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Adobe Audition CC Course – Audio Production For Voice-Overs

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It’s understanding how to use the voice-over artists best tool, the industry-standard software, Adobe audition cc, teaching yourself this magical software will mean you need to hire an engineer or book an outside studio. You can keep all the income yourself!

Adobe Audition CC, a creative cloud product is a very powerful and rock-solid piece of software that you will use throughout your working day to record, edit and enhance your voice-over recordings. But too many newcomers they’re put off using this software as it seems very complicated to use. In my new much-awaited video-based training course, I will not only explain how to start your new career as a freelance voice over artist so you can hit the ground running, but I’ll explain how to get the most from Adobe audition CC 2021 in your work.

Now there are plenty of other Adobe Audition training courses about their software, but they are mostly aimed at music producers, but mine is specifically aimed at the busy voiceover artists and presenters.

So I’ll show you what features are essential and most importantly, which features you can generally ignore in your day to day work. Once you get to understand this, the big nasty beast of the audio software world becomes as cute and appealing as a pussycat.

Along with the simple keyboard shortcuts, I’ll show you the whole operation becomes like child’s play. I’ll show you the fastest workflows to record and edit your paid for scripts as well as your voice demos. And I’ll show you the astonishing tools built into the software to make your voice sound amazing and to deal with any technical problems by learning all the elements of Adobe audition CC 2021 that the professional voiceover needs. You’ll save so much time and money, you’ll be able to do everything yourself in your home studio fast and you’ll be able to send files back to clients quicker, especially as you won’t be waiting and they get a hidden slot at your local studio.


  • You need a willingness to open your mind and learn, and not to be afraid to use your voice!
  • A basic subscription to Adobe Audition CC software
  • A compatible computer, screen and speakers

What you’ll learn

  • Why Adobe Audition CC software is the industry standard for audio work.
  • How the Adobe Audition can enhance your voice and solve audio problems.
  • Setting up Adobe Audition the way you want it for your own studio.
  • Step-by-step, with clear screen shots, the essential features of the software.
  • Detailed step-by-step training on every part of the edit process.
  • An overview of the opportunities and work of a freelance voice artist.
  • How to generate clients and boost your income as a voice artist.
  • Over 4.5 hours of broadcast quality HD video training videos.
  • Includes a 65-page illustrated downloadable pdf and 7 bonus chapters.

Who this course is for:

  • Voiceovers starting out, setting up their own studios and needing guidance how to do it cheaply and most effectively.
  • Established voice artists with their own studio who wish to learn how to use Adobe Audition software to be more efficient and to earn more income.
  • Experienced stage and TV actors who want to learn how to add voiceovers to their income stream.
  • Audio production studio staff who want to learn how to use Audition® to edit speech recordings.

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