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Data Visualization with Tableau Specialization

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Coursera in collaboration with Tableau has introduced a specialization that is aimed to help all the newcomers who want to learn data visualization from scratch. There are 5 courses in this specialization and with each course comes a new set of instructions to learn about tableau. With this specialization, you don’t even need any prior experience to understand what Tableau is. The instructors in this specialization have leveraged Tableau’s library of resources to explain best practices for data visualization and storytelling.

What you will witness in all 5 courses are a bunch of examples from real-world business cases. With that, you’ll also find journalistic examples from leading media companies. You can learn Tableau and can become Tableau certified by taking right Tableau Certification Exams which have detailed answers to give you enough practice material to prepare for the Tableau Certification. For more online Specializations Click here.

Details of 5 Courses in this Specialization:

As mentioned earlier, there are 5 courses in the specialization the details of which are given below.

Fundamentals of visualization with Tableau:

This is the first course of the specialization where you will be discovering what data visualization is. With that, you will also learn how to use it to not only see data properly but also understand it and then make decisions afterward. You will be taught to use Tableau to examine the fundamentals concepts of data visualization and explore the Tableau interface. Next, you will learn to identify and apply various tools that Tableau has to offer. Check out the best online cognos analytics training classes that you might be interested in.

Similarly, upon completing the course, you will be able to prepare and import data into tableau easily. And then you can explain the relationship between data analytics and data visualization. The course has been designed for all those learners who have never used Tableau before. This means that even if you are new to Tableau, you will be able to learn everything easily from it. So take this course now and go through the steps necessary to create your first visualization right from scratch.

Essential design principles for Tableau:

If you are that person who has to deal with data visualization every day and add designs in order to present data in a more convenient way, you need this course. It is because of this course you will learn the relationship between data and design. You will learn how a user can choose appropriate visual effects to add on his data to make it look more appealing. This type of skill is very necessary for a professional to learn. And this course is all about design principles for tableau. This course is most suitable for all those who have prior knowledge of tableau. By taking this course, you can upgrade your skills and become able to apply design skills to your data visualization. In this way, the data can be presented in a much proper and appealing way.

Visual analytics with Tableau:

With data communication, designing, and analysis there are other fields too that a person can specialize in. And this course focuses on creating charts, mapping, and table calculations in detail. The course includes different types of charting in it that are explained very well. You will be taught how you can create custom and quick table calculations in a step-by-step guide. Next, you will be taught how you can customize and create dual layer maps, and much more. This course is a perfect opportunity for all those who are in need of enhancing or upgrading their skills in tableau. And those who have prior knowledge of tableau and are familiar with it are also welcome to join. Thus you can consider this course the next step for many learners to upgrade their level.

Creating dashboards and storytelling with Tableau:

Creating dashboards and telling a story with tableau within a data has always been a little difficult to do. And that is why we have this course that aims to narrate how you can create dashboards most compellingly. The course will help you create such a story for your stakeholders that can create a lasting effect on them. This course has helped many professionals in creating hierarchies, different actions, and parameters to guide user interactions. Thus it can also help you understand important concepts with ease. How a person can create figures so that he can become capable of measuring progress in the data is taught very efficiently in this course. Similarly, you will also learn how story points create a powerful story that leaves a powerful impression on your audience. Therefore, this and much more is learned in the course.

Data visualization with Tableau project:

This course aims to help learners to create a portfolio worthy single-frame viz or multi-frame data story that will be shared on tableau public. In other words, you can fully become capable of developing an attractive project proposal. The course has everything there is to know about how these projects are developed. You will learn to create a data story and write a narrative to accompany your visualizations. Next, you will understand how you can create KPIs and dashboards and assess your analysis. Moreover, you will also learn to assess the quality of data and perform exploratory analysis and much more. A learner will be familiarized with several terms like what is interactive visualization, tableau software, DataViz, and much more.

Tableau Certification Practice Tests:

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Social proof:

Now we are going to mention both positive and negative comments that users have given.

  • This is a balanced course that has everything explained in it in an equal amount. All the instructions, reference materials, and theory are explained in a balanced form. Neither one part is explained too long nor the one too short. Thus taking this course from the specialization was a good decision I made. (Jason NK, ★★★★★).
  • I took the data visualization with tableau project from the specialization. And when I started the course, it was not like I was able to understand everything quickly. Many concepts were unclear to me. It was mostly because I had no prior experience in Tableau. But what helped me the most was when I completed the final project. That was the point where all of my unclear concepts were cleared. (Vishal Kumar, ★★★★★).
  • I am doing a job that demands a lot of effort to put in because my work technique is not that good. But then a friend told me about this specialization and recommended this “creating dashboards and storytelling” course to me looking at my current situation. So I took the course and after completing it, I realized that my working skills got better and long story short, I got a promotion. (Chris Wei, ★★★★★).
  • From this specialization, I have completed two courses and after completing them, I can say that both the courses can shape anyone’s work performance. It’s just like adding value to your work. I got to learn the best tips from these courses that surely adds value to my work every day. (Mark Jose, ★★★★★).
  • I can recommend taking any of the courses from this specialization to all those people who wish to make their career in this field. I took a course because I have a great interest in Tableau and after completing the course, I was able to get a hold of the different concepts of Tableau. (Nhan T N, ★★★★★).
  • From the specialization, I took the visual analytics with Tableau course. And it won’t be wrong to say that every concept regarding calculated fields, table calculations, and dual-axis was amazing. I enjoyed learning from the whole course. And especially the part where the instructor explained the table calculations, dual-axis, and calculated fields was my favorite. It is because those parts were very confusing to me before I took the course, but now my concepts regarding these concepts are very clear. Thanks for the course. (Amrita G, ★★★★★).
  • You can consider this specialization as a source for any learner to develop solid concepts relevant to Tableau. The course that I took had different modules and every module had independent topics explained about Tableau. So if you have this wish to make a solid base regarding tableau then you should definitely take one of the courses from the specialization. And why just one, you can also take all the 5 courses as well if you’re that big a fan of Tableau. (Timothy X, ★★★★★).
  • With one course, there were some grammatical errors and sometimes the video quality got really poor. Also at some point, the accent of one of the instructors was not good. So these small flaws diverted my concentration a lot and I couldn’t learn the way I expected. But overall you can learn something valuable from this specialization, which I can say for sure. (Jessica R, ★★★☆☆).



So now you know all about what each of the courses in the specialization has to offer. And what users are saying about this specialization or the courses that they enrolled in. We have come up with Tableau Training  These Tableau Certification Preparation Training  Videos which could be helpful in learning knowledge and also for certification preparation and will really help you strengthen your concepts and make you ready for real exam. Now what you need to do is decide how many courses you can take from this specialization and to what extent you’re willing to learn from them. So decide now and never stop learning.Take This Online Course

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