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Reviews for Tableau Certification Training by Edureka


This Tableau Certification training and certification course by Edureka has been curated with full determination by Industry Experts. The aim here is to enable learners to develop a good understanding of tableau and become capable of using it effectively. The Tableau Certification Training course covers in-depth knowledge on a variety of topics like tableau prep builder, tableau desktop, and tableau online. This is a throughout online instructor-led Tableau Certification training course where you will get a chance to work on real-life industry use cases in retail, entertainment transportation, and life sciences domains. Thus with this amazing course, you will get a brief idea of data visualization and tableau prep builder tool.

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What will you be learning from this course?

In this Tableau Certification training course, you will be learning a variety of topics like

  • An overview of data visualization.
  • Information is relevant to business intelligence tools.
  • A complete introduction to the tableau.
  • All about what tableau architecture is and its technicalities.
  • Then you will get a thorough introduction to tableau prep.
  • Next, the instructor will explain to you all about the tableau prep builder user interface.
  • Going further, you will learn different data preparation techniques using the tableau prep builder tool.
  • Next, you will learn to create personalized, dynamic visualizations through parameters.
  • Similarly, the instructor will also make you understand how you can develop interactive dashboards using actions.
  • Then, you will be exploring good design practices for dashboards.
  • After that, you will learn to publish and share dashboards and then manage permissions to your published data.
  • The instructor will also explain to you various tips and tricks with a tableau that will help you use this tool more efficiently.
  • Similarly, other topics like VizQL, tableau server architecture, and more will be learned.

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What skills will you be gaining from the course?

Through this course, you will be gaining a lot, the details of which are given below.

  • You will learn to build a simple data flow using the Tableau prep builder tool.
  • Next, you will learn to group and replace feature using the Tableau prep builder tool.
  • Similarly, you will also be given instructions as to how you can pivot data using the tableau prep builder tool.
  • Then, you will learn to aggregate data using the tableau prep builder tool.
  • Furthermore, you will also learn to perform unions and joins using the tableau prep builder tool.

Who is this course suitable for?

This Tableau Certification Training course is suitable for a variety of people as the business intelligence market is growing significantly and the demand is increasing day-by-day, thus a variety of people can benefit from this course like,

  • All business analysts and data analysts who wish to enhance their skills.
  • All the project managers who need to enhance their knowledge.
  • Then all the data scientists who have direct or indirect relations with this field are also welcome to join.
  • Similarly, different statisticians and analysts can also benefit from this Tableau              Certification Training Course.
  • Finally, all business intelligence managers can enroll in this course.

Are there any requirements to become eligible to take this training?

Generally, there aren’t any hard requirements to enroll in this Tableau Certification training, but yes if you wish to make the most out of this course then it would be best if you have these two skills. Check out tableau certification study material here.

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Features of this training:

With this Tableau Certification Training, you will get access to a variety of features like.

  • 36 hours of online live instructor-led classes.
  • Real-life case studies to help you understand all the concepts easily.
  • A variety of quizzes to solve to help you evaluate yourself.
  • Lifetime access to LMS that has all the quizzes, class recordings, presentations, and installation guide.
  • 24/7 online support team to solve all your technical issues.
  • And lastly, a certificate of completion.

Social proof:

Now, we will be taking a look at the social proof where the learners can take a look at both positive and negative feedback that users have given about the Tableau Specialist Dumps Training course.

Positive feedback:

The overall class is quite good and the way the faculty has explained everything shows how much experience they have in using tableau. I have enjoyed learning from this course a lot and would want to take more courses like these from Edureka (Krishna, 5 stars).

From a developer’s point of view, the course has everything in it that a learner needs to develop a strong base about tableau (Sundara Raman K, 5 stars).

The examples used by the instructor to explain different concepts are quite helpful and because of these examples, I was able to understand the majority of the concepts easily. But I would admit that some of the hands-on exercises were a little challenging yet interesting (Veni, 5 stars).

The instructor was very knowledgeable and that is why he was able to make us understand all the features of the tableau product easily. The whole class was quite energetic and my experience learning from this course turned out to be very amazing (Don Nachtwey, 5 stars).

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After reading everything about what this training has to offer, any business analyst, data analyst, IT professional, or other people who have an interest in Tableau can be convinced to enroll in this Tableau Certification training. So, if you think this training is worth your time, effort, and money, then enroll today and start learning everything you need to learn about Tableau For Tableau Certification Preparation, Practicing Questions along with tableau training solution videos will really help you strengthen your concepts and will make you ready for real exam. from the comfort of your home. So, enroll now, and don’t forget to stay home, stay safe, and never stop learning.

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