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What is a Project Management Plan?


A Project Management Plan is a series of steps that are taken very carefully in order to define, integrate and coordinate all the subsidiary. The basic purpose of this plan is to make sure that the project is executed properly and that it is monitored and controlled effectively without any mistakes being made and brought to the ending point successfully. It is because of the project management plan that the whole team acts as vigilant as possible until the project is completed. Each project is executed through this plan and the plan is revised and updated through an integrated change control process. A Project Manager has to make sure that the plan has everything that is needed to complete the project properly and can update it when needed.

The Project Management processes selected by the team:

The Project Management Plan as discussed is a series of actions and processes that are being selected by the team. So let us shed some light on what these processes are:

  • The different levels of implementation of each selected process.
  • A complete list of those tools and techniques that will be required to complete these processes.
  • How the processes that are selected will be utilized in completing the project given.
  • What type of work and how much work will be executed to complete the project objectives?
  • If any changes made, then how will they be monitored and controlled during the process.
  • What will be the procedure to perform the configuration management?
  • What will be the requirements and techniques for communicating among the stakeholders?

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With these processes to be considered, there are three segments that are covered by the team as well:

Automated system:

The automated system is used by the team for multiple purposes like facilitating feedback, control changes to the plan, release the approved document and support generation of the Project Management Plan. For anyone tangled in the decision of Burndown Vs Gantt Chart for their project management needs, our detailed comparison sheds light on which tool might be the best fit for your projects.

Configuration management system:

This is a subsystem that includes sub-processes to complete different tasks like tracking the system for reviewing and authorizing changes, to submit proposed changes, to provide a method to evaluate the approved changes, to implement and configure change management system, to identify and document all the functional and physical characteristics of a product, to support the audit of the products and much more.

Change control system:

This is a part of the whole project management plan which provides formal procedures to the team to help them control the project deliverables and take care of the documentation. The activities required for the execution of the project are to train the staff and manage the project team members, to implement all the methods that are finalized, to manage sellers, to manage risks and implement risk response activities, to create, control, verify and validate project deliverables and much more.

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A Project Management Plan is a lengthy yet important plan that is there only to help the team to complete their task. Without a project management plan, no project can be executed and controlled properly. The Project Management Plan is carefully designed so that the slightest chance of mistake can be avoided. Thus we can say that it is very important to know the processes of a project management plan and how to implement them properly so that whatever the project is, can be executed and completed properly.


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