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There are many people out there who are qualified to write different programs using different programming languages. There are many ways to be able to do this. Some hit google or Youtube to learn it, some enroll themselves into a course that can help them, some try to find the right online short course for themselves. But there comes a lot of problems in learning through an online platform because there are many concepts in programming that are difficult to understand and learning from behind a screen can be a little difficult. For this purpose, there has to be a very thorough and elaborated course that can help a learner to understand all this even through an online course. So here we have this amazing course named Complete Java Masterclass that will help learners to build creative and fully functional Java 8 programs that are also very fun to program. The aim of this course is to provide learners with a complete concept as to how they can write a fully functional program using Java. The course has step-by-step instructions that will help them master Java 8 in a very fun-filled manner.

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  • Created by Tim Buchalka, Tim Buchalka’s Learn Programming Academy, Goran Lochert
  • 345,997+ students enrolled
  • 80,338 review available
  • 78.5 hours on-demand video
  • 5 articles
  • 36 coding exercises
  • Access on Mobile and TV
  • Assignments
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Lifetime Access
  • 30 days Money back guarantee

Most attractive feature is 30 days Money Back Guarantee means there is no risk. If you didn’t like this Java Masterclass online course, you can refund your money back within next 30 days.

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Who should take this course?

This is a very suitable course for all those people who are interested in learning how to program and develop different websites. The course has very detailed lectures that will help learners to get a full understanding of Java 8 and how they can write advanced programs that is suitable for all computing platforms. It would help a learner to understand the concepts more easily if he has prior knowledge of programming. Even if he has no prior knowledge of programming, taking this course will help him develop interest in this field. The course has turned out to be very helpful for not even a beginner but also an experienced professional. Yes, even if you are a professional in this field and have a perfect job, you still can take this course as it will help you to polish your skills and in the way you can also learn a bunch of new skills because the course is updated when needed. This means that if a professional takes this course, he can for sure polish his skills and do a better job at his workplace. So we can say that this is a perfect course for all types of people, you just have to be determined enough to learn from the course.

Social proof:

A social proof contains all the comments and views that users have given about this course. The section contains honest opinions from different users. By reading these comments, it can give an idea about the course to other users and can help them decide whether buying this course is worthy enough or not.

5 star rating:

This course is great so far as everything in it has been explained very clearly. I really liked learning from this course.

This course helped me learn a number of things about Java programming language. Every concept in the course has been delivered in a very proper manner and due to this very course, my concepts regarding this language are very much clear.

Best course about Java programming even for beginners.

This is the best course so far that I have taken regarding Java programming. I am a beginner and I took some short courses regarding this field but those courses were not very informational, then I took this course and it blew my mind. The course has too much information regarding this field and I have gained a lot of knowledge about Java programming only because of this course. Indeed an amazing course for beginners.

The instructors are very well trained and amazing.

The instructors of the course seemed very talented and their body language showed that they are enjoying in delivering the course themselves. This optimistic behavior makes it easy for learners to learn the concepts more easily.

It was really synthesized and well tutored course with a lot of topics and a great starting points for newly acquainted programmers.

This is a perfect course for all those programmers out there who are new to this field. The course can turn out to be very helpful to these people in learning new concepts.

I would highly recommend this course to my peers.

This course is definitely the one that I can recommend it to others without any doubts. I have gained so much information from this course and every piece of information that I gained from this course turned out to be very useful. That is why I can easily recommend it to my peers.

I gave this course 5 stars because it has covered almost everything. You won’t be a hell of programmer after this course, but will have a great knowledge and will know how to find what you need in docs.

I would say that after completing this course, you may not be called a professional in this field but majority of your concepts will be cleared because of this course which is really admirable.

The examples were very practical and helpful.

The examples given in the course are the best part and they are based on real life problems. If a learner solves all these practical examples attentively then this course is the best help for anyone to master this field.

Can easily take beginners to an advanced level.

This course can easily help all the beginners to take their career to the next level. I am a beginner but I have huge interest in this field. When I started the course, I listened to every piece of information that the instructors had to offer very carefully and soon it made me a better android app developer.

The course is very well designed and Tim is an awesome instructor. The course not only takes you through each and every concept in detail but also provides cases with the application of these concepts.

The course is really well structured and it looks like the instructor knew exactly what he is doing. Every concept has been explained properly and helps you understand all the terminologies in a very promising manner.

Comprehensive course it was. I like that I could write the code along with the instructor’s lecture and demonstrate the result of each concept being covered in real time.

The course was very thorough and relevant and the thing that I liked most about the course that I was able to write the codes along with the instructor’s lecture. I enjoyed learning from the course very much.

4 star rating:

Enjoyed a lot learning this course along with my job.

I have a tough job and after that I can barely make time to do anything else but I knew that I had to take a course to polish my skills so I decided to take this course in order to upgrade my knowledge. I can say with full honesty that the course was very amazing and I was able to make time for it and enjoyed learning from it even with my job.

3 star rating:

This is a pretty good course. But I think there were some difficult sections without detailed introductory part. Apart from that everything was good.

I wouldn’t say that the course was completely unhelpful because it was helpful at many stages. But then there were also some very difficult sections that needed more explanation so that learners can fully understand it but they were poorly explained.

2 and 1 star rating:

It all started with good and in depth explanation which is amazing and really liked it, but while progressing from each section, Tim explains topics in a hurry like he just had to complete it quickly. 

After some time, the topics were explained in a hurry and I was not able to understand what the instructor is trying to say which was really disappointing for me.


Let us now discuss some of the alternatives that can be taken against this course. These alternatives can help a student to choose according to his need. We are going to give a brief introduction about the alternatives that can give learners an idea about what the courses are.

Android Java Masterclass-Become an app developer:

This is also a very interesting course that is a perfect alternative to our main course and aims to provide a perfect set of instruction as to how a person can become capable of developing an android 7 app. You will be taught an expert level knowledge of Java programming language so that a learner has everything there is to know about how android apps are developed. This course has turned out to be really helpful for many students out there who are interested in this field. Because of this course, many were able to start a career in this field. Some were able to take their understanding to an advanced level and many more were able to clear their concepts to a great extent. The course aims to provide expert guidance as to how android apps can be developed. The course is also updated whenever needed so that learners can also update their knowledge. By taking this course, a learner will get lifetime access to the contents of the course so don’t waste your time anymore and if you think that this course is the right choice for you then click on the below link to get it now.

Java interview guide: 200+ interview questions and answers:

This course is also very interesting and useful and aims to provide guidance to all those people out there who are beginners in this field and wish to understand what kind of questions are asked in a beginner java interview. This course is a perfect opportunity for beginners to understand what kind of questions are asked in an interview and what is the right way to answer them. The course will introduce learners to different new features of Java 5, 6, 7 and 8. After completing this course, a learner will have full understanding of Java and how to give the best performance in a Java interview. What are basic object-oriented concepts, what are the basics of functional programming, what is exception handling and much more will be taught in this course? The course also has a number of assignments to solve as well. So we can say that this course can really give us the best guide for passing the interview. So click on the below link and get lifetime access to the contents of the course.


We can conclude our topic by saying that the problem of learning Java and all its techniques has been solved because of this course. The course has everything there is to know about Java programming and how it can be used to write different programs. The course has been instructed by Goran Lochert and Tim Buchalka and both these instructors have done an amazing job in making this course. Both the instructors have been really thorough and professional throughout the course. The rating of this course is 4.6 and more than three lac students have been enrolled in this course and have benefited from it. Also if you take this course, you get lifetime access to its contents so don’t waste your time anymore and click on the below link to get this course now.

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