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Dave Lloyd

Dave Lloyd
  • Senior Manager, Global Search Marketing at UC Davis
  • 4 Licenses and Certifications
  • Multiple awards and honors

Dave Lloyd is working with Global Enterprises as a digital strategy leader. He leads global team where he has to deliver Organic and Site Search Strategies. Lloyd’s team’s charter is to deliver only the best industry practices and drive KPI-focused goals.

Lloyd is a proud Google-certified and has around 12 years of digital and search marketing experience. He is on the advisory board for internal SEO program as well.

Llyod has done his Bachelor’s in Business from the University of California, Davis from 1990-1995.

He has around 4 licenses and certifications and given multiple awards and honors.

Llyod has developed Coursera’s Advanced SEO strategies course.

His aim is to share his world-class Search Marketing expertise with all those interested.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Digital marketing
  • Digital strategy
  • Search marketing
  • Online marketing
  • SEO
  • SEM
  • Strategy
  • Online advertising
  • Analytics
  • Mobile marketing
  • Conversion optimization
  • Copy writing
  • E-commerce

and many more.

Dave Lloyd Online Courses:


Advanced Search Engine Optimization Strategies

        • University of California Davis via Coursera
        • 25 hours of effort required
        • 40,413+ already enrolled!
        • ★★★★★ (479 Ratings)
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Content Engagement Practice Career Benefit

This course will help you understand how to not only find but fix a problem within your own website. With that, you will get to understand ways to heighten visibility and improve site architecture and even accelerate page load speed in your website. Going further, you will understand how to develop engaging strategies for launching a global web marketing campaign. Moreover, you will be taught how to use different tools with the aim to provide insightful data for evaluating your competitors. After that, you will learn how to conduct data analysis for bringing value to stakeholders.