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Who is a Change Manager? Key Responsibilities, Skills & Salary 2024


Who is a Change Manager?

A change manager is an individual who accompanies, monitors, and supervises different processes of operational change. He has to work to make sure that all the changes are being carried out in an efficient and straightforward manner. In simpler words, a change manager has to handle all the changes that are required to take place in the workplace. He manages all such changes to be as minimally disruptive as possible.

Change manager is considered to be a structural, systematic, or strategic change that is intended to improve or optimize the current status quo of a company. A change manager is expected to optimize the business processes and organizational structure in the best possible manner and make sure that service delivery and business efficiency are increased. Similarly, a change manager has to consult with the management to design and execute different strategies which can then be implemented fast with minimum staff member resistance.

In this article, we shall talk about who a change manager is, what are his/her key responsibilities, required skills, and salary statistics.

Key Responsibilities of a Change Manager

A change manager has to do a lot of work on a daily basis and below we have listed some of his/her responsibilities:

  • Collaborate with management for the purpose of gathering and analyzing all kinds of operation information.
  • Prepare different kinds of change management strategies which can then lead to a reduction in expenses, an increase in revenue, and maximize efficiency.
  • Evaluate cost structures and the budgetary impact of the proposed changes.
  • Coordinate with staff members and manage any kind of anticipated resistance.
  • Create both communication and training plans so that there is a smooth implementation of the strategy.
  • Analyze all kinds of operational changes and assess the change impact.
  • Document and create change management reports.
  • Manage change requests and review planned changes.
  • Assist with the restructuring of the staff component and optimize the effective implementation of the project.
  • Provide coaching to managers and even supervisors which can then lead to improved implementation communication.
  • Track implementation progress and report back to management.

Required Qualification/Education

To become a change manager you need a;

  • Bachelor’s degree in business, computer information systems, computer science, or a related field.
  • A master’s degree is always preferred.

Zippia states that there are 67% of change managers hold a bachelor’s degree while 20% hold a master’s degree.

Recommended Courses:

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What makes you qualified for this job?

In order to perform this job well there are certain skills both hard and soft that you need to possess.

  • Sufficient knowledge of change management tools and methodologies.
  • Adaptability and flexibility for managing ambiguity.
  • Sufficient business management training is also important.
  • A solid understanding of change methodologies is also required.
  • Excellent communication skills are very important for a change manager as this role specifically invaolves direct communication with people at different levels of seniority.
  • You need to be very good at problem-solving.
  • You need to be persuasive enough.
  • You should have the ability to make influential decisions.
  • Understanding of all the change management frameworks and best practices.
  • Handle all the group exercises, workshops, and other interventions efficiently.
  • Ability to take advantage of change management methodologies and tailor them to your own specific project or change initiative.

In-demand Certifications:

Below we have listed some of the available certifications for you to consider;

Top Companies/Organizations Hiring Change Manager

For the past 20 years, change management has evolved drastically from a foundational understanding of how humans experience to change into change management concepts and frameworks. Today, change management has made its way to become a formalized discipline and a large number of organizations have started to create permanent positions for change management professionals.

Top companies like Ultimate Software, CommonBond, Convene, WEX, Dealnews, Broadrisgde, ASCAP, CapTech, T-Mobile, Accenture, and many others have started to make permanent space for change managers.

Change managers can easily work in industries like retail, health, education, transportation, and insurance. With that, there are many other industries where a change manager can fit in. It all depends on one’s skills and abilities.

In simpler words, digitalization, evolving customer demands, remote work, and different businesses are now in a state of constant change and this has opened many new paths for those who are interested in change management. Therefore, if you are looking to start a career in this field, then now is the time.

Change Manager Salary Statistics

This section contains the salary details of a change manager who happens to work in different companies located in some of the biggest countries of the world.

Country Average Salary (Yearly)
United States $99,176
Canada CA$104,047
United Kingdom £77,000
India ₹100,000
Australia A$162,000


The average annual salary of a change manager working in the United States is expected to be around $99,176.

Change Manager make near United States


Working in Canada as a change manager can help you make an average annual salary of CA$104,047.

Change Manager make near Canada


If you are working in the United Kingdom as a change manager then you can expect to make an average annual salary of £77,000.

Change Manager make in United Kingdom


The average annual salary of a change manager working in India is around ₹100,000.

Change Manager make in India


In Australia, if you are working as a change manager, your average annual salary would be around A$162,000.

Change Manager make in Australia


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  • Please note that mentioned salary stats are as of Oct, 2023.

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