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Video Editing Complete Course | Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2021

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  • Mariano Gobbi via Udemy
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Interested in learning all the ways to do video editing for YouTube and social media? In this 14 hours online course, you will get to learn video editing for YouTube and social media using Adobe Premiere Pro 2020. Upon completing this course, you would have gained a good understanding to edit videos. And independently create a video project from start to end no matter what the platform (Instagram, YouTube, and Tik Tok). Similarly, the Adobe Premiere Online Course instructor is going to help you develop a solid foundation of Adobe Premiere software. In addition, you will learn all about its interface and get familiar with the man video editing terms and concepts.


  • By the end of the course, you’ll have learned the full video editing process and you’ll independently be able to create a video project from start to end for any kind of platform, including instagram, youtube and tik tok..
  • You will get solid foundations of the Adobe Premiere software and its interface, and you’ll be familiar with the main video editing terms and concepts.
  • The tools and techniques to trim and adjust the video clips through varied and engaging material.
  • You’ll learn how to stabilise, scale, rotate, position, animate and change the speed of a clip.
  • How to add music, sound effects and how to mix your audio.
  • How to colour correct and colour grade your video with a polished and professional final look.
  • How to create texts, animated graphics with the use of the keyframes and how to create graphic presets.
  • How to add captions and subtitles.
  • How to export your video in different aspect ratios and formats.
  • Get professional tips and tricks throughout the whole course.

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