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10 Best + Free Beekeeping Classes & Courses 2024 [Updated]


Fan of bees? Hop on a buzzing journey with our top free beekeeping classes and courses this 2024. These are designed for all the enthusiasts eager to master this art.

Key Takeaways

  • A curated list of excellent beekeeping classes and courses available to all for free.
  • All these courses provide insights into bee behavior, disease prevention, hive management, and most of all honey harvesting.
  • This list is suited best for beginners and seasoned beekeepers interested in enhancing their skills and knowledge.

What are the best free beekeeping classes and courses available online?

In this article, you find the list of the best free beekeeping classes and courses for 2024. These courses give access to comprehensive training in bee lifestyle, disease control, hive management, and honey production. These courses are for both beginners and experienced beekeepers.

Criteria for Beekeeping Classes Online Evaluation and Selection

We select our beekeeping classes based on certain factors. This includes depth of content, practical application, and instructor expertise. We focus on providing courses that offer a strong foundation in bee biology, honey production, and hive management. We also make sure that these courses incorporate sustainable and ethical beekeeping practices. Similarly, we evaluate feedback from past learners and the reputability of course providers. Following this approach makes sure that our recommendations empower future beekeepers with knowledge and skills for successful beekeeping endeavors.

Free Beekeeping Classes Online


Beekeeping 101

      • via PennState Extention
      • 9 hours of effort required
      • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
      • Language: English

Beekeeping 101As growing dangers threaten honeybees all over the world, it is essentially important that we focus on Beekeeping. You will talk about a significant number of dangers to the bees in this course. You’ll find out about the honey bee lifestyle and conduct and how to manage a hive. Moreover, you will have in-depth knowledge about bee diseases and pests, swarming behavior, the equipment beekeepers use, etc. Throughout this course, you will discover various bee products including honey.

Throughout this course, you will be given in-depth lectures about beekeeping using live videos presented by the instructors and readings with images. This course is very beneficial as it provides its students with handouts, including plans for building your own solar extractor. Not only will you learn, but you will complete interactive questions and a final quiz. By the end of this course, you will know how to implement the best practices of experienced beekeepers, and you will good knowledge of bee biology and behavior. You might also be in Harvard University Online Free Courses.


Beekeeping for Beginners: How to Be a Successful Beekeeper!

      • Tonya Wells and Brianna Wells via Udemy
      • 742+ already enrolled!
      • ★★★★★ (278 Ratings)

Beekeeping for Beginners successful BeekeeperThis course will start by providing you with the history of beekeeping, and collecting honey for food. You will quickly advance to learning about why honey bees are dying and how to help them. This will help you develop your mind as to why beekeeping is so important. Moreover, you will get to learn about the time commitment, equipment needed, and everything else they need to know to become a beekeeper.

This course will help you get motivated to become a beekeeper. As you will give an idea about the primary breeds of honey bees used by beekeepers, their basic physiology it will be easier for your o manage a hive.

I began this course having zero beekeeping information. I sense that I took in a lot, and taking the course additionally made me need to continue learning considerably more about beekeeping. The recordings were particularly useful assets notwithstanding the PowerPoints. Much obliged to you to such an extent (Kel D, ★★★★★)

I cherished this course! I felt it was brimming with very helpful information and the lectures were an extraordinary touch! I would suggest new and prepared beekeepers look at this course (Emily Gryger, ★★★★★)


Beginner Beekeeping Online Course (Honeyflow)

      • via Flow

FlowThe platform HoneyFlow is all about loving and nourishing bees. Every time when you plan on managing a bee’s hive, the first year is crucial. To do your best there is so much conflicting advice available online on this platform. You will find every small detail. You can learn through a streamlined process with HD video content to guide you through the amazing world of bees. This apiculture training course has a lot of content from many leading figures in bees and beekeeping from around the world.

This covers everything that you need to understand in order to be a successful beekeeper. So, what are you waiting for? Become a beekeeper now.


Beekeeping 101: An Intro to Beekeeping Class

      • Margaret Smith via Udemy
      • 555+ already enrolled!
      • ★★★★☆ (182 Ratings)

Intro to beekeeping classWould you like to become a beekeeper? If yes then this is the perfect place to start learning about beekeeping. This is an awesome introductory course if you are planning on starting a backyard beehive. This course will help you answer everything that is involved with keeping bees. You do not need any additional knowledge to enroll in this course.

