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When Agile is not Suitable?


Agile is simple project management which is an iterative development methodology. This methodology was proposed back in 2001. Agile benefits human interaction and feedback, adjusting to change, and constructing working results. Moreover, the Agile methods work best for complicated projects which change fast during the development process. But there are times when Agile is not suitable. Not everyone is able to determine when is Agile suitable and when it’s not. In this article, we will study through examples to understand when Agile not suitable.

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When Agile is not Suitable?

To understand where is Agile not suitable, organizations and program administrators need to realize how to apply Agile where it’s appropriate. It is important that they should be familiar with other approaches that are more appropriate for the specific task. Here are when Agile is not suitable:

If the Project is not urgent, too Complex, or Novel

Since Agile methodology is very demanding and for complex projects. So, we recommend not use it for projects that are simple or typical. Simple and typical projects can be done using either method such, as the Waterfall methodology. You might also be interested in agile training courses.

What Agile methodology does is that it lets you create a lasting, well-organized software development process. The development process created through the Agile methodology is highly versatile to the changing conditions and environment. Now understanding that you have a very clear goal and enough time to get what you want to achieve. So at times like this, using Agile methodology is really not the best option.

If the Team is not Self-Organizing and requires expert Developers

Being acquainted with the Agile principles and practices is actually one of the most significant features of any Agile project. A good and professional team is well aware of those principles and practices. The agile process is not a child game, it requires a lot of critical decisions to be practiced by the team members during the project. Now imagine that you do not have experiences or professional developers, then guess what? You will end up getting your entire project ruined.

We suggest not using the Agile method until or unless you have an experienced team. There is another need for Agile methods, and that is consistent communication among all stakeholders. Consistent communication means that there should be no communication gap between the development team, testing unit, management, and the customer. If anyone of the management teams shows a lack of responsibility, then it will for sure affect the overall result. At the times of having a doubt in the team, one should not use the Agile software development, as there are chances that backfire at any stage of the process. You can also check out challenges of an agile transformation.


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The Customer is always in need of Systematic Documentation of each Development Cycle

Our experts say again and again that most of the customers always like to have the company submit detailed documentation of each phase of the project. These conditions mostly hold for foundation applications, which are designed in a way that supports a process for an extended period of your time. This is not similar to the business process applications, which are continuously changed to the unstable business environment, foundation applications will remain unchanged for quite some time. Therefore, they ought to be clearly structured and maintained by proper documentation.You can also find Out benefits of timeboxing in Agile.

The Approval of the Customer at every stage is absolutely Necessary

Imagine for a moment that you have a customer who is a clear follower of Waterfall methods. He then asks for your company that they give him software pieces for approval at each development cycle. Now that your customer demands your deliverables to go through a process of continuous approval, at this point, we highly suggest not to use Agile methods. Such speed breakers through the process of work will just absolutely destroy the momentum, making it very difficult for a successful Agile project. If you’re struggling with Choosing Between RUP and Agile for Project Management, our comparison details the nuances that could guide your decision.


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Final Thoughts

Our experts agree to the fact that the upcoming future is all Agile. We even believe the fact that for these rapidly changing marketplaces and rapidly advancing technology, only Agile can present the best option for many modernization ambitions. However, one must also need to understand that Agile may not always be the best approach for achieving a specific project. Stay safe and keep learning.Coursera Plus Courses