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Top 9 Cute Cartoon Character Drawings 2023 [Updated]


Cartoon characters are known to be some fictional characters that are drawn by artists that portray a specific character. Though there are many cartoon characters that people and especially kids love, we shall be talking about the top 9 cartoon character drawings and how to draw them. checkout the best Cute Cartoon Characters Courses from the takethiscourse.net team.

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Top 9 Cute Cartoon Character Drawings

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 Turkey Cartoon Character Drawings:

Drawing a basic turkey character is quite an easy task and we are going to walk you through the steps to make it.

  • First, you need to draw an oval.
  • Then draw a U shape above the oval with a neck between the two.
  • After that, you have to draw a hat which is quite an easy task to do.
  • Then add a small beak to the head.
  • Then make eyes and radiating feather lines from the body and that’s it, you’re done.

 Pumpkin Cartoon Character Drawings:

  • Following are the steps to make a cartoon pumpkin.
    •  First, make a letter C on the left and an inverted C on the right.
    •  Connect both the top and bottom by drawing three arches between the endpoints.
    •  Now put your pen at the middle arch on top and draw two curved lines from top to bottom to make the ribs of your pumpkin. Repeat this step for the whole pumpkin.
    •  Then make a stem on the top middle of your pumpkin.

Santa Cartoon Character Drawings:

Here are the simple steps to make the most beloved character of the year, the Santa.

  •  First, draw a circle and make sure to cross the framework for your Santa head.
    •   Then to draw a Santa face, you need to draw a circle and then make eyes, nose, mustache, and mouth.
    •   Then give Santa his head and beard and finish off the character by making a hat.

Zombie Cartoon Character Drawings :

The steps are below.

  •  Draw two small circles for the zombie’s eyes and then add a dot to it.
    •    Below the eyes, draw two more dots as the nostrils and below that make a small horizontal line for the top part of the mouth. Directly under the mouth, make three teeth.
    •    Then draw the bottom part of the mouth using a curved U-shaped line and then make the bottom teeth. Then a tongue is to be made using two short curved lines.
    •    Then make brows above the eyes and then the zombie’s head.
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Cartoon Tiger face Drawing:

Here are the simple steps to draw a cartoon tiger.

  •  Make a small circle and then draw a curved line beneath the circle forming roughly a trapezoidal shape.
    •   Then draw a curved line on both sides of the previous shape.
    •   Add a nose in the center of the circle.
    •   hen make the eyes and mouth and finally the whiskers. That would bit to make a tiger face.

Giraffe Cartoon Character Drawings:

Making a Giraffe is quite easy and the steps are mentioned below.

  • Draw two circles one on the top and one a little lower than the first one.
    •  Draw a pair of curved lines connecting the two circles. This will be the Giraffe’s neck.
    •  Then make a curved line on the first circle you made. This is going to be Giraffe’s mouth.
    •  Then draw two parallel lines having some distance between them which will be the Giraffe’s body. Then draw a tail and legs.

Monkey Cartoon Character Drawings:

These steps will help you make a Monkey easily.

  • Draw an ellipse shape and make an M on the upper side of the ellipse.
    •  Then draw around an outline for the head around the M.
    •  Then make two ears and then fill in the facial details like making eyes, nose, and mouth.
    •  Then draw a round shape under the head for the body and then one more inside the first one.
    •  Draw the limbs and hands and tails and you are done.

Cartoon Penguin Drawings:

For this, you need to follow the below steps.

  •  Draw a circle as a penguin’s head.
    •   Then make an oval overlapping the original circle for adding details to the shape of the head and then erase the guidelines from the head.
    •  Draw an egg-shaped oval that is overlapping the bottom of the head to form a penguin’s body.
    •  Then make hands and feet and fill in the facial details.

Cartoon Cat:

Following these steps can help you make a cartoon cat.

  •  Draw a circle and two triangles outside the circle for ears and one inside for nose.
    •  Then make two dots as eyes and then for mouth make a straight line from the bottom of the nose downwards. Then draw the mouth curve and bring it down and up again to meet the line you made under the nose and make whiskers.
    •  For the body, you need to make a long U connecting the head. Then make a tail and claws and you are all set.
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So, learn to make different cartoon characters by following these steps now and never stop learning. Whether you decide to enroll in a Free Online course with Certificates and study at your ease and pace or enroll in a Cute Cartoon Character Drawings courses where you have to follow a proper schedule.