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Bodsphere – Health and Wellness Courses Review


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Bodsphere is an online yoga instructor training institute with an international presence in over 140 countries. It was founded by Samarthya and Preetika who have a combined experience of more than 7 years. Their extensive knowledge in this area has led them to establish this training program to help train other yoga teachers.

Bodsphere offers online and in-person classes at affordable and reasonable prices. They also offer to create personalized and Wellness experiences for groups and individuals and integrate Yoga and Meditation, Organic and healthy meals, and Ayurveda into their lifestyles. They also help people by providing over 1000 courses on their Youtube and Instagram accounts. The Bodsphere team travels around the world to give face-to-face classes and conduct workshops on body and mind.

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TakeThisCourse Analysis Results for Bodsphere’s Online Courses:

To help online learners with real user experience, our experts did a comprehensive analysis of Bodsphere’s online courses using text mining techniques that generates following results:

  • TTC analyzed a total of 1,343 reviews for 06 online courses.
  • The analysis indicates that around 96% reviews were positive.
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We have further analyzed user opinions related to 4 effectiveness factors including ContentEngagementQuality Practice and Career Benefit.



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1009 Reviews



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4.8 / 5.0
75 Reviews

Based on the number of students, we believe that:

  • The content of their courses is very detailed and helpful.
  • The instructors explain the topics in an engaging manner that captures the attention of the learners.
  • The courses offer practices and additional resources that prove to be productive.
  • Yoga trainers are able to excel in their careers with the help of these courses.

Below Stack Barchart further shows the positive, neutral and negative reviews we found during our detailed course analysis.

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What Learners are saying about Bodsphere’s Online Courses:

  • The Bodsphere team has compiled such an extensive and in-depth course which really helped me in training myself easily. Part 1 of the program has really impressed me deeply: the knowledge and insights offered were extremely helpful and covered so much valuable content. The practice material was also very useful. The course was presented in a very authentic way which I liked a lot. I am really looking forward to starting Part 2 soon. (Nico P, ★★★★★)
  • This course is taught by great teachers who are full of knowledge. The training proves to be a solid foundation that will help me start my career as a yoga trainer. I will keep returning to the course material to continue my studies and growth and try to gain more knowledge. (Jerneja S, ★★★★★)
  • I love having access to such knowledgeable videos and being able to practice and learn on my time and at my own pace. I have been doing yoga for over forty years and always wanted to teach and this course has allowed me to fulfill my dream. The BodSphere program seems packed with information and that is what attracted me to this program. I am enjoying the flows in Part 1 as well as the rest of the journey. I look forward to part 2 and taking more of Bodsphere’s courses. (Marie B, ★★★★★)
  • I just completed the 200-hour course. I really loved the way it was taught, and the knowledge I was able to gain. Personally, I also enjoyed the older teachings you included as they proved to be really beneficial as well. The fact that it had a lot of perspectives and successfully conveyed the information that trainers require was quite admirable. The comprehensive workbooks and study guides available are amazingly put together as well. I am so glad that I chose this 2-part course to receive my Yoga Alliance certification as it really proved to be effective. (Brendan Leslie V, ★★★★★)
  • This course was an amazing opportunity to learn more about yoga and meditation. It was truly a wonderful experience to be able to learn more about this field. Samarthya & Preetika are excellent trainers with a thorough understanding of the subject and amazing teaching skills. The fact that they were able to deliver the content properly was commendable and they taught everything really well be it Asana, Mediation, or Pranayama. The way they explained was outstanding. I am sure everyone will love to learn from them and will enjoy their courses. (Sushil K, ★★★★★)
  • This was my second course with Bodsphere, and they continue to be super informative. The way they teach is super impressive. It has been a really fun journey learning more about Yin Yoga with Bodsphere, and I look forward to incorporating whatever I have learned into both, my own practice and my teachings, going forward. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn more about Yin Yoga. (Philip James H, ★★★★★)
  • I really enjoyed the training that was provided by this class! The course is presented in a very organized manner and the welcoming and relaxed atmosphere was able to make me learn the materials in an efficient manner. (Kirsty H, ★★★★★)
  • The course was not only well-structured and very detailed, but it was a joy to study the material provided. Bodsphere always delivers exceptional pieces of training that benefit us in the best possible way and shares a wealth of practical knowledge along with experience. I look forward to continuing my yoga training journey with them as it proved to be very beneficial. (Nicola F, ★★★★★)
  • This was an extremely informative and interesting course. I absolutely loved the way things are taught. They chose to opt for a more simple manner, yet give us the maximum information and knowledge at the same time. It was really clear and concise and helped me gain a lot of knowledge. (Suvasih N, ★★★★★)
  • This was a very enjoyable course. It was well-presented, informative, and extremely easy to follow. Studying this course has also benefited my own personal practice of Yin yoga which was shocking to me as I expected this course to be only for professional trainers. I deeply appreciate the information shared by the instructors here. A big thank you to the instructors for creating this informative course. I definitely look forward to more of your courses. (Pleiades M, ★★★★★)
  • This was a very informative and interesting program. I really loved the pace and the style of teaching used by the instructors. It made my concepts stronger and I was able to grasp everything easily. Everything was explained very clearly which made me appreciate the course even more. It has inspired me to be a better teacher and focus on my teaching skills. (Reena S, ★★★★★)
  • This course is so well structured, with so much information and details. The videos are also so easy to watch and understand which made this course really easy to follow as well. (Gabriela, ★★★★★)

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