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Who Is an SEO Analyst? Key Responsibilities, Skills & Salary in 2024


The aim of every online business owner is to get as many customers as possible. Using search engine optimization is the top way to do it since the users attracted from the search results are the most interested ones with the strongest purchasing intent.

An SEO analyst can help your website reach top search rankings and that’s why SEO Data Analysts are in demand all over the world. What are the SEO analyst job requirements? What is the SEO data analysis salary? You will find the job description and main responsibilities of such an expert in this article.

Who Is a SEO Analyst: Tasks, Salary, and Skills

What is the essence of an SEO analyst profession? The key task of this expert is to increase traffic and boost the website’s ranking. Given the fact that SEO trends change frequently, the SEO analyst needs to quickly respond to all changes in the industry and use strategies that will work within the framework of a particular project. As a result, such strategies should not only bring in a large number of visitors but also improve the position in the site’s ranking.

To be successful in this area, you need to know everything from A to Z regarding SEO optimization. What are the responsibilities of this job? Here are the typical tasks that such specialists will need to perform:

  • Keyword research and analysis, selection of relevant keywords with the help of modern tools that help to optimize web content for the project.
  • Monitoring of SEO indicators. These indicators include traffic, conversion, dwelling time, backlinks performance, and so on. For example, all these indicators are possible to track with Google Analytics.
  • Constant monitoring and reporting on the effectiveness of SEO strategies as well as tracking new trends in the industry.
  • Analyzing both websites and social networks to provide comprehensive recommendations in the context of Search Engine Optimization.
  • Analysis of key competitors to implement an effective strategy as well as finding gaps to improve user experience and the current strategy.
  • Implementation of backlink strategies, analysis, and elimination of low-quality backlinks.
  • Finding and using specialized digital tools.
  • Monitoring the latest trends in the world of digital marketing, SEO, social media, software, and new practices to provide an effective solution for each project.
  • Creating reports on the SEO tactics effectiveness.
  • Create recommendations and technical tasks for other team members, for example, for content writers and web designers.
  • The website optimization for the mobile version of the site.

These are the basic tasks that this profession implies. But often companies break down task areas into several specialists. For example, large agencies may offer SEO analysts to deal only with link building and their performance analysis while smaller SEO service companies may assign all the scope of the tasks above to a single specialist.

Where SEO Analysts Can Work?

So, such specialists can be the members of the marketing team of the organization, the PR department, or the IT company. They are also welcome to consider the roles in full-cycle SEO agencies or apply for jobs in a backlink company.

Also one of the advantages of this job is the ability to work remotely. Such specialists are in demand in the freelance market, which allows you to work directly with customers without supervision.

What Education Is Required?

Since this is a relatively new profession, there are no clear and strict requirements regarding education. But having a degree from a related field such as marketing, management, or computer science would be a great advantage.

Plus, the presence of any courses and certificates will definitely be useful. There are many free courses for SEO professionals on the Internet. Even such courses can be useful in employment, as this job requires constant improvement of one’s skills and knowledge.

When it comes to SEO analytics, the experience will play a key role. Employers often look for specialists with at least two years of experience and a portfolio of their work. The portfolio acts as evidence of the effectiveness of the strategies.

It is also worth noting that some employers are looking for specialists with knowledge of HTML, CSS, or JavaScript. Such knowledge ​​will be an undoubted benefit for those who want to succeed on the career path in the field of SEO analytics.

What Skills Do SEO Analysts Need?

Below are the must-have skills and competencies of an SEO analyst:

  • Communication skills. The specialist will need to communicate both with the team and with the client.
  • Analytical skills and the ability to work with large data arrays.
  • The management and organization skills with the ability to prioritize tasks.
  • Ability to quickly adapt to all changes. Since the SEO industry is rapidly changing, the specialist needs to immediately respond to all changes and make data-driven decisions.
  • Technical skills. This requirement implies the ability to work with various software and a basic understanding of technical issues of the industry.
  • Ability to manage multiple projects and ability to work in multitasking mode.

What is the Salary of a SEO Analyst?

The average wage this specialist gets is pretty competitive for the world of IT. Freelance SEO Analyst usually have the market-average salary or the wage depending upon the project’s budget and specifics.

The level of salary often depends on experience, seniority, education, and skills. But if we talk about the priority of these factors, then the experience will be the key one. What’s more, the more niches, industries and cases the candidate can showcase, the more competitive advantages they will have. The matter is that SEO is a field where practical skills have more value than the theoretical background.

Let’s check out the salary statistics of individuals working in different major countries.

Country Average Salary (Yearly)
United States $76,141
Canada CA$45,799
United Kingdom £31,254
India ₹534,000
Australia A$74,000


Working as a SEO Analyst in the US can help you make around $76,141.

SEO Analyst make


If you are working as a SEO Analyst in Canada then this can help you earn an average annual salary of CA$45,799.

SEO Analyst make in Canada


The average annual salary of a SEO Analyst working in the UK can earn around £31,254 per year.

SEO Analyst make in United Kingdom


SEO Analyst working in India can make around ₹534,000 annually.

SEO Analyst make in India


In Australia, if you work as a SEO Analyst then you can expect to make around A$74,000.

SEO Analyst make in Australia

Wrapping Up

There is no doubt that SEO analysis is one of the professions of the future. What’s more, there are no barriers to becoming such a specialist right now – there are a lot of free and paid courses, tutorials, videos, books, and articles you are welcome to study. This job offers many opportunities and an attractive salary, so consider getting started with it to secure your future and keep your brain always turned on.


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  • Please note that mentioned salary stats are as of September, 2023.