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Java Programming Masterclass for Software Developers

Course Highlights
  • Tim Buchalka via Udemy
  • 569,131+ already enrolled!
  • ★★★★★ (139,102 ratings)

Do you want to learn Java and become a great computer programmer but at your ease and pace? With the help of this course, you will get a chance to obtain valuable core Java skills and also Java certification. The course aims to help you learn the core Java skills which you need to apply for Java developer positions in a few hours. You will develop all the skills that can help you pass the Oracle Java Certification exam. Similarly, you will become capable enough to demonstrate your understanding of Java to your future employees. Going further, the instructor will make you learn industry best practices in Java software development from a highly experienced Java developer. You will acquire all the Java basics for transitioning to not only the Spring Framework but Java EE, Android development, and more. Therefore obtain proficiency in Java 8 and Java 11 with the help of this course.


Sure there are some requirements but easy ones.

  • You need a computer that either has Windows, Mac, or Linux that is required to install all of the free software and tools for building a new app.
  • And a strong work ethic and willingness to learn from this course.


In this section, we are going to look at the feedback which users have given about this course. Reading the comments of actual users will make it easy to decide whether or not this course is worth your time and effort.

Positive Feedback

  • This was one of the best courses I have taken so far. I really loved the way Tim Buchalka has taught Java. I can say this course is a complete beast and the content is nothing but engaging and valuable. It took me 10 months to complete the entire course but it was worth the effort. After completing this course, when I started using Java, I thought it would be complicated in real life but that wasn’t the case. Now I am able to create my own project with a UI interface (Kavi Arsasn, ★★★★★).
  • I have been wanting to learn java programming for a while now but couldn’t get my hands on the right course. Then found this course on Udemy and would say it is an amazing one. The instructor Tim has explained all the key concepts in a detailed manner thereby making it even easier to learn. I can say, 80 hours of this course is totally worth it (Akhil Simon, ★★★★★).
  • Taking this course has been the best and convenient resource for learning Java. I am so happy I took this course as it taught me a lot of things about Java programming. So if you also want to learn Java like me, then this course is what you should enroll in (Saifoulaye Barry, ★★★★★).
  • This course is the reason I was able to understand the core concepts of Java programming. The way Tim has explained object-oriented programing was great. Then he moved towards explain some of the advanced topics and would say those were also quite engaging. Also, this course helped me pass the Oracle Java certification (Cabujat, ★★★★★).
  • I’d say whether you are a beginner or a professional, if you want to know the nitty-gritty of Java programming then this course is it. I have recently started working as an engineer in a company whereas an engineer we have to do programming microcontrollers to user interfaces. As my programming skills were not that good so I took this course. Believe me, this instructor is great (Miguel Sanches, ★★★★★).
  • I really enjoyed learning from this course and especially the parts with creating GUI and working with databases. I believe this is a type of course that can be recommended to those interested in learning Java programming (Milan Dedjanski, ★★★★★).
  • It is one of the best courses I could ever take from Udemy. The course is complete, has valuable information in it and it forced me to keep learning Java and SQL databases (Jose Navas, ★★★★★).
  • If you are a person who wishes to dive deep into Java programming or want to learn to build a program then this course is the one to take. I developed a good understanding of the functionality of Java and believe this course has helped me develop a strong base (Rikei Williams, ★★★★★).
  • A very comprehensive course that helped me learn a lot about Java programming. I can say this course is very suitable for all the software developers out there (Martin Munchau, ★★★★★).
  • Being a beginner, I never thought I could learn so much from this course. All thanks to the instructor for teaching in such an easy-to-understand manner (Abhishek Kumar, ★★★★).
  • I am not a beginner but an experienced programmer who only took this course to refresh all my skills. But enrolling in this course made me realize how badly I needed this course. It helped me understand when to use the different syntax as there is a different context for everything (Gary Bebington, ★★★★).

Negative Feedback

  • The start of the course was okay as whatever the instructor explained was already easy. But the further the course got, the topics got more complicated but the way of explaining them got poor as well. There were no charts or slides that would have an explanation of anything. I am very disappointed with this course (Arek C, ★★★).

Final Thoughts

As you can see from the above details of the course and what users think of it, you now have a clear picture of what this course has to offer. So if you think this course can help you learn all about Java programming then enroll today and never stop learning.

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