I believe that this was a magnificent introduction to beekeeping. Much obliged to you for setting aside the effort to share such important knowledge. The examination of the honey bees was the most fascinating part of the course. I think there is a need for some more close-up pictures or conceivably more lectures to see the action. Thanks again (Tariq Headlie, ★★★★★)

It was a good course to let you know what you’re getting into. I feel 100% sure to begin my own hive as of now. The Box is still very befuddling and a secret to me. Ideally as I learn things will I bode well. Soon I will learn enough to have my own Beehive. own hive next spring. I think it would be good to find another beekeeper in my area and shadow them this year if possible. A real life mentor would be so helpful (Sue McTigue, ★★★★★)


Background to Beekeeping: Start with Why!

      • Thomas Carroll, PhD via Udemy
      • 861+ already enrolled!
      • ★★★★☆ (238 Ratings)

Background to beekeepingAre you ready to start moving into your path to beekeeping? If yes, then this is the right course for you. With this course, you get a proper and comprehensive understanding of the history and current state of bees and beekeeping around the world. You will be surprised to know about the benefits of beekeeping and those benefits will motivate you to become a beekeeper.

This course was phenomenal in giving a strong foundation to beekeeping, not from a specialized degree of genuine hive management. I love the historical knowledge that I gained about beekeeping, the present status of undertakings in regards to beekeeping, and the significance of beekeeping. Since I am going to join the course of beekeeping, having these points of view fills in as extra inspiration to extend my insight base on the subject (Walter R. Milton, ★★★★★)

This is my first course in learning why is beekeeping essential, and I truly loved this course. I accept that this is vital information. It additionally is truly reasonable. I’m bound to be a superior beekeeper since I have a superior comprehension of the historical background of honey bees (Ina B Hatcher, ★★★★★)


Online Beekeeping Academy

Online beekeeping academyHoneyBees Online is a great platform for early beekeepers. It has the right set of information and knowledge about the tools that anyone who is new to beekeeping needs to know. This platform has 8 different courses, all related to different aspects of beekeeping. Moreover, in this platform, you will find yourself looking at separate categories to learn about Queens, Feeders, Gears, Tools, Smokers, etc.

This platform is the easiest and user friendly way to absorb all of the information required to learn about beekeeping. The best part is all of the courses they provide are on a huge sale. So, you might not want to miss this opportunity. Through these various courses, you can learn how to control mite that can bad for your beehives. This course will give you such a great solution that you would never have to worry about having mites in your beehives. Furthermore, you can learn how to manage your beehive n soring tines. During springtime’s, it is important that you learn about Swarm control and making splits. So, enroll in this course now and start learning about Beekeeping.


Queen Bee Breeding for Backyard Beekeeping

      • Janet Luke via Udemy
      • 495+ already enrolled!
      • ★★★★★ (103 Ratings)

Quenn Bee Breeding for backyardThis is a great course who wants to learn the physical difference between bee types. In this course will also help you to understand the psychological behaviors of the bee. You will be learning to prepare a nucleus hive for your queen cells. By the end of this course, you will be able to state what a non-grafting kit is and demonstrate how to use it

I have a specialty in Beekeeping so I am enjoying watching the video step by step because. I have been looking for courses in honey bee breeding and hereditary qualities for a long time. however shockingly, I didn’t discover anybody of them in online courses. So, now I’m feeling glad to at last discover such a program that has the information in the knowledge that I was looking for (Jaber, ★★★★★).

This course was amazingly formatted. I would say that the teacher worked really hard, and clearly realizes her bees. I would say that one of the sections was not working so please check that. However, I got the image from all the other things the instructor told me. I accept the educator was great in her depiction, and patient, which made this course much more obvious. Much obliged to you, and I can hardly wait to get my first jenter kit. I can not wait to finally implement what I have learned (Chris Collins, ★★★★★).


PerfectBee Academy

      • via PerfactBee

PerfactBee AcademyPerfectBeeAcademy is a perfect learning place for Beekeepers. They have 3 detailed courses which include over 1000 lessons. Surprised right? This platform and its courses will help you to confidently start and maintain your first beehive. In this platform, you will see a lot to learn from. You will be surprised after looking at the contents of the study These courses will not only give you knowledge, but they will also help you to become a professional beekeeper in no time. By practicing the teachings of these courses, you will get over your fear of bees.

Once you get to know about bees, you will find them to be the most gentle creatures. The first course is Learning About bees. In the first course, you will get a keen awareness of the amazing honeybees are. You will get to see how beekeeping relates to this wonderful creature. The second course is Your beehive. In this course, you will be practicing an o0t. in this course, you will get a detailed introduction to the types of beehives in common use today. You will learn the way they might best suit your specific needs the tools and accessories that you will be needing. The third course is about maintaining a healthy Beehive. This course is all about keeping your bees happy and healthy.


Zen Beekeeping for the Beginner

Zen BeekeepingThis course is a journey to your beekeeping. You will get encouraged and enlightened about beekeeping throughout this course.

You will learn to start beekeeping. Followed by knowledge about the sorts of hardware and brief detail into the history of the honeybee. You will get earn to introduce yourself to honey bees and investigate your hive. You will acquire an understanding of nectar reaping and the seasonal tasks of a beekeeper.

I feel the urge to follow my interest and my beloved childhood memories thanks to this course. Love this quiet and serene atmosphere. Much thanks to the instructor for making this course accessible. I think I will soon join the honey bee attendant’s family (Laime Noreikiene, ★★★★★).

This course was wealthy in information and creativeness. Much obliged (Imatalikhan M Zakariyya, ★★★★★).

This course has been instructive and I will apply this when I begin keeping honey bees (Anthony Franckeiss, ★★★★★).

I’m exceptionally amped up for this course. The educator appears to be exquisite and very much educated about beekeeping. She is sharing significant and important information for students like us all over the world. Much obliged to you for making this course (Laura Smith, ★★★★★).

saveOnline Beekeeping Certificate Program

      • via University of Montana

Online beekeeping certificateUM’s offer Online courses to learn about Beekeeping. They have three university-level courses at the apprentice, journeyman, and master levels. Each of the three courses has been designed related to their levels. Each of the three courses is filled with a lot of detailed information regarding the process of BeeKeeping.

The Apprentice course is the basics of keeping honey bees, including bee biology, care of bees throughout the year. It also includes learning to recognize and treat common honey bee ailments and pests. The higher level, of course, is the Journeyman Level course. This free online beekeeping certification course will help you learn about the life and ecology of the honey bee. You will also get to know about the honey bee’s place in the ecosystem and how their different anatomy provides to their synergies with the world both inside and outside the hive.

The last course is the Master level course, this course has a much more detailed look into bee flight, anatomy, and reproduction. You will also get to learn about hive products, bee nutrition, the selection of apiary locations, and basic principles for conducting your own experiments.

Beekeeping Classes FAQs

How do I start beekeeping as a beginner?

To start beekeeping as a beginner, you need to implement a few steps. The first step is to get some basics about bobkingite, you must find an ideal beehive location. Then comes ordering honeybees and their hives. You will also need to buy some beekeeping tools. In short, to become a successful beekeeper you need to learn utmost about the bees themselves.

Are there any online beekeeping courses available?

Yes, there are many online courses available on the internet about beekeeping. The perfect bee academy, lease honey, and honeybees online are some of the official websites that offer online courses on beekeeping. Moreover, there are some beekeeping courses on Udemy as well. For your convenience, take this course.net has compiled a list of best online beekeeping courses. You can check out our link to get an idea: https://www.takethiscourse.net/beekeeping-classes/

How long is a beekeeping course?

It approximately takes 15-16 hours on average to complete an online beekeeping course. Participants can according to their own pace and capability can cover the coursework in around 2 weeks.

Is it hard to raise bees?

Generally, honeybees are easy to raise. Talking about farm animals, honeybees are the only self-regulated farm animal. This means a beekeeper is supposed to only look after their hives. However, it all depends on your interest. If you are passionate and can endure the first year of beekeeping confidently and firmly, then raising honeybees might not be hard for you.

How much money can you make as a beekeeper?

It depends on the number of hives you have. The more hives you have, the more chances you have of making a huge profit. A strong and healthy bee colony can produce up to 100 lbs i.e., 45 kg of honey annually. Using this figure, you are expected to make $300 to $600 per hive selling honey annually. Moreover, you can increase your income by selling some bee products or the bees themselves.

Final Thoughts

These are the 10 Best + Free Beekeeping Classes & Courses. Best of luck with becoming a Beekeeper, and don’t forget to provide us with tasty honey.