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Teachable Vs Udemy 2021


This article is about Teachable vs Udemy. Teachable and Udemy both are highly-recognized online learning platforms and offers thousands of online courses to millions of students. At present, Udemy is offering almost 130,000 online courses to 12 million students from all over the world. Whereas Teachable is offering more than 20,000 courses to almost 3 million students. This shows that both the platforms are on the path of providing high-quality education to learners from all over the world.

Though both the platforms are quite competitive, still there are some major differences that everyone should know about them and that is why our team at takethiscourse.net has gathered some Intel showing a comparison between both Best Udemy Courses and Teachable Courses. We have broken things down by category to make things easy for our learners to understand. So let us take a look at this Teachable vs Udemy comparison.


This one has to be the most obvious difference between the two platforms as Udemy has a huge marketplace while Teachable does not. Now for someone who is new to online marketing would prefer to choose such a platform that has a huge marketplace right? And for that Udemy has to be the best option rather than Teachable. So in terms of the marketplace, If we compare Teachable vs Udemy then Udemy is stronger.


Udemy has a policy that you can price your courses up to $900 and as little as $9. But a change was made in their pricing tiers which allow instructors to price their course as low as $20 and as high as $200.

Now talking about Teachable, it doesn’t have any boundaries. In short, you can price your course at any price you like. For example, if for a course, you wish to set a price of $409, then go for it, no one’s going to stop you. Similarly, if you wish to sell a course for $29, then this won’t be a problem as well. So it is up to you whatever the price you like to set for your course.

So we can say, in terms of pricing, if we compare Teachable vs Udemy then Teachable is more favorable as it lets you set a price of your choice.


Now, this is another important comparison we can make between the two. When we talk about Udemy, it is obvious that you will be competing with all of the other courses available in the marketplace. In short, what we are trying to tell is, if you wish to release a course on the topic “XYZ”, you will find a variety of courses same to your topic because Udemy is competing in the marketplace.

But as Teachable doesn’t have any marketplace which means that the only person who is going to compete against you is you. This gives you an advantage of people not comparing your price of courses to others.

In terms of fee:

Now talking about fee, both the platforms have an entirely different structure that they follow. So we are going to talk about both of them one by one.

 Udemy Fees

Udemy charges three different fees depending on how people find your best courses on udemy

  • There will be a 50% split on the earnings if learners find and buy the course directly from Udemy.
  • If you are sending a learner to Udemy through a coupon code, then you shall get 97% of the profit. And Udemy gets 0% as they have not mentioned who gets the remaining 3%.
  • Lastly, you will earn 25% of the course if someone recommends your course as an affiliate. Udemy will get the other 25% and the rest of the 50% will be enjoyed by the affiliate.

Teachable Fees

Teachable also has an entirely different pricing structure which is mentioned below.

Free account:

Here you don’t have to pay any monthly fee but for every sale that you make, it will cost you $1 + 10% + credit card fees.

For Basic Account

It will cost $39 a month plus 8% plus the credit card fees.

For Professional Account

Well, this one is expensive as it will cost $99 a month plus 5% plus the credit card fees.

For Volume Account

This will be expensive as well costing you $299 a month but with a 0% transaction fee up to $15,000 plus the credit card fees.

Lastly, if you pay $749 a month, then the transaction fee is waived forever.

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Hence this was the Teachable vs Udemy comparison based on 4 main categories. So, read them now and never stop learning.