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Udemy vs Skillshare



As the scope of online learning has increased a lot, so does the number of platforms that offer online courses. Among these platforms are Udemy and SkillShare that happens to be among the popular ones. But which one is better to choose? To solve this problem, we are going to make a comparison of udemy vs skillshare to help you decide which one is more suitable.

Udemy Statistics:

Below you can find some statistical information regarding Udemy.

  • Udemy as of September 2021 has more than 46 million students.
  • With that, it has around 175,000 courses to offer.
  • Similarly, Udemy has more than 60,000 instructors who are teaching in over 75 languages.
  • Udemy has more than 644 million course enrollments.
  • Similarly, Udemy services are available in more than 180 countries.
  • Next, there was an increase of 80% in Udemy usage by businesses and government as well in the year 2020.
  • The services offered by Udemy are also recognized in Fortune 100 companies.

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5. Free Digital Marketing Basics Course Sorav Jain 120,682+ 5hr 45min
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Skillshare Statistics:

Below you can find some statistical information relevant to Skillshare.

  • Skillshare has around 12 million registered users.
  • With that, it has around 30,000+ classes.
  • Similarly Skillshare offers more than 2000 free courses to its users.
  • Next, Skillshare has around 8000 teachers.
  • Among the 8000 teachers, the top 500 teachers tend to make around $2000 per month on average.

Main Differences:

As we all know both the platforms offer thousands of online courses but there is a main difference between the two and that is their cost structure. If you use Udemy, then you need to pay for every course you take. But on Skillshare, you only have to pay a monthly or annual fee and this will give you complete access to all the courses available.

Below we have highlighted some differences between the two:

Comparison based on pricing:


As we have just mentioned earlier, In Udemy you have to pay for every course you take. And once you pay for a specific course, you get lifetime access to it. The courses available on Udemy range from a minimum of $10 to maximum $150. We know, for some learners it is difficult to pay for multiple courses but don’t worry, Udemy courses go on sale frequently.

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Now if we talk about Skillshare then the pricing strategy is a little different from Udemy. Here you have to pay a monthly subscription fee to get access to everything Skillshare has to offer. The subscription charges can be $15 per month. But if you subscribe for a full year payment then per month costs reach to $8.25 per month.

The subscription procedure is a little more convenient to many learners as it gives access to all the courses available at Skillshare.

Comparison based on subject areas covered:


Based on subject areas covered, Udmey has more than 30,000 courses that are being taught by 18,000 instructors. These courses tend to cover a wide range of topics or subject areas. Be it test prop or health and fitness or photography, medical, marketing, personal development and what not, Udemy has it all for you.


Skillshare too has an impressive catalogue of courses that are taught by thousands of instructors. Skillshare offers more than 23,000 courses covering a wide range of subject areas including business, lifestyle, technology, photography, engineering, and many more. This shows if there is any skill you want to learn, Skillshare has got you covered.


Comparison based on duration of course:


Based on duration, the minimum course length that Udemy offers is 30 minutes. The length can vary for different courses but 30 minutes has to be the minimum length.


In case of Skillshare, the minimum length of any course has to be around 10 minutes and not less than that. You might also be interested in comparison between Udemy and Coursera at takethiscourse platform.

Comparison based on accreditation:


Based on accreditation or certification, Udemy offers certificate of completion for all the courses that are available on its platform. But the biggest disadvantage here is that majority of the companies don’t even recognize the skills that you have learned through this platform no matter how big or renowned it is. It is because they mostly prefer the skills learned through a proper university or through a degree.


As per the question about certificates of completion on Skillshare is concerned then they don’t offer any kind of certificates. This means the only proof that you have completed a specific course from Skillshare is the different projects that you do in the process.

Comparison based on time commitment:


When you take an online course from Udemy, you get lifetime access to the content of the course. This means no matter where you are or how much longer it takes for you to complete the course, you have access to the entire course forever.


Opposite is the case with Skillshare as you have to pay a monthly subscription fee for getting access to the contents of the course. And if for any reason you fail to pay for the next month’s subscription then you would lose access to the content of the course.


From the above comparison, you can easily see for yourself that both platforms have some unique and at the same time mutual features to offer. So, we can say both the platforms are doing the best they can to offer educational services to its users and thus both can be trusted to its fullest to fulfill your educational needs.