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A Student’s Guide for Finding the Right Part-Time Job in Singapore


The life of a student can be difficult. You spend a long time in school every day, studying for exams, doing homework and projects etc. All materials that are related to a student’s daily life need money. Sadly, students are not allowed to have full-time jobs. This is where part-time jobs come in.

What are Part-Time Jobs?

These jobs have work hours less than regular jobs, and it offers a flexible work arrangement to their employees. Part-time jobs are often a popular source of pocket money for students, especially in countries like Singapore.

For students who want to earn money by working part-time, you should follow these steps to find suitable part-time work.

Students and Part-Time Jobs

If you are a student, you have many responsibilities, and working part-time will add more. If you want a part-time job, you should ensure that they are easily accessible and convenient. Another obvious need is that the work should be legal.

Choose a Convenient and Easy Part-Time Job

Since you are just a student, you need to have a job that still allows you to have time to study and rest. There are many part-time jobs in Singapore that can offer you this. Some of these jobs are bookkeeping, writing, house sitting, etc.

Choosing what part-time job you will apply for is an important step. So, think about your skills and the work you can do confidently before applying for a job.

Another vital thing to do is prepare a resume that is straight to the point. By doing this, you will have a better chance of getting noticed and hired by employers.

Now that you are finished choosing what kind of part-time job you would like to work in, it is time for you to find them.

6 Effective Ways to Find a Part-Time Job for Singaporean Students

Use the Internet for Faster and Better Results

The fastest way you can find good part-time jobs is through the internet. The advancements in technology have allowed the world to be connected. What used to take weeks or months to deliver letters can now be done in seconds.

By using the internet, you can search for the right job. Just type the job keywords in Google and press search and all kinds of part time jobs in Singapore will appear, and all you have to do is choose the right one for you.

Do it the Old-Fashioned Way 

You can find many part-time jobs on the internet, but you can also find them in print media. Newspapers and magazines have been used to locate work for ages and have been around for centuries. Even to this day, newspapers are still relevant. They sometimes offer more information than the ones found on the internet.

Newspapers are not only used to spread the news but for advertisements also. Different kinds of job openings are listed inside the paper, and you only need to be careful in choosing the right one. Still, every day a newspaper is published, you will have more choices.

Listen to Radio

Radio stations are also an excellent way of finding part-time jobs because of their popularity and vast area of influence. Several radio stations in Singapore often advertise job openings during intermissions.

Connections and Communities

Social media is now a part of daily life for many people. It allows you to join or create communities of like-minded people to share knowledge and experiences. This makes social media platforms an excellent way of searching for jobs due to how easy it is to find rather than searching through long lists of numerous websites or reading many newspapers.

Social media connects people no matter how far away they are from each other. Social media platforms such as Facebook have a community function that you can access. You’ll be able to find groups and communities that can generate various types of part-time freelancing jobs in Singapore.

Your Own Site

Your website may help you find part-time work. Singapore students, mainly those active in journalism, usually maintain a site. You can attract prospective employers by including eye-catching, relevant information and personal accomplishments.

Ensure that the data you have is both correct and factual. Employers usually check personal websites to make sure applicants are qualified. These websites may also help prove that you are competent and skilled enough to be hired by the company.

Old but Still Effective

The oldest way to find part-time jobs for students in Singapore is through referrals. Friends and family might introduce you to a company or business that may have use for your skills. Referrals may come from anyone you know, even on social media.

If you are referred to a company, you must ensure that you are diligent and skilled for the offered job before agreeing. Singapore students with referrals would usually be preferred over those who don’t. It is also an effective way to find businesses or companies that hire people quickly.


Now that you know where you should search for part-time jobs, it will not be hard for you to find one. Just make sure you’re ready to go before you get started.

Part-time jobs come from many places. These jobs can help students in Singapore to gain employment experience and legally earn money. Searching for these jobs may also require you to develop or enhance your skills, making it worth it.