfully earn a college degree through the GFA program learners only need to go through six simple steps that include:

  • Course registration
  • Identity verification
  • Course completion
  • Grade review
  • Obtaining ASU credit
  • Completion of the college degree

GFA credits and How it Works

You can use credit earned through the Global Freshman Academy Program at Arizona State University. For instance, a learner who takes English 101 through the GFA program can use it at ASU as it will be recognized as English 101 which means that all the work in GFA is not “remedial” since it will be considered as part of the coursework for a degree at Arizona State University. Learners can also transfer their credit earned through GFA to another university but the specific institution the learner is transferring to will decide how the credit will transfer. ASU is a top tier university recognized by the World Report and US News which means that GFA credits from this university have a high transferability and are more likely to be accepted in the country.

1English Composition: Research and Writing (Course no more available)

Arizona State University via edx

  • Duane Roen, Adam Pacton
  • 18-20 hours a week, 8 weeks long

2Human Origins (Archived)

Arizona State University via edx

  • Donald C. Johanson, Founding Director, Institute of Human Origins
  • 18 hours a week, 8 weeks long

3Introduction to Sociology (Archived)

Arizona State University via edx

  • Lisa Grey Whitaker, Lecturer, School of Social and Family Dynamics
  • 18 hours a week, 8 weeks long

4Introduction to Solar Systems Astronomy (Archived)

Arizona State University via edx

  • Frank Timmes, Astrophysicist
  • 24-26 hours a week, 8 weeks long

Arizona State University via edx

  • Punam Ohri-Vachaspati, Nicole Vaudrin
  • 18 hours a week, 8 weeks long
  • More Details

6Western Civilization: Ancient and Medieval Europe (Archived)

Arizona State University via edx

  • Ian Frederick Moulton, Faculty Head of Interdisciplinary Humanities and Communication
  • 18 hours a week, 8 weeks